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Opinion: Biden is the most powerful man in the world and yet makes almost no impression

7/29/2021 6:30:00 AM

Opinion: Biden is the most powerful man in the world and yet makes almost no impression

The president’s low-key media strategy is working to his advantage, while the country debates culture-war issues largely outside his control. But that might not last.

National Reviewand a contributing editor withPolitico Magazine.Teddy Roosevelt fervently believed the president of the United States should be at the center of the political universe, constantly attracting attention to himself. But he’d never met Joe Biden.

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Biden is the most powerful man in the world and yet makes almost no impression.No one, besides political and media professionals, wonders what Biden is going to say about something or considers him a figure of fascination.In fact, he barely rates. His CNN town hall last week was a fizzle, averaging only 1.5 million viewers. Fox News easily beat it with its regular programming, and MSNBC had more viewers as well, dumping the president of the United States into third place in the cable-ratings race.

He’s underperformed in other more formal settings, too. Biden drew 27 million for his first address to a joint session of Congress, whereas Donald Trump drew 48 million.The contrast with Trump’s hour-by-hour, impossible-to-ignore cocktail of provocation and political melodrama, naturally, makes Biden’s approach even more stark. headtopics.com

He’s the Olympic badminton competition after a WWE match; he’s elevator music after a heavy metal concert; he’s the sparkler after a fireworks display.Biden’s presidency is, in this sense, practically pre-modern, almost hearkening back to the pre-mass media days when presidents were neither seen nor heard.

Of course, this is in part a deliberate strategic choice by the White House, playing on the contrast with Trump and limiting Biden’s exposure to the media to avoid distractions (and gaffes). Being a notably low-voltage political figure worked for Biden in his comeback primary campaign and in the 2020 general election, so why not as president?

As a result, Biden strangely doesn’t feel like the main event of the Biden years.Assuming it arrives, the midterm backlash in 2022 won’t be directly about Biden; instead, it will be driven by the Biden-adjacent issues of the border, crime, critical race theory and—if they reemerge in force—mask mandates and school closures.

Biden is the prime driver of only one of these issues, the crisis at the border that easily could have been avoided by keeping in place the policies the Trump administration had implemented to get control of the flow of migrants.Otherwise, they are hot buttons where others besides Biden are the key players, whether governors, mayors, school boards, or education bureaucrats. headtopics.com

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In other words, the culture war itself is likely to be the overwhelming issue in 2022, rather than the president.This would be a marked departure from the midterm shellackings that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama got in 1994 and 2010, which were deeply personal rejections of both men (Clinton was viewed as a draft dodger unworthy of the office and Obama as a crypto-socialist hostile to American exceptionalism).

If no one on the right is enamored of Biden or his agenda, very little energy is invested in opposing him as such.Indeed, the idea that tends to generate the most interest and passion isn’t that the president is assiduously working to destroy the American way of life so much as Biden—whose verbal meanderings can be truly bizarre—isn’t in charge at all.

Given the alternatives, this probably works in Biden’s favor. He is pushing a truly radical spending agenda that would, if championed by a more in-your-face progressive president rather than someone who feels like a caretaker, surely be met with much fiercer resistance.

But there are risks to Biden, too. If his spending agenda flounders, it’s not clear what comes next. Even if the White House decides to try to “unleash” Biden, he is not not obviously well-suited to rallying the country or driving an agenda. He’s always been a talker, but never an orator. headtopics.com

His low-intensity presidency may, as his advisers hope, help create a sense of a return to normality in Washington, but it easily could be consistent with a disturbing sense of drift. Usually, the dynamic of the presidency is if you don’t seem to be in control of events, they are in control of you.

The test for Biden will be if, eventually, he has to be the dominant public figure in his own presidency. Read more: POLITICO »

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I GUESS THIS DUMB SHIT AGED BERY POORLY NOW DIDNT IT!?!?!?!?!? Actually, it's not so bad. Its like Gerald Ford after Nixon and Watergate. Ford was a rather 'calming' element after the storm. You give Trump much more coverage!! Feds can mandate vaccine if people want to enter public schools or travel abroad. I got my measles vaccine no problems and so did the majority of Americans. Idk why everyone is suddenly bitching about vaccination.

This is the mark of a Great Leader, Power and Humbleness!! That's ok, he's just a president not a god or god wannabe like 45. DUH Because the price is still covering every Trump move You don't have to be a loud-mouthed boastful, liar to be a good leader. I much prefer his calm, quiet to the last guy. 'White House Stability Brings Sharp Drop in Media Profit'

Politico remains garbage.

Tres cosas que Biden puede hacer para frenar el COVID-19, dice epidemiólogo crítico del presidenteTres cosas que Biden puede hacer para frenar el COVID-19, dice epidemiólogo crítico del presidente good luck Pero se acuerda de lo que desayuno está mañana ?

It's great. In contrast, TFG was the least influential, widely mocked and derided by international leaders but made the front pages every day with another outrage. Politico has been around for 14 years and yet makes almost no impression. That's the way it should be. The attention should be on what he's trying to accomplish, not on the man himself. We just came off of four years of focusing on the man because they didn't want you to think about the things he was doing behind the smoke and mirrors.

