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Alex Acosta, Jeffrey Epstein

Opinion | Prosecuting Alex Acosta

Democrats try to blame the Labor Secretary for Jeffrey Epstein.


From WSJopinion: Democrats are now stringing up Labor Secretary Alex Acosta for prosecutorial judgments he made a decade ago as a U.S. Attorney despite no evidence of wrongdoing

Democrats try to blame the Labor Secretary for Jeffrey Epstein .

In case you hadn’t heard, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was charged on Monday in New York with child sex trafficking. But judging by the political reaction, you’d think Labor Secretary Alex Acosta was the arraigned miscreant. Democrats are now stringing up Mr. Acosta for prosecutorial judgments he made a decade ago as a U.S. Attorney despite no evidence of wrongdoing.

Mr. Epstein was indicted by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York on two counts of sex trafficking and conspiracy. According to the indictment,...

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opinion What do you mean despite no evidence of wrongdoing? A federal judge said he violated the law by not telling the victims. Have your right wing ridiculous talking points, but stop lying. opinion You are an evil empire. resistTrump1m opinion Lock him up! opinion Alex Acosta is not the victim. Not the president, not Acosta nor your editorial board has considered or expressed one morsel of sympathy or outrage for the true victims; the girls who were brutally raped. Your obsession with the almighty dollar has dehumanized you.

opinion With articles like this, WSJ, you’re going to lose the little bit of credibility you have left. What a bunch of hogwash. opinion Nice one WSJ, shamelessly defending the guy who bent over backwards to keep a child rapist from doing any jail time. opinion Everyone is entitled to their opinion but as investigators uncover evidence, I hope you report it. The 53-page indictment that his own office drafted,' Krischer wrote. 'Mr. Acosta should not be allowed to rewrite history.'

opinion You know who was really strung up? The children Epstein raped which Acosta covered for. opinion Why didn’t a Democratic prosecutor ever convict Epstein? Afraid of the Clintons, of course. opinion Would person of color get the same sweetheart deal Epstein got? Or would he be prosecuted as an animal and get the book thrown at him?

opinion More nonsense from the trump propaganda paper!!

Actually, Alex Acosta Is the Hero of the Epstein Story, Alex Acosta Says“We live in a very different world,” the secretary of labor said. “Today’s world treats victims very, very differently” This is a joke, right? Of course he is...and I'm boo boo the fool. He’s nothing of the sort.

opinion is the WSJ now making excuses for Acosta & his lapses & bias? WSJ should hire reporter from Miami Herald, not only running circles around WSJ reporters, but also obviously smarter & savvier. WSJ now on same basement level as FOX, s/b ashamed, but like The 🤡 u r not :( opinion 'no evidence of wrongdoing' You sure this is the wagon you want to hitch your horse to?

opinion Seriously- I am done with your paper. Consider me a former subscriber of two decades. This is one opinion you should have kept to yourself. opinion What about the victims? Does not any one care about the kids used by these sick people. opinion Wow. You are defending corruption and pedophilia now? No evidence of wrongdoing? You seem to have thoroughly investigated the matter. 🙄 Maybe you should read a real newspaper. At least, you are showing your true colors, WSJ Editorial Board!

opinion Sounds about Democrat like. opinion Since when has Democrats needed any evidence of wrongdoing, before 'stringing up' ANYONE in the current Administration? It would be totally out of character for them to have a shred of evidence, before making accusations. opinion Yes, the WSJ pities poor Sec. Acosta. He gave the 'prostitutes' the best deal he could a la Dershowitz, Epstein's lawyer. No criticism there, just praise for a loyal soldier. Never mind the girls who're forever traumatized. Gotta take care of friends.

opinion Here for the ratio. opinion Yet Comey gets a pass with Hilary . Do one do them all .

