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Pandemic warnings from 2018-19 resurface after Trump claims nobody thought one would happen

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Patty Murray and President Joe Biden previously warned that the U.S. is not prepared for a pandemic.

9/25/2021 11:30:00 PM

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Patty Murray and President Joe Biden previously warned that the U.S. is not prepared for a pandemic.

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Patty Murray and President Joe Biden previously warned that the U.S. is not prepared for a pandemic.

claimed that no one thought it could happen."Nobody really ever thought a pandemic would happen. It sounds like sort of an ancient thing you know, where it would go back to 1917 which was so bad, but no one thought it was going to happen," Trump

Betty Lynn, who played Thelma Lou on 'The Andy Griffith Show,' dies at 95 1 killed, 7 hurt in shooting at Grambling State University Political Giants Stump for Terry McAuliffe

said last monthduring an interview with One America News Network's Dan Ball.Despite Trump's claim, a number of warnings against the pandemic have been made dating a few years back.Pandemic warnings dating back a few years ago began to resurface after former president Donald Trump claimed last month that no one expected it to happen. Above, former president Trump speaks about Operation Warp Speed in the Rose Garden at the White House on November 13, 2020 in Washington, DC.

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Mayorkas calling for end to ICE raids shows diversity of Biden's cabinet, experts say

Four members of President Joe Biden's cabinet identify as Latino.

Something we all have in common: a desire for health/happiness/a pandemic free world. So lets put our masked heads together & ideally do whatever it takes to co create that reality. With the power of a common purpose & everyone doing their part, We can do it. Go back to Bush 2005 and POTUS44 2014. They knew and prepared. T knew and did nothing. He should be tried for war crimes since he declared himself a wartime president. TrumpIsACriminal TrumpRally

When you call it a hoax, what do you expect? Wake up before it’s too late. Learn the truth about the vaccines. It’s all on my Twitter page. ⚡️

What to watch for at this weekend’s unusual Tony Awards: Fewer nominees, but more intrigueBroadway's 2019-20 season was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic, so one acting category has just one nominee. wow

Alabama’s Deaths Outpace Births for First Time in HistoryFor the first time in Alabama’s known history, the state’s deaths have outpaced its births -- a bleak consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. LetsFaceItCare I missed the supposedly 'pro-life' GOP taking credit. The GOP are killing their base...

Vietnam to relax COVID-19 restrictions to revive pandemic-hit economyVietnam plans to ease coronavirus curbs and allow businesses to restart production from next week to prop up an economy which has suffered under lengthy lockdowns, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said on Saturday.

New York Launches Mental Health Initiative for Performers, Restaurant Workers and Nightlife CommunityThrough a new initiative from the New York’s Office of Nightlife, restaurant workers, performers, and hospitality business operators can receive mental health support as the COVID-19 pandemic takes a toll. This feels super late though.

U.S. Lifts Travel Ban Just as Europe Takes Flight AgainThe U.S. is opening its borders to foreign air travelers just as Europe is starting to fly again, promising a fresh boost for an industry among the hardest hit by Covid-19 This is some good news for investors, too bad other counties are gonna waste time trying to jab all their people 🤦‍♂️ Travelers please take you’re lunch packed with you because Covid restrictions are benefiting airlines by not serving proper food like it was served with the ticket especially for those passengers who are dealing with their medical issues

Moderna Executive Says Pandemic Could End in a YearModerna Chief Executive Stéphane Bancel told a Swiss newspaper that the COVID-19 pandemic could effectively be over in a year because enough vaccine will be manufactured and distributed by that time. Insha'Allah ❤️ You Can Help Save Lives ❤️ ✅ Get Fully Vaccinated for COVID19 ✅ Get Vaccinated for other diseases ✅ Wear a Mask 😷 around others ✅ Avoid Large Gatherings ✅ Wash Your Hands with Soap and Water ⚕️ CDCgov ⚕️ US_FDA ⚕️ NIH ⚕️ HHSGov ⚕️ WHCOVIDResponse ⚕️ WHO