Like Bill Burr said, you guys just want Trump back for the clicks. We are wayyyyy better off than with the orange guy or ANY GOP president Sounds like you like the kaos of the ole Orange One! Tells me two things: 1) Biden knows he's steward of presidential power. He didn't create it. It was there before him, will be there after. 2) He's comfortable in his skin & has nothing to prove. Like I've said before, it's nice to have an adult in Oval Office again.

How Joe Biden Became A Trust BusterA small group of thinkers challenged 40 years of economic ideology on corporate concentration, created a bipartisan movement and won over the president. thanks Wow! Didn't read about this anywhere else! Congratulations Please continue to follow this story, it's important!! Thanks! This doesn’t seem to affect Amazon & the other greedy bastards who’ve monopolized the markets. So, more talk & no real action. ewarren

Four paragraphs in I’m like “what idiot wrote this” and of course it’s RichLowry President Applesauce brain is only powerful with the White House butler yelling for his tapioca pudding 🤡 80+ million votes 😂😂😂😂😂 more popular than Obama 😂😂😂😂😂😂 “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Well, it sounds like he’s a resounding success!

Maybe if Joe winked at RichLowry he'd see starbursts. He's the stitched up face of China. I'd rather have a guy that makes no impression than a guy that throws a childish tantrum on a daily basis Politico is like the arsonist who starts the fire and sits in the crowd to watch it. I find it refreshing that Biden isn't in the headlines every day. But I guess that's not good for you so you need to light a match. I see what you're doing.

Another shit take. More empty headed wordsalad by Politico.

Masks and vaccine mandate show CDC and Biden taking emergency action amid Covid-19 surgeThe moves reflect a dramatic shift from earlier messaging about the pandemic waning and signal the fight of Biden's presidency is far from over. The fight in our Country for all of us. This is not political- or shouldn’t be. We do not care about Politicians anymore especially those older than 40 years

Yes, it's not about Biden. Seems odd after Trump...which was all about Trump, every minute of every day. Better than the wrong impression. The border? We're not scared of immigrants. Not a reality show star, not all about his ego. Go figure. Good God you miss Daddy Trump so much. Well. That’s an opinion alright. Nothing more.

Wow. How far Politico will go to try to be relevant? 😴😴😴😴😴 Why doesn't the new guy need a constant circus of attention? 'Why is Biden So Pale? A Puzzling Lack of Orange Spray Tan.' - next headline, probably.

Biden: If U.S. has 'real shooting war' it could be result of cyber attacksPresident Joe Biden on Tuesday warned that if the United States ended up in a 'real shooting war' with a 'major power' it could be the result of a significant cyber attack on the country, highlighting what Washington sees as growing threats posed by Russia and China. qué terrible So it wasn't white supremacy after all 🙄 🇺🇸✌🏻

BS headline. Lowry's sense organs were scarred by the Trump era. It is refreshing.... and exactly what is needed. A. He is not “the most powerful man in the world.” Absurd US notion of itself is way past the sell-by date. B. Any truly good leader or decent person does so without worrying about “making an impression.” US needs to grow up, or it’s decline and failure will continue.

I couldn’t disagree more… He makes his impression the right way, without being the center of attention. There is something very valuable in that. Insanity before, normal now. The Politico idiot contest is cutthroat. His increasing list of failures are making quite an impression. Are you kidding political?

Why are some Republican Senators trying to go against masking when clearly people will get sick and some will die? I’m a Republican and it’s clear to me the very people that voted for them may die, they must not want to be re-elected! I’m not voting for someone trying to kill me!

Kremlin says Biden is wrong to say that Russia only has nuclear weapons and oilThe Kremlin said on Wednesday that U.S. President Joe Biden's assessment of Russia as only having nuclear weapons and oil was wide of the mark and betrayed a lack of knowledge about the country. They have actual people also. Like real, non political, PEOPLE. Biden says Biden is wrong…and got his a** wiped…! 🤷 There are super hidden gadgets in Moscow like I tell many don't down play Moscow especially in technology

Bullshit There's no reason for Biden to brag when he has America's military might behind him. 有深刻印象,就是“老人痴呆”啊!哈哈😄 Another garbage take. Politico is determined NEVER to be anything more than the shallow, insipid, sophomoric gossip rag it has been from its very beginning. Tiger Beat on the Potomac. He is working to dismantle Ethiopia! By supporting terrorists who have no interest in peace!

It isn’t a bad thing to have the person not be the news every day. We are not trying to sleep with the president. He doesn't have to impress us. He is doing quiet well. Politico has lost the plot. Is that really surprisingly? He's a 78 year old man who is in obvious cognitive decline. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Requirement for all federal employees to get vaccine 'under consideration': BidenPresident Joe Biden told ABC News on Tuesday that a mandate to require all federal employees to be vaccinated from COVID-19 is now 'under consideration.' Hopefully it is done sooner than later. States will start to follow suit. 🤸🏿‍♀️... 5 minutes after that jab

Politico pretending they don't know how government works to make Biden look bad 🙄 Not everyone lives in the social media universe where the most important priority is attention. More amazing: This “thought piece” has absolutely zero thought in it. I understand well that humble and solid person are preferred in Japan. But it's amazing that such a person is valued in the United States. I think it was because Trump was too insane.

