Opinion | Supreme Court just increased Trump's power — and decreased public protections

Opinion | Jessica Levinson: Supreme Court just increased President Trump's power — and decreased public protections. - @NBCNewsTHINK

6/30/2020 12:28:00 PM

Opinion | Jessica Levinson: Supreme Court just increased President Trump's power — and decreased public protections. - NBCNewsTHINK

This week, the court reduced congressional power to create and maintain executive agencies that can truly serve as watchdogs for the public good.

Let's take a moment to think about the other independent executive agencies whose directors can be fired only for cause. They include the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. Although those agencies are not identical to the CFPB, under the court's decision, many will argue that the Constitution requires that the president be able to fire their directors at will.

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In the end the public loses when Congress lacks the power to create watchdog agencies that are independent of presidential influence. Remember, the CFPB is an agency created to protect the public from predatory behavior by businesses.In the end the public loses when Congress lacks the power to create watchdog agencies that are independent of presidential influence.

So how does Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for a thin majority opinion, decide to undermine the independence of executive agencies? Four words: the separation of powers. Roberts concludes that because the president has the duty to ensure that"

laws are faithfully executed," the president must have the authority to fire the director of the CFPB at will.In a dissent, Justice Elena Kagan reminds us that the words"separations of power" appear nowhere in the Constitution. In a:"What does the Constitution say about the separation of powers — and particularly about the President's removal authority? (Spoiler alert: about the latter, nothing at all.)"

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Supreme Court leaves consumer regulator standing but backs president's ability to fire directorThe Supreme Court allowed the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau to continue operating, but said its director could be removed by the president 'at will.'

High Court makes it easier for president to remove CFPB headThe Supreme Court on Monday made it easier for the president to fire the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The justices struck down restrictions on when the president can remove the bureau’s director. “The agency may ... continue to operate, but its Director, in light of our decision Where is ewarren? This Decision makes Scotus as Corrupt as realDonaldTrump.

Supreme Court gives president more control over Consumer Financial Protection BureauDefenders argued the rules ensured the watchdog agency's independence, keeping it insulated from politics with a leader not directly answerable to the White House. But Roberts writes the director 'must be removable by the president at will.' Making it Alarmingly clear that a fourth branch of government is needed.

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Supreme Court gives president power to fire consumer agency director at willThe Supreme Court has struck down the semi-independent status of the consumer protection agency and ruled that the president has the power to hire and fire its director at will. DavidGSavage reports: DavidGSavage VoteOutTheGOP DavidGSavage Kagan’s dissent is spot on and this is bull**** that strips the agency of the independence congress specifically embedded in an agency designed to protect American citizens from binding bulldozed by big-money interests. DavidGSavage That is because all executive power rests with the President.

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