Opinion | The class divide at the heart of the British pummeling of Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle letter to Pelosi and Schumer backing paid leave exposes a class divide

10/24/2021 12:30:00 AM

Meghan Markle is once again in hot water with the British tabloid press for daring to — shock, horror — take a stand for paid parental leave in the United States.

Meghan Markle letter to Pelosi and Schumer backing paid leave exposes a class divide

to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer urging the passage of a bill offering paid parental leave. Meghan cited her concerns as an “engaged citizen” and a “parent” and a “mom.” However, she has been taken to task for ostensibly using the letter to meddle in U.S. politics — possibly to launch her own political career — while also being knocked for recalling being forced to eat at the $5 Sizzler salad bar when she was, in fact, anything but poor.

The British concept of staying in your lane is why Meghan is an anathema to so many across the pond, and it’s why the Daily Mail, basing its premise on absolutely nothing, contrives to declare that she is using her title to enter U.S. politics, despite the fact that there is nothing to indicate this is what Meghan wants.

That Meghan would use the status she has now attained, both through her acting career and as the Duchess of Sussex, to lobby her representatives in government is a quintessentially American thing to do. Here in America, you can want paid family leave, use your clout to try to achieve it and

nothave an ulterior motive. Here, it’s seen as “giving back,” in taking everything that you’ve worked so hard for and achieved success in and paying it forward. Here in America, coming from humble roots to arrive at a place of power and influence is considered admirable. It’s something to be proud of.

March 5, 202101:09In the U.K., however, crossing the class divide is not only nigh on impossible, it’s considered gauche; you should know your place and be happy with your lot. In fact, your class is confirmed every time you open your mouth and people hear you speak. I spent years after leaving England trying to knock the “Essex girl” out of my accent (think Jamie Oliver and say “innit” a lot).

If you really want to see how the British class system seeps into every pore of society like a strong cup of Builder’s tea, watch the late Michael Apted’s series of “Up” documentaries. Beginning with “Seven Up” in 1964, he followed a group of British children from different classes every seven years all the way to “63 Up,” in 2019.

Apted began with the premise, “Give me the child until he is 7, and I will give you the man.” Sexist language notwithstanding, those who still participated in the series at 63 concurred with the premise: that what was filmed of them at age 7 has not really changed, nor did they climb out of the social status they were born into. (Apted died in January.)

The exception that may prove the rule seems to be the former Kate Middleton, though it’s possible her star has shone brighter in the U.K. in part because of Meghan joining her orbit. After all, who can forget herbeing pilloried as a “commoner”not fit to marry Prince William, the future king of England? In the U.S., of course, everyone gushed over how “down-to-earth” she seemed.

Meghan, meanwhile, is a modern success story: a mixed-race woman who has charted her own path and is using her now-considerable clout to try to make lives better for average working Americans. Far more damning to her compatriots would be if Meghan remained tucked away in her ivory Santa Barbara tower in California and chose to ignore the plight of lesser mortals. Instead, she has spoken out and tried to use her cachet to help others.

It’s time for the British tabloids to understand that America fought a war and won its independence from Britain in the 1700s. Meghan, like so many other self-made Americans, is not going to give up that independence to appease the British hoi polloi. Nor should she. Like it or not, she is

the Duchess of Sussex, so why not use her royal station and her royal stationary to help 21st-century Americans gain some independence in the family home?Kelly Hartog Read more: NBC News »

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It's the use of the British titles in foreign politics which is the problem, not the cause that she's written about. It can be damaging for UK-US relations as some Americans are blaming the British Royal Family for interfering in US politics. 🤔an American not be able to voice herself publicity? not so haters, in America she can!!! The Firm can't control her words here honey, better go elsewhere

Prince Harry has also told - history was repeating itself - his Mother Princes Diana was hunted to death while having relations with someone from another race, now they want to follow Meghan in same way until she is dead (sorry, we do not allow this to happen). Smear campaign was since from beginning, but Prince Harry told especially intensive smear campaign started after their hugely successful Oceania campaign...neither Queen nor Cambridge's with child - had such huge welcome.

She is American!! She has a right to voice her opinion! Who cares if tabloids are generating outrage to get clicks? It’s silly, this is not news And once again, the British media proves that Prince Harry and Meghan were right. Who cares what the British media thinks of her. They harassed her and treated her unfairly from the first. Remember straight out of Compton? They continue to hate on her daily and she doesn't live there anymore.

When did NBC drift from reporting the news in a clear, straightforward way to using sarcasm in headlines to appeal to a specific partisan demographic? For one, she's the former duchess of Sussex They renounced all their titles And another billionaire going for office ? What a surprise Who cares. Its her business. What is their problem with her ?

Meghan Markle Urges Congress To Support Paid Leave For ParentsMeghan Markle Urges Congress To Support Paid Leave For Parents “I know how politically charged things can—and have—become. But this isn’t about Right or Left, it’s about right or wrong. This is about putting families above politics.'