Because he’s not a narcissistic, egotistic idiot like his predecessor. 👍🏻 Seriously? You preferred the nearly catostrophicun predictableness of TFG? Btw, who coined that phrase? 🤔 What impression do you want him to make? Make fun of disabled people on live TV, hold Covid infested rallies, lie about everything and anything, encourage people to go attack politicians who don't agree with him?

Putin is the most powerful man in the world The Biden Era is not all about Biden. That’s what a true leader does, even though I disagree with his policies in a number of areas. He was the same guy before he was elected president, and yet 81 million voted president Biden in over Donald Trump...Ratings and viewers doesn't mean you're popular...It just means people are tuning into to hear the drama show and whining. It's entertaining to them.

Spineless springs to mind. a welcome change You mean you can't make your fake scandals stick Then you aren’t paying attention. There is a reason 81 million people voted for him and the majority of the world gasped a sigh of gratitude when he won. Way better than a bad impression made by Trump. The best possible outcome for an extremely mediocre candidate. I didn't trust Joe Biden necessarily to get anything done himself but rather I trusted him to put smart people in positions of leadership.

No one cares what you think. What a superficial headline. So it seems. The only thing 'low key' about Joe Biden is the media coverage of him. There have been several instances where the media has just plain ignored him. Biden said during his townhall that if you get the vaccine, you won't get COVID and the biased press ignored that lie.

That was always the plan…

Hmm it's almost like he's doing things with out taking credit When are you going to cover real news Politco bullshit! We have a man who is human, with humility and empathy. He is strong but he doesn't have to chest thump like TFG! Since when do we elect Presidents to do impressions? 🙄 Dunno, perhaps the problem isn't Biden? I believe systemic racism also makes no impression on some people probably some of the same people.

Lowry never disappoints. No impression? What do want him to do, brag about himself or incite a mob? I think getting Americans money, child benefits and an infrastructure bill is quite impressive for 7 months in. Joe Biden has dementia Honestly, is that a bad thing? 🤷‍♀️ Presidents don't need to be boastful to make significant changes to American lives.

Politico misses the guy who told America to drink bleach.

That’s ok. After the last 4 years of drama,drama, drama I’m ok with someone who gets things done. It would be nice if the repubs wouldn’t obstruct so much. We don't need a grievance show running the WH. Nothing wrong with quiet competence. He's not perfect but nobody is. He still has to deal with covid partially because tfg's cult refuse to do their part and they cheer about it. The border needs to be dealt with.

The Republicans are fencing up anything and everything just to see him not succeed at accomplishing progress for the country. Conservatives used to idolize “Silent Cal,” but I guess since RichLowry is a nationalist now and not a conservative, he’s no longer a fan of Coolidge. He’s not a bombastic moron like TFG. He just does the job! Also not like TFG.

Wthell kind of headline is this. The impression is he's busting ass being a calm, competent leader fixing the bullshit of Trump while trying forge a progressive job expansive future, ending forever wars, trying to reunify the nation Quiet power and strength is fine with me. Just because Biden doesn't feel the need to peacock around and bluster and brag to the cameras, or push foreign leaders out of his way, does not mean he makes no impact. F-ing relax. It has only been 6 months.

Because he can’t put a coherent sentence together, maybe? I'm surprised Lowry doesn't have a regular toilet seat on fox news . Just heard from people saying that Biden has been on top of all the local legislative moves with tons of calls to various people. He just doesn't go on TV and crow about it, like TFG

Quiet confidence ... Oh God who writes this trash. That's good! He guides, presides, and doesn't have to announce and demand cheers every time he makes a poopy, like Stump what a bunch of malarkey It’s nice to have a competent prez that is not constantly in our faces demanding attention. Just getting things done. I can sleep at night.

Maybe because he understands the gravity of the presidency and it’s about not about him, it’s about what he can get accomplished through our democratic institutions. “Dr” Jill Biden is the most powerful in the world Because it is Manchin setting the agenda, not Biden. SHOCKER! The man gets ratio’d via every media video/post/YouTube. NO ONE went to his rallies. NO ONE had any bumper stickers, yard signs, flags, hats, or marches. His own VP outted him as the true racist. Oh n he belongs in a home. The man hardly leaves an impression on the sofa.

that is his superpower Really? After the “impression” Trump gave, anything would be better. The previous one made too much of a traumatic one so it’s fine 2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 35a_Aims of the Papacy Liberty of Conscience Threatened - Great Controversy (1911) Ellen G. White 35b

We don't hear daily rants or complaining or drama and it's great. I don’t even want to read this. The headline is insipid enough. 2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 35a_Aims of the Papacy Liberty of Conscience Threatened - Great Controversy (1911) Ellen G. White 35b

I was about to say something but you’ve been served with the best backlash ever. Enjoy! Has he ever besides yelling and screaming about black America with the busing issue and 1994 crime bill Anybody else notice the Botox? Just saying.

Simple answer: he’s not running things