Alex Acosta defends role in Epstein sexual abuse scandalLabor Secretary Alex Acosta offered a defense of his actions related to Jeffrey Epstein 's prosecution a decade ago, telling reporters on Wednesday that his office stepped in when state prosecutors appeared prepared to 'let him walk.' Someone should smack this putz in the face ... There is no defense for his bullshit deal the swamp is 100 times bigger than it was before tRump!!!!!! 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼Fuck this guy....lock him up too!

opinion I am not sure where I stand on him . He was definitely not a gun ho prosecutor but thousands of citizens have been sent to prison for a lot less . opinion Kavanaugh Derangement Syndrome... this priggish angry group of social justice warriors still acting the fool. Let the facts come forward before u get ignorant. Hands up don’t shoot

opinion There slogan “we hate Trump”. Yet you have people within the Democratic Party who are destroying our country and no one within the party is doing anything about it. opinion Just another trump freak. opinion True. But firing him is a great opportunity to get a warning shot to anyone thinking we can all look the other way with the likes of an Epstein. Draining the swamp, one power broker at a time.

opinion Distract from Epstein and Bill Clinton story opinion We shouldn’t allow those dems to destroy Acosta for any reason. They’ve cost too many people their lives, reputation & income for just political reasons. It’s just immoral with no justification good enough. opinion Once again, the WSJ opinion page proves its best use is for picking up dog crap. No evidence of wrongdoing? Really?!! Guess the courts that ruled his decision was illegal had no evidence either. FAILINGWALLSTJOURNAL

opinion The deal he brokered is prima face evidence of wrongdoing. opinion Hateful Democrats are hurting America

Alex Acosta Thinks 2008 Was a Very, Very Long Time Ago Alex Acosta thinks 2008 was a very, very long time ago

opinion Typical WSJ. It doesn’t matter how long ago this was, this case is so heinous. Grown, rich men having sex with little girls is so disturbing and these men should be in prison. There is no time limit on this kind of crime. Only grown, rich, privileged men would think that. opinion WSJ consistently with the wrong take. Always protecting the rich and powerful.

opinion Acosta must be terminated. opinion Unsigned editorial in full support of a guy who let a billionaire rapist and sex trafficker off for no explainable reason opinion Haters. opinion What the hell wsj? I love your editorial page, but this is complete garbage. There was clearly wrongdoing given they ilelgsly did not notify his victims about the plea. How could you publish something so blatantly incorrect? Retract this.

opinion This is where you are going to plant your flag with respect to this story? Res IPSA Loquitur. opinion Democrats refuse to admit that Hillary lost and have not accepted election results opinion '...despite no evidence of wrongdoing'? Wrong. opinion Over a decade ago it appears that Secretary Acosta let a rich sex offender get a sweet deal that most of us would not get. We the people demand to know the truth.

Embattled Alex Acosta defends his handling of Jeffrey Epstein plea deal: 'Times have changed'Under fire over his handling of Epstein&39;s 2008 plea deal, the labor secretary held an extraordinary Wednesday news conference. writerknowles Dems are just trying to protect the other known PEDO...Bill Clinton! writerknowles If justice, correct, proper, etc. are a function of time, where the time involved is a few years, something is terribly wrong. writerknowles When will Americans realize that all politicians, regardless of partisan participation, are into corruption, manipulation, greed.They have the most influence in making laws, enforcing laws and controlling people. They only care about voters during elections.

opinion There's plenty of evidence of wrong doing by Acosta, realDonaldTrump and the republicans just chose to ignore the evidence. opinion '... no evidence of wrongdoing'? This is surprising, WSJ. Please print the truth. opinion Oh FFS. opinion “Despite no evidence.” Huh? opinion Didn’t notify the victims? No wrongdoing?

opinion Where’s Bill Clinton in this. You know he got involved somehow opinion SPIN IT wsj!!!! opinion Hehehe...hey, you guys at the should read a newspaper sometime..... opinion No evidence? This newspaper is such garbage. You are fake news. opinion The Dems and the media need to distract from Epstein's ties to the Dems.