Naturally, she stepped on a particularly sensitive type of toes at a vulnerable time. Meghan is as common AF. She always seeks the spotlight. There’s a reason woke and joke sound so similar. woke_is_a_joke She married british royalty boy. I'm not even interested in her opinion on American issues. British tabloids, need to boil water closer to home, and let Prince Andrew molesting teen-age American girls steep in hot water. That's the 'High Tea' the tabloids need to serve.

Who care what happens in England. They were the first who profited from slavery. She should pay for since she is so passionate about it. Who cares! As an American citizen and someone who is earning her own money she is allowed her own opinion on how tax payer's money could be spent. All the British media is doing is proving how they've always hated her.

That’s because we have a racist media in the uk The british press will go crazy with Meghan 🤭 She will remain true to her values and beliefs The firm with a crisis of anguish 😂 Pronto Palacio will instruct Kate to copy his speech 😌

Meghan Markle Demonstrates Exactly How to Do an All-Red Look for FallEverything about this is perfect, from the heels to the coat.

No problem except she totally fabricated the circumstances of her life, which is a slap in the face to anyone who really did grow up in poverty. Anything else? No one cares about their outrage. Thanks but no thanks—next. I can't stand her. 💪👍👐👏👏👏❤ She is in hot water because she used her royal title to do it. Which is a major don’t. British royals are not supposed to get involved in politics. She could have just signed it as Meghan Markle. Best thing for her would be to give up her title, and make a clean break.

his extremist, racist British tabloids will always be mean to Meghan. if it was kate who had this idea of ​​defending maternity leave. his white supremacist British tabloids will find the idea brilliant. his British tabloids is a big journalism shit. The Brits should worry less about Meghan and more about fixing their damn teeth

Dreamlivethrive The article is BS, we did like Meghan, it was only when she started to go against everything the RF stands for & what most of us in the UK love about them that we went off her. She should not be using her royal title or involve Harry in US constitution. That is why we're angry. They can’t sell papers in England unless Megs is on the cover 🤷‍♀️ 💅

What UK people have to say about things that are happening in USA? Even if it s about Meghan Maëlle? She is American not English !! You Uk people have nothing good to do so you criticise a USA citizen👎

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, urges Schumer and Pelosi to pass federal paid family leaveMeghan, Duchess of Sussex, has written a letter to urge US Congressional Democratic leadership to pass federal paid family and medical leave. It is embarrassing that we don’t have this. It is funny when people try to say America is the best. In the end we only can blow things up better than the rest of the world outside of that we rank rather low I thought they want privacy!!! Little jelly this didn't happen when I had my kids.... we worked our butts off..and sacrificed that precious time because we had to put bread on the table... Proud we did it, and did it well. Our kids are awesome. Happy that the next generation won't have to make that sacrifice.

Its a plain lie that the Brits didn’t embrace her from the start. She was welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm. And many ppl find hypocrites not the mere use of a title but the fact that she blatantly despises the family that title comes from. Totally incoherent and opportunistic Hot water? I think it is room temperature now.

No she dared to lobby using her Duchess of Sussex title. This technically would make her an unregistered foreign agent. Screw the, one side, slanted, not fir the working parent, British press. Megan is right. British tabloid’s are upset that Megan did not mention the British parental leave, which by the way is not as good as Estonia, also they are maniacs when reporting on Megan when she was in New York look how Mad 😡 😡 they got because she did not take off her Coat 🧥

Finally! A lone article standing up for Meghan. As far as we are concerned she can peddle her wares wherever she likes and she can jump on whatever bandwagon is in motion to make it look like she invented it.BUT she is clinging to that royal title for grim death and using it in US for fame and $'s ,that's a problem for UK & US

Meghan is a nobody whose opinions should be treated as an ordinary, community n citizen. She expressed her opinion on Royal letterhead paper as if she was someone who counts.Her publicists keep her “brand” in the spotlight aided by purchased news writers. The writer of the article sounds like a misogynistic, condescending, misanthrope who grew up in an impecunious household & has despised well heeled society ever since.A US smellfungus ninnyhammer who is clearly anglophobic & probs a bespawler of hate when it penned this!

Just wondering what if anything can Harry & Meghan pursue as not working Royals without being criticized & harassed by the Racist UK press. Does being a not working Royal means you’re relegated to being to the home without having a voice. Well that’s not going to happen-:))

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But Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William are not in hot water for harboring a known pedophile in Prince Andrew. Such tripe. Using your british royal title to influence foreign politicians on foreign soil is inappropriate. Full stop. Also, Meghan did bridge the class divide. Upper classe know their place, and Meghan is an outlier not because of her background but because of her actions!

No .. it's about using BRF titles.... Maybe NBC can ask her staff (🙄) why she didn't use Archewell headed paper? Remember she told oprah that titles and grandeur mean nothing to her? It’s not the stand against unpaid parental leave that’s upset us & you know that!It’s her MO that is in question.Her inappropriate use of Royal title & her “poor me” recollection of childhood that reeks of exaggeration for political jostling. fake news!. MeghanMarkle

'It’s time for the British tabloids to understand that America fought a war and won its independence from Britain in the 1700s.' - This is why it probably is not a good idea to sign political letters using titles. Shock,horror ? No shock that she’s still using a title given to her by the family she derides to the world.

