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Pelosi Sets Deadline for White House on Coronavirus Relief

After speaking for over an hour with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Saturday night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put a 48-hour deadline on negotiations for another coronavirus relief package

10/18/2020 7:00:00 AM

After speaking for over an hour with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Saturday night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put a 48-hour deadline on negotiations for another coronavirus relief package

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on the White House to show it was serious about reaching a deal on another coronavirus relief package by moving within 48 hours to reach an agreement on the remaining disputes.

Updated Oct. 17, 2020 11:39 pm ETWASHINGTON—House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) called on the White House to show it was serious about reaching a deal on another coronavirus relief package by moving within 48 hours to reach an agreement on the remaining disputes.

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After speaking for over an hour with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Saturday night, Mrs. Pelosi put a 48-hour deadline on negotiations that have stretched on for months, but didn’t say what would happen if the deadline wasn’t met. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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Why has this epidemic become a matter for the president? What should the Minister of Health do about the epidemic? And what did the state officials do about the epidemic? Shouldn’t the states be responsible for the epidemic? The president's main job should be foreign policy! She needs to advocate her Throne.

Based on DT’s previous behavior, he is just playing games, not interested in making this last stimulus happen. He rather mk this political bc of election. Pelosi, on the other hand, is much stronger than DT & above all, does not play games regarding this deadly trump virus ! Haha ....Quite Pompous .... Wanting that Spotlight Again ....Stop the Partisan Crap and Pass the Stand Alone $1200 Relief...Washington Swamp Quicksand....Despicable ☕️☕️

She 'put a 48 hour deadline'? What nerve. Make sure you don't comply with that. She's making plans to remove Biden if he should get into office. So vote Trump, OK? At least you know who you will get. Instead of just working to make sure it’s done right. Once again, it’s never about the people, only about power plays.

Didn’t the House already pass 2 bills? Where is the Senate in these negotiations Macronomics1 Will Queen Pelosi feed her people? Forget it until after the election... Why, is there no value to continue? Defund Pelosi. She doesn’t care about bout millon of people in hardship right now. Month and month of negotiations without any results? It’s another et political move for her!!

She can get 1.8t but no EITC which doesnt matter when u have the cash pmts in the cureent deal. She will blow it, biden wins, mitch will murder the US and she'll have a 150B bill at best with tax credits and try to declare victory. She is worse than trump Currentky the most evil woman on the face of the earth

Laws are for poor people SpeakerPelosi focking around with Americans. You bit the hand that feeds you ! I didn’t use to like her but the way she has handle Trump on this I’m starting to love her If they don't pass a bill before election day, they will not pass it before a new senate and government is sworn in. She is playing dirty politics with Americans life. Lady's gone crazy... send her home to her 25k fridge 👋

Oh no. Pelosi will gamble the house (literally) & if realdonaldtrump stevenmnuchin1 don't cave, she'll say f it & refuse to do a reliefbill at all. Mnuchin & POTUS must reach an immediate agreement w/ her demands or we're screwed-ppl can't survive another few wks or mos. Is still insisting on nonsense like EITC during a national emergency !? Make a deal Speaker. The American people are suffering and some help is better than no help at all

keep your distance TrumpIsARacist So whats that mean? Another month if nothing is agreed on? I'm losing everything I need when I get to go back to work! I will be homeless and out of business! What sort of person does nothing to help? Worrying about spending too much tax dollars on the tax payers! A Greedy shame!

Just goes to show you what can happen when you hold Pelosi's feet to the fire. Go Trump! This is how easy it would be for Pelosi to deliver Americans the relief they urgently need. Instead, and as historically done by the Democratic Party, they prefer to use Americans as pawns for self-interest and to drive their corrupt agenda. MAGA2020

An hour talking with SpeakerPelosi? My sympatheties to stevenmnuchin1 The bill could have been passed months ago if demented Nancy would take off her Democratic wish list and just pass a clean bill with coronavirus relief, if she doesn't that'll be the second time she has turned it down!!!!!!!!! Nutty Nancy holding up the show!

Maybe the polls are getting closer So nothing. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ready Mr. McConnell, don't drag your ass on relief package for another 3 or 4 months, you've held us financially hostage for much too long. Timing is just before MoscowMitch pushes through a superficial in name only bill. Certainly if Trump and Pelosi agrees to a deal, Mitch won’t get the option to refuse.

Mnuchin is flying out of the country tmrw Old witch Nancy She is awful Will the markets consider this good news , bad news or no news? Fantastic job Pelosi, throwing the ball back to the other side of the court. You're playing political games with people's life and hope. Hope you know that. Has anyone seen the Trump ad with Pelosi ?

SpeakerPelosi only has about three more weeks and she want matter anyway. We will have a Republican House and a Republican Speaker. Ha! I guess the ad is working SpeakerPelosi is the most vile human being. She cares for no one but herself. Just like when she kept businesses closed, people suffering, she got her hair done on the DL with no mask on. She uses people and people w/ no funds benefits her because they usually vote democrat.

She doesn't get it. Lol Trump's been calling out Nancy every single day, asking her when she's ready? Republicans are just stingy socialists What a witch! Families / business need some relief desperately... Oh did she now?

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White House: State vaccine coordination with governors occurs but Cuomo skipped meetingsThe Trump administration is firing back at the National Governors Association after the group’s leaders urged federal officials to better communicate with states about their responsibilities for a forthcoming Covid-19 vaccination program Trump hates being wrong. And he’s wrong a LOT Trump is our Nero. He’s off playing at Rallies and golf while the country crumbles around him We don’t believe anything Trump or the WH says.

White House puts ‘politicals’ at CDC to try to control infoThe White House has installed political appointees at the CDC to try to control the information it releases about the coronavirus, officials told AP. The administration seeks to paint a positive outlook, sometimes at odds with the scientific evidence. Propaganda from the right? I am shocked! Not working. Good luck with that, CDC is mostly controlled by China.

Ex-White House lawyers question contract pal signed for Melania work3 former White House lawyers who worked for the Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama administrations say a contract offered to Melania Trump’s former adviser and friend was unusual and inappropriate. Pop quiz: What does inalienable mean? Is that what you say when you can’t say illegal? Give it up - you're starting to make the National Enquirer look like the Bible! 🤣🤣🤣

Obama’s White House Photographer Pete Souza on Trump’s Presidency: ‘It’s a Punch in the Gut’Wherever President Barack Obama went, Pete Souza was right there with him. For eight years, the White House photographer was a fly-on-the-wall as the president and his team made consequential, worl… We love PeteSouza Decency and Respect... like taking bribes and using the FBI to investigate your political rivals. Ha! Obama was a turd. Started us in the path to divide the country

Ex-White House lawyers question contract former friend signed to work for Melania TrumpThe Justice Department has sued Stephanie Winston Wolkoff over alleged breach of a contract that former White House lawyers call “bizarre,” inappropriate. I'm a Professional Motion Graphics Designer. Check out! I will create high quality animated logo intro and outro video (please check and order now) 3D Logo Animation, Intro & Outro, Gaming Intro, Short Video AD, These people do not work for trump... they work for us. Their pay comes from our taxes... so we are paying their salaries, asking nondisclosures wrong since we pay them they report to us. We have a right to know... Yawn