Trump Labor Secy. Alex Acosta faces reporters and defends role in Epstein scandalWith no apology to Jeffrey Epstein 's victims, Labor Secy. Alexander Acosta defended himself in Washington as the crisis grew worse for the Trump White House. Our panel joins to discuss. Sec. Acosta lies when he states there was not enough evidence when his own dept. had a 53 page indictment ready to go. Another lie. Not wanting to put the victims thru a trial. Hell! He didn't even contact the victims about the sweet plea deal he cut. Paid off to bury the case!! Why would he apologize? Florida was about to let him off without any prison time or sex offender registration. Epstein had friends in high places, being a huge DEM donor, gave thousands to Democrats and $25k to the Clinton Foundation.

opinion This is a shitty take. opinion The opinion is a joke and a sad state of the current mindset. opinion Well! opinion You’ve found the true victim in this Epstein scandal opinion He didn’t tell the girls about the deal and he was bound to do that. But sure, no evidence of wrong doing... opinion GAWThoughts DemsLibLeft have nothing to provide to our country except trying to bring it down anyway it can. Acosta is just the next person associated with Trump that is attacked because of Trump derangement. Remember Kavanaugh attacks, look at the facts now. DemsLibsLeft crap

opinion CHILDREN being recruited for sex parties for old rich guys and Epstein only gets 13 months, maybe WSJ had some attendees at these parties? opinion Hot take from wsj: real victim here is Acosta. Remember when he apologized the victims? Oh wait, he didn’t even contact them. Poor guy. Apparently every one in the Trump administration is a victim.

opinion No evidence of wrongdoing... except all those little girls who got raped. opinion Seriously That’s your take ? moral compass be damned. Extreme leniency for sexual predators is OK as long as they are white plutocrats Oh, and it was back in the day.

Kamala Harris On Alex Acosta: We Don't Need Leaders Who Protect PredatorsThe senator called for the labor secretary to resign because he gave a secret plea deal to convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2008. LOL!! We don't need a Racist woman as our leader!!! You mean President Clinton? The media does a great job of protecting the Democrat Crime Syndicate

opinion Apparently he did this plea deal in an unusually secretive manner, meeting with defendants lawyers in a hotel instead of the prosecutors office as normal and didn’t adhere to the law requiring him to include victims in the process and instead kept them out of the process opinion And some of them got campaign money from Epstein, like Schumer.

opinion I'm sorry...a Federal (or Florida State) judge found (it's actually in writing) that Epstein's plea deal violated the law for not complying with the victims rights act in that jurisdiction by keeping all of the victims (and Federal Investigators) in the dark about the deal. opinion “No evidence”.😑

opinion FAKE NEWS! Not just wrongdoing. There was actual criminality by Acosta. Murdoch must be riding u guys hard. opinion This is a VERY interesting clip from the Tucker Carlson show : opinion It is an effort to distract from the Clinton relationship and the Obama FBI and DOJ directing the agreement.

opinion The WSJ, now in favor of pedophilia opinion Oh please....what garbage... opinion HillaryClinton got off a rapist and laughed abt it. Crickets democrats

opinion No evidence of wrongdoing? That's a funny way to say, 'made a backroom deal to let a violent sexual predator off the hook.' opinion You creeps. Maybe your Editorial Board should listen to your News Bureau. opinion Here we go wsj battling for another establishment then the victims opinion Sounds just like what Democrats have been doing all along.

opinion He broke the actual law by not notifying victims. opinion Sorry, but there is egregious wrongdoing when a pedophile and rapist is in effect, allowed to go free to continue their sick and damaging behavior! opinion The judges who freed the men after they killed black people, or raped somebody, did so within the boundaries of the law. But was it right? It's not like the writer needs to be told that he's sold his soul. Trump can just outsource his press job to opinion.

opinion Oh cmon. There is already evidence, and they’ve just now started looking. opinion He broke the law! These opinions get worse but the day. opinion Democrats being democrats

opinion He allowed a peeophile to leave jail for up to sixteen hours a day and hid the deal from his victims. Fuck anyone for not being outraged by his actions. opinion He needs to go opinion Opinion | The Editorial Board has Cheetos lips. opinion There's even a no collusion line in here, did Hannity write this horseshit?

