Opinion | Why anti-transgender laws are more than a trans problem

Cisgender Americans can't ignore the dozens of anti-trans bills in development.

4/12/2021 7:31:00 AM

Opinion | HayesBrown: What we're seeing in North Carolina, in Arkansas, and elsewhere isn't about protecting religious rights or women's rights or any of the other excuses. It's about stripping away rights to protect privileges. - MSNBCDaily

Cisgender Americans can't ignore the dozens of anti-trans bills in development.

, which as of now doesn't have the support to pass, would also"compel state employees to immediately notify parents in writing if their child displays 'gender nonconformity' or expresses a desire to be treated in a way that is incompatible with the gender they were assigned at birth."

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"Won't somebody please think of the children?" the voices that back these measures yell,stripping the irony from a linemade famous by a character on"The Simpsons," as they inflict harm on children who will be no less trans for their efforts.

But that patina of caring is the most powerful weapon anti-trans figures have — and they know it. The laws and regulations they advocate are never about discrimination in their eyes; they're about protection. Protection of women from sexual assault. Protection of children from one another and their own"confusion." Protection of women's hard-won rights. headtopics.com

The latter is especially prevalent in the United Kingdom, where the most ardent organizers against trans rights are feminists. Molly Fischer described the phenomenon inexamining J.K. Rowling's complicated relationship with her fansin light of Rowling's anti-trans sentiments:

British feminism’s leading voices, writers who had been setting the feminist agenda in Britain’s major papers for years, advanced the view that trans rights were an attack on women’s rights (or even an attempt at “female erasure”), that trans women were men seeking to invade women’s spaces, that trans men were women lost to homophobia and self-loathing, and that all this represented a grave threat to “natal” women and girls. On Mumsnet, a popular British parenting site, anxiety over the dangers of trans rights overtook the “Feminism” message board.

The problem with that thinking is the same as when it comes up in discussions about race: Rights are not a zero-sum, winner-takes-all system. Acknowledging someone else's rights in no way diminishes your own. But what we're seeing in North Carolina, in Arkansas and elsewhere isn't about protecting religious rights or women's rights or any of the other excuses. It's about stripping away rights to protect

privileges.These officials and advocates are horrified at the thought of losing their privileged comfort in being the norm, the default, the standard. They're aghast that their ability to misgender people or deny them service or jobs could be lost. And so they cling to these privileges and call them rights, even as the list of what they seek to strip away from transgender people grows: the right to privacy, the right to self-expression, the right to exist. headtopics.com

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March 5, 202102:09And as in all cases when rights are abrogated, the effects of these assaults will not be — cannot be — limited to the targeted groups. At the height of the bathroom bill fervor,in women's restrooms and were told,"You don't belong here." It's a reminder that laws trampling on rights of self-expression in the form of clothing, hairstyles and interests that fall outside the prescribed gender binary won't magically spare cis bystanders.

A 2017 article about an 8-year-old girl who wasdisqualified from a soccer game because she"looks like a boy"recently went viral again, illustrating how calls for rigid gender conformity hurt children. And, again, for all their efforts, the number of transgender Americans will not fall as a result — but the number of Americans in daily emotional pain will rise.

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