Oprah's O Magazine Puts Up Billboards All Over Louisville Demanding Action İn The Breonna Taylor Ca

Oprah's O Magazine Puts Up Billboards All Over Louisville Demanding Action İn The Breonna Taylor Ca

Oprah's O Magazine puts up billboards all over Louisville demanding action in the Breonna Taylor case

Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine is putting up billboards around Louisville, Kentucky, calling for the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor to be arrested and charged

8/8/2020 2:15:00 AM

Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine is putting up billboards around Louisville, Kentucky, calling for the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor to be arrested and charged

Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine is putting up billboards around Louisville, Kentucky, calling for the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor to be arrested and charged.

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5 yr old Cannon Hinnant was executed in front of his sisters for accidentally riding a bike on his neighbors lawn. There’s no pain our justice system can impose on his killer Darius Sessoms that‘ll equate to justice. CNN & MSNBC haven’t even covered it. Their are a great number of white people that were unjustly killed by cops, where are your ads about them? See how you people are? Only out for each other and no one else. I'm going to tell you something, white people adopt black babies, offer their time to help black kids etc

We love Oprah ! DrDinD Good Oprah should be arrested But won’t put up her friends who do horrible things to kids ? Righttt Lol she talking about “white privilege” yet she is the most privileged person here... Oprah has to be vocal for the country that made her dynasty. Oprah should shout out for her community from which she came from. White voices were louder than hers.

She should also put up billboards to SAVETHECHILDERN I’d like to see billboards to vote out Moscow Mitch! OPRAH KISSING HARVEY WEINSTEIN THE FUTURE CONVICTED RAPIST. EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD KNEW WELL CONNECTED WEINSTEIN ATTACKED WOMEN. They partied with Weinstein, they acted in movies Weinstein produced & they kissed up to Weinstein like Oprah did. Sick and disgusting rich people..

Ds scum! The DA needs to investigate and send to Grand Jury if evidence supports. Our system of justice is not based on mob demands. She has to fuel more fire to the race baiting. She's worthless No big deal that her boyfriend decided to open fire on law enforcement officers. Just think if Oprah had meet her before tragedy she would of just pimped her to Epstein and Maxwell.

Just a Nasty old black woman with money and attitude. One of the puppet Masters in the Democratic party Yes. Oprah is typical liberal: distance between a liberal & the root of the problem is algorithmically related: Dem Policies decimated the AA nuclear 👪 dumping millions of fatherless kids into the dems justice, PP health systems while Sharpton, Comey go free

I bet she’d never do that for a white victim.... Oprah is done! She is a huge racist. Interesting that Oprah has had the capacity to do this decades ago but is only jumping on the bandwagon now. Not good enough when she was in a position to lead the bandwagon. Where should we put the billboards to ask that Oprah be arrested and convicted? SaveTheChildren

What about the african American man that was shot cold blooded in Milwaukee for holding up a trump sign wheres the media and opra and the BLM for him .. Let me know when she’s interested in the AVIACUSA angel moms who haven’t received justice. Also, if Breonna was white Oprah wouldn’t give a 💩 Where was your black privilege made to “See me” along with OBUMMER for eight years in black communities.

Shame on her. Oprah is a Joke. Disgraceful and racist Well played Oprah 😉 Now lets get back to the main point . ChildTrafficking PizzaGate Oprah in reverse is Harpo; Her OWN in reverse is NWO... Coincidence? Read that like 31 experienced attorneys said that once the officers were shot at, whoch they were, they had the right to open fire.

I thought Oprah was part of this Epstein thing. I feel like erecting billboards about protecting our children would be better for her image This is Ttly Useless! Oprah and the REST of the RICH FOLKS Living DEEP in the WINDING WOODS and on Top of MOUNTAINS can Do a WHOLE LOT MORE! Each Rich AZZ Celebrity/Athlete can sponsor 3 urban street blocks and rennovate the houses inside and outside. Its Uplifting! Helps Pride!

She's a hideous monster Terrible atrocity the way things happened with Breonna Taylor At the same moment, money is power and Ms Winfrey is loaded. I'm certain she could replace the entire precinct if she really wanted. A racist stoking racism!! Let it go already. If they haven’t been arrested by now they won’t be and shouldn’t be

and yet she was strangely absent and silent on the BLM protests. why? GeorgeTakei You haven’t yet learned the lesson that it’s about to unfold in the George Floyd case. A rush for vengeance disguised as justice will be result in unfulfilled expectations. Justice is a slow process let it happen and stay vigilant.

MaryStupen Say her name: BreonnaTaylor ! JusticeForBreonnaTaylor Thanks Oprah, oprahmagazine DemoCracks up to their BS again. Oprah need to be arrested for crimes against children. Why hasn’t Oprah or the media reported anything about the white guy in Arizona being killed by officers two months ago.. Black people you are being played by the Oprah, CNN, MSM

Does she not realize she is acting as an antagonist on city officials? Hope the feds call her in for this. Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine is virtue signaling to residents of Louisville, Kentucky, calling for the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor to be arrested and charged, which is something a billboard buy will definitely do.

LOL. I hope she took out a permit. It was a tragedy but they happen Let’s go on. Her boyfriend was a criminal and her new baby daddy shot at cops. Justified She was in wrong place at wrong time TheBlackChannel started this, he deserves credit!!!!!! Billboards should be put up with this instead 👇 this witch is the devil. Oprah Children SatanicElite Pedowood

What was Oprah doing on Epstein’s island? That is why we need to keep the dialog going. Keep writing to these asking questions for updates: Police LMPD Mayor louisvillemayor Attorney General kyoag Governor GovAndyBeshear FBI fbi BreonnaTaylor died after the police barged into her home on No Knock Warrant. 🤬😭

Police=INNOCENT! Boyfriend=GUILTY! They Let the Boyfriend Go! Too Bad for Justice! I Guess Casper the Unfriendly Ghost Did It! IDIOTS oprah is dumb.... Racist Kentucky will never do the right thing! You need to boycott the state. Don’t perform... don’t purchase goods made there... BOYCOTT!! Arrest them, charge them, present evidence, let them put forward a defense, let a jury decide their fate, and (possibly) have a judge hand down a sentence. This is America and if you murder someone, you should go through the legal system these cops were supposed to uphold.

Yeah.. Floyd was an animal.. who y'all burned the fukn world over! And u acted like Criminals had the right to cry victim! And now this.. shut up Oprah! Oprah Bravo Oprah. Now please help 🇺🇸 get Trump out of the WH. You have a huge platform to do so. Thank you. Wrong targets. Arrest the politicians who made 'no knock warrants' and 'drug war laws' the way of our country.

Oprah should give her family some cash instead of wasting it on billboard signs.If she really wanted to help.That is what she would do. Taylor and her boyfriend were running a dope house, and it got kicked in! You know that CNN! Stop calling evil good and good evil! Oprah has openly stated that 'all white people needed to die'. That's all you need to know. Ignore. Ignore and avoid.

Arrested and charged for what exactly? Everyone I know agrees that “George Floyd” died because a police officer at the scene made a bad call. He is responsible for the death of George Floyd. But, all the others on the list were criminals (George Floyd was too, but that’s not why he died) Instead of Is it legal before a court decision is made, such pressure on justice?

When can we cancel Oprah. The 90s are over, so is she. How could this brutal killing of innocent Breonna Taylor go unnoticed O or is that zero either way no one cares Will somebody please tell that overbearing witch to shut her ugly face? Wow But not the kids killed by gangs in Chicago. Who paid for this one?

Wasn’t a gun fired at the police first before they fired their weapons? Can she put up a billboard to expose Obama for committing treason Didn’t the boyfriend start shooting at the police? What’s Oprah’s take on that? Good for her. Same is said in the charges that NEED to come her way when the pedophilia facts come out

Wish Oprah would read the law and understand the facts of the case. Where’s her billboard for DavidDorn? Shouldn’t we be searching for his murderers? Nothing like being a little selective, eh Oprah? All because it's election season and she has to pretend to like black people so she can influence their vote. She doesn't give a rats ass about Breonna.

TheBlackChannel had already put up Billboards WAY before Okra. She has all the money in the world and did nothing for ALL the other ones murdered by race soldiers(police). She has no credibility left in the Black community and can`t buy her way into it. She is done. 🤮 Oprah is going down. 👍 🤡 Sis that murder leads all the way to the mayors office- you need to ask yourself why? It ain’t race it’s just plain ol corruption

I still cannot believe this..... this woman was shot 8 times in her own bed!!!! I call for Oprah to be charged Nah Oprah we good go back over there with those white ppl Billionaires certainly do like to meddle in politics. Took the 0 Magazine LONG ENOUGH: Breonna Taylor been KILLED by Rogue Cops since March 2020.. What TOOK THEM So LONG..

The cops did the right thing.. We have a legal and criminal justice system under the guise of a constitution, not what Oprah Winfrey wants. Every 2-4 years Oprah stops dieting to stick her billionaire nose in everybody’s business. Just what America needs is another virtue signalling silver spoon complaining about shit she has no idea about.

Visit now!!!!!!!!!! What's the backstory on Breonna Taylor? Are these cops crooked? What's the full story? Thank you & well done Opra. I include myself in the “we” love you.🙏🤝💐🌈👍🍀🌟🎶💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💖 Facts? Who cares about facts? Bigger false narrative than Ferguson, MO. What happened to this girl is terrible, but Oprah isn’t the judge & Jury. Also, when will Oprah put up Billboards for the officers & business owners who were beaten & killed by rioters! Doesn’t their lives matter

Look at all the salty ćrâćkérs billpostmus Caste society Why doesn't you spend the money to get Mitch mcconnell thrown out of office How can the police officer get a fair trial while you publicizing in a billboard to get them arrested She is looking for ATTENTION How about a billboard on this sweet child?

Democrat won't bring charges.... sad Or this sweet boy? Drug dealers who shoot at cops. Yay! Oprah Winfrey often supports Beyonce. But Beyonce says 'Black Is King' that's normal and 'super cool'. But if I say 'White is king' it's racist and 'not cool'. There are 2 kinds of racism in the USA depending on the skin color?

Now that cellphones outnumber police officers 408-to-1 in America, cops should be legally powerless to act without first receiving a 9|11 phone call complaint. Near-universal cellphone ownership makes it possible to legally abolish police patrols How about a billboard of this sweet child?

Oprah Winfrey Sets Up 26 Billboards Outside Louisville, Kentucky for Breonna TaylorThe billboards — 26 representing the years of Breonna Taylor&39;s life — demand that the police involved in the killing of the young EMT be arrested and charged that's right oprah! they want to play games with the information so the public isn't able to get justice; well homegirl about to give a master class! hey sure hope she doesn't think i did anything wrong... Too Bad they had the Boyfriend in Custody but let Him Go! Til He's Behind Bars there will be NO Justice Served!

Oprah Buys 26 Louisville Billboards Demanding Justice For Breonna TaylorBreonna Taylor will also be featured on the September issue of Oprah’s magazine. That’s how you’re supposed to spend that money! BreonnaTaylor Seems like something a multi millionaire would do.... What about a multi billionaire tho cancelclownoprah

Oprah Winfrey Buys Breonna Taylor Billboards in Louisville Demanding JusticeOprah Winfrey's setting up dozens of Breonna Taylor billboards across Louisville demanding justice. Stupid, and I don't care just give the family some cash. it would help more Oprah is the 👑

Oprah Winfrey Sets Up Billboards Outside Louisville, Kentucky for Breonna TaylorAfter honoring Breonna Taylor by featuring her on the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah Winfrey is now getting dozens of billboards set up around Louisville, Kentucky, demanding justice for her… but she still defends a pedo bye oprah Cheap PR stunt.Karma awaits her, the hypocrite. Three Billboards Outside Louisville, Kentucky

Oprah Winfrey discusses racism, Sandra Bland with Ibram X. Kendi: 'That could have been me'During the episode, released Thursday, Winfrey, author Ibram X. Kendi and a panel of five people who read Kendi's book discussed race relations in America. At one point, they reacted to footage of Sandra Bland's arrest. Definitely WeightWatchers is not working. Oprah has the money and platform to help make change. I understand that she can't fix all the world's problems. But 'Be The Change You Want To See'. Talking is no longer enough. Your community need you. It's nice that you're safe, but what about your Sis. and Brothers? Oprah, what you are missing IS: The majority of Americans think Race Relations means having relatives who participate in NASCAR ! ! You can't fix STUPID ! !

Oprah Winfrey Buys Breonna Taylor Billboards in Louisville Demanding JusticeOprah Winfrey's setting up dozens of Breonna Taylor billboards across Louisville demanding justice. Stupid, and I don't care just give the family some cash. it would help more Oprah is the 👑