opinion This is simply thoughtless opinion. The evidence of Acosta’s wrongdoing is huge by an reasonable standard, legal or moral. Let’s wait and see. opinion Yep that’s the conservative movement. Defending a corrupt prosecutor who let a serial child rapist walk, almost certainly in exchange for money or favors (He worked with epsteins lawyers to illegally conceal the deal for gods sake) what a morally bankrupt political movement

opinion This is a joke right ? WSJ. This man should go to jail right next to Epstein. He let a rapist loose for another plus decade Maybe u should read the Miami Herald expose by Julie Brown. Acosta has blood on his hands. Epstein raped underay girls Acosta raped them 2nd time opinion Sad if this becomes part of politics: whatever their backgrounds (business or politics, left or right, hollywood or skid row): fight for the victims and lock up the predators. Hoping it will really make a difference.

opinion He helped put a person back into the public who had sexually assaulted and raped girls and women. Those are NOT misdemeanors or parking tickets. He gave a slap on the wrist to a sexual predator! Would he have done it if 1of the victims was his own family member? opinion

opinion The Republican Senate and senatemajldr tipsy turtle are 'stringing up' our judicial system by packing it with lifetime judges who will adjudicate with right wingnut bias. how about a opinion on Addison 's judge packing? opinion I thought it was found to be illegal what he did...? opinion Money sticks with money. To hell with everyone else!

opinion Here we go again... WSJ owned by Rupert Murdoch... opinion by the Right Wing..... opinion It’s hard to take anything coming out of NY or DC as factual. There is so much lying, deceit, cover-up and political gamesmanship the average American’s believes none of them. So called journalists have as much of a agenda as politicians. Most are flat out liars in my opinion!

opinion It’s called deflection....... opinion The Wall Street Journal’s now defending child rapists and those who protect them. That’s a strategy that probably won’t pay off. I’m guessing most Americans, even Republicans, are against the raping and exploiting of children. opinion No evidence My my my. How you have strayed from your journalistic heritage.

opinion ANY PERSON WHO TRIES TO DESTROY OTHER PEOPLE FOUNDATION,THEIR FOUNDATION WILL ALSO BE DESTROY WILL MANY HAMMERS AND STONES. YOU CAN ONLY REAP WHAT YOU SOW. opinion No evidence of wrongdoing other than a federal judge saying the plea deal given to Epstein was...illegal.

opinion This won't end the way you want it to, much like the 2016 election. opinion “No evidence of wrongdoing “? SERIOUSLY opinion No evidence of wrongdoing?! Acosta met with defense attorney to discuss not telling victims about deal in violation of federal law. opinion Oh please!🙄🤮☠️🖕🏻 opinion He gave epsteinindictment a slap on the wrist for trafficking underage girls. How long was his jail sentence, 13 months but he got leave prison everyday. Nice to know which side of the fence the WSJ is on.

opinion 'No evidence of wrongdoing'? opinion His judgment was seriously deficient and favored the rapist over the victims. So yes. opinion Wow wsj went pro child molestor opinion re. 'no evidence of wrongdoing' -- You seem to have missed this: opinion Its funny when Breitbart posted an honest story as WSJ denies that anything happened,

opinion The United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York is Geoffrey Steven Berman appointed by AG Jeff Sessions - a Republican. And we all know his boss POTUS approved this appointment. So - that blows your conspiracy theory about Democrats. opinion EpsteinBarrTrumpDisease opinion Whoops wsj look at the case not at Dems ! Hey— poor cum laude guy who apparently or perhaps did not make partner at Kirkland gets fed job and then gets leaned on by E’s Kirkland boys? Read wiki

opinion A Federal Judge explicitly found evidence of wrongdoing and it was brought up in today’s press conference. This editorial is a joke. opinion A judge said the plea agreement was illegal. That’s evidence of wrongdoing opinion Who owns the Wall Street Journal? opinion More 💩🐦 in high office. 😐 opinion Did you miss the part where it was found it be illegal?

opinion Not going to work opinion His cabinet post was a reward, also bonus points for Latino.

opinion Get your facts straight. Acosta made a deal that Epstein could leave jail, go to his “office” in his mansion where he had engaged in predatory behaviors w young girls, lie by his pool & resume his life w virtually no punishment! Law enforcement was angry that he made that deal! opinion No one should buy . The Editorial Board supports someone that let a serial pedophile practically off the hook.

opinion We all know what “