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Palestinian journalist speaks out on Israeli aggression as bombs drop

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza are snatching homes and dreams from Palestinian families.

5/13/2021 7:34:00 PM

With its bombings of residential buildings, Israel wants Gaza ns to put pressure on the fighters to stop fighting. That won't happen'

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza are snatching homes and dreams from Palestinian families.

as a freelance journalist. More than 50 people, many of them civilians, have been killed since Israel started to bomb Gaza, which has been under an Israeli blockade for 14 years. Up until now, Israeli officials have called the owners of apartment complexes that the militant intend to rake out. Residents in the particular building and the area surrounding it are given between half and one hour to get out. 

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“People are running out in their pajamas. Because Muslim women use veils, they just put on their prayer gowns and come down to the streets,” says ElSayed. “See the pictures that are being shared and I dare you to find one in which you see anyone dressed up or holding a bag.” 

Israel claims that its air raids target areas that are used by Hamas and other armed groups to fire rockets into Israel. Such claims made in the past have been refuted by rights groups such as Amnesty International. And ElSayed says nothing can be further from truth.

“They are targeting every government building in the Gaza Strip even if the buildings are residential apartments where civilian employees of say the interior affairs or civil defence reside.” What Israel wants to achieve with the relentless bombardment of homes and public infrastructure is to create panic and cause general hardship, she says. 

“They think that by doing so they can force people to come out of their homes and ask the resistance to stop firing the rockets.” Instead the Israeli attacks are only cementing the resolve of Palestinian people to stand their ground. ElSayed, who is an Egyptian, met her Palestinian husband while they were studying in South Africa. They moved to Gaza seven years ago with the hope of building a safe future for themselves and their kids. 

“Who wants to live in a warzone? But honestly living here and seeing the suffering of the Palestinian people, I have realised the western media is not showing the reality to the world,” she says. “That's why I am here. I am taking pictures and making videos. I want the world to see the truth. They must know Palestinians are not terrorists and the air raids are hurting kids and civilians.” 

When the Israeli bombs struck the building next to ElSayed’s home, she was out in the field doing her job in another neighbourhood. “My husband and kids have moved to a friend’s place down the street.” She’s still out there somewhere in Gaza, reporting.

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If the Israelis are so brave, then fight the soldiers and Mujahideen and show bravery by attacking children and women. Please! Do Not Call it aggression. It is Palestine Genocide. Holocast by Jews. The ''western media'' as you call it is not saying the truth. Iran and Turkey backing Hamas to serve their own interests, using Palestine people as their tools! TRT is a propaganda channel set up by Turkey, one of many!

This is what happens when you fire missiles at Israel. Whoever is to blame for this situation is the terrorist organization Hamas, which has taken Gaza and its residents as prisoners. Do not mess with Israel🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 Understandable IsraelUnderAttack 😔 They never have !! liat aja ajg kalo ada zionist ke indonesia,

Hamas Attack on Israel Aims to Capitalize on Palestinian FrustrationThe militant group, with its latest show of force, is trying to win over young Palestinians who have led recent protests but have been losing faith in their leaders and giving up hope for an independent state. Young Palestinians are standing up for themselves and are fighting to be heard over the sound of indiscriminate Israeli bombing of civilian targets. They are fighting for their rights against an illegal occupation, genocide, ethnic cleansing and apartheid. RIGHT NOW: More than 123,000 children in Mauritania will require emergency assistance to prevent and treat acute malnutrition including more than 27,000 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. If you are able, Please Retweet. So sad

Whoever thought that Gaza was bleeding, he mistook it! Gaza donates its blood to a nation that has become bloodless Gaza_Under_Attack Freedom4HDP2017's account has been withheld in Turkey in response to a legal demand. Learn more. Good morning. When they showed the thruth? This is real journalism, this is female empowerment.

France bans pro palestine protest in paris These filthy ppl were talking about 'freedom of expression' West is exposed like never before. The west is never ashamed of themselves PalestineBleeding Yes, that’s an obvious truth. The western media will only show when Palestinians hit back to defend themselves. As US President Biden said that this is Israel rights to defend themselves. However, when Palestinians hit back then they will label them “TERRORIST”

Charles Freeman, former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia: 'Israel started Hamas. It was a project of Shin Bet [Israeli Intelligence Agency], which had a feeling that they could use it to hem in the PLO.' I too want to join forces with the ones that blew up my home.

Explosions rock Gaza as escalating Israeli aggression kills 35 PalestiniansAt least 35 people are dead in Gaza , including two women and 12 children, as Israeli missiles pound the enclave in an escalating aggression against blockaded Palestinians What about Hamas What is the response of UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan? The four normalisation TRAITORS! FreePalestine

Biden’s support for Israeli aggression causes rift in the Democratic PartyUS President Biden's flat-out support for Israeli aggression against Palestinians has sparked a growing discontentment among Democratic lawmakers and voters schaheid You guys don’t even know who rules USA. LOL 😂😂🤣😅 gog and magog US stand always opposite to Russia

Gal Gadot Still Incapable of Acknowledging the Existence of PalestiniansMounting violence between Israelis and Palestinians has left hundreds—mostly Palestinian—injured and 56 killed, including 14 children in Gaza . This comes at a moment of an almost palpable seachange in the discourse surrounding Israeli state violence and Palestinian resistance. The popular concept of a perpetually victimized Israel is in stark contrast to the graphic images that have come out of the region in the last week: Palestinians getting roughed up by Israeli police for opposing forced evictions and Israeli cops bombarding a mosque with stun grenades as worshipers prayed. I agree. She needs to tell Israel to wipe out Hamas once and for all Cancel Her!!!!!!! so you approve of war crimes then? Bombing citizens is OK with you?

This is the imbalance of power between Israel and Palestine in real termsIsrael has one of the world’s most modernised armies equipped with a nuclear arsenal. On the other hand, Palestinians, having no real state and regular army, don’t have much to defend themselves. Muslim required Passion religion Excitement is required as it seemed in the Afghan War

China 'ready to play a constructive role' in resolving Israeli-Palestinian conflictBeijing's foreign ministry has called for a resumption of U.N.-led peace talks after dozens were reported dead and hundreds more injured. No freaking way they won't! no thanks