SHE IS A DUCHESS. GET HER NAME RIGHT PLEASE. I’m sorry (and nothing against her POV) but if she wants to make statements like this, she needs to give up the title. It’s not what she said , although she was rather late to the table. It’s using the titles. That’s a big no no. And thy know it. Plus the lying within it. She didn’t have a poor upbringing. Any ine who has read any of her stuff on rug will tell you she was privileged

BrookLyn1825 No, it's because she's using a British title, which, technically is not recognised in the USA, to interfere in US politics. 🤦‍♀️

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Did you investigate her claims about herself in the letter which was primarily about herself, not parental leave? Full of proven lies. This publicity stunt was clearly meant to elevate herself. NBC News, keep cleaning your own house before wagging your dirty fingers at others. Thanks Kelly, yes it was refreshing to read an unbiased and factual article about Meghan.

anna_itsonlyme Meghan is living her independent life with her royal husband and beautiful children unbothered, the British press can go jump in boiling hot or freezing cold water for all she cares. They do not control her. It’s not about being pro parental leave. It is about using her foreign royal title in American politics, blatantly lying on her on struggles as a teenager and the claim of hardship being a mom of 2 in a $15 mill mansion with staff.

Right on Meghan! Milk that title for all it’s worth. Technically, you are the Duchess! Don’t be shy baby! I love it when your presence raffles feathers just like a duchess should! M should exercise her rights as a US citizen w/o abusing her RF title. It's politically & diplomatically outrageous on both sides. People conflate H&M's positions w/ that of the RF/UK. As seen in the backlash after H&M's flagrant, bipartisan political meddling in the US election.

😂 Meghan Markle is under the delusion that due to her position, title. influence she needs to 'lend her voice' to causes whereas in reality ppl get turned off from causes she supports bcoz she is all words, no action, no followup; all to raise her own profile for the history books. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Stop Harry & Meghan from abusing their British Royal Family titles while meddling in US politics & otherwise! Currently at 81,000, at 100,000 it will be considered for a debate in Parliament. Anyone can sign. Please sign & share.

Meghan Markle Demonstrates Exactly How to Do an All-Red Look for FallEverything about this is perfect, from the heels to the coat.

Sure she is! M abused her British Royal Family title & royal letterhead (including H) while lobbying the US Gov. M should exercise her rights as a US citizen without abusing her title. This is equally obvious as it is politically & diplomatically outrageous & offensive - on both sides. Piers Morgan went bananas, I assume?

Meghan is an American citizen, not a 🇬🇧 citizen. 🇬🇧 can scream all it wants; she left your racist isle for a reason after less than 2 years and is never going back to live there. She can get as political as she wants in 🇺🇸 as it’s her birthright. She’s an American first! God bless her for bringing awareness to this important matter.

In the U.S., tabloid papers are used to line bird cage pans to catch the droppings. However, tabloids in the UK are mouthpieces for the royal family, and some believe the trash that makes up their articles to be god's absolute truth. 🤨🤦🏾‍♀️ running cover again. what are they to the Left? Why use their Royal Title when they left to start. And why jump in on a done deal bandwagon? The Feds already passed 12wk paid leave law 2019. That is how Bootygig was able to take such a long time off.

harry dump meghan and just go home. we do not like either of you two Her actions for the 'common' person will always seem performative given that she went to private school, grew up on hollywood sets, made millions, didn't have to deal with 'unpaid paternity leave' given her position & wealth already.

It's funny how they think she is being political but when the Queen exempted herself from racial discrimination laws in hiring and climate change laws they had no problem with it

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Thank you Could it be that her account of her childhood is a different one to what she herself wrote on her blog. Which her father paid for, he was not a deadbeat. By all means write a letter. Some people don't like the lyin'. So much hate for this woman, damn. Using her voice to highlight the need for paid parental leave is a thoughtful use of her celebrity/royalty by marriage/wtf ever.

not about taking a stand, it's about she is using her title she had said she didn't want Oh who cares what she has to say or think. Sorry, that’s just my opinion. 😱 Spot on assessment!! I'm glad they're here!!! Wtf are they going to do besides write really bad stories about her? Lol. She is her own woman, calling the shots and making her own money. They can't control her. They'll spend the rest of their lives seething. BossLady


Nobody here really cares either way about her tbh. Mostly just piers Morgan They still stalking her even after making it hard for her to stay? The press here have been on her case since day1. Its sad but really not surprising as our newspapers are trash My encounter with Geoffreypreud actually change my life and for that I'll keep upgrading people for his good job thanks once again Geoffrey

You'll probably find it's the press that are owned by the same guy who owns Fox News and the other hateful news organizations in the US. Don't worry about it. Hate has no boundaries Are you like a formal news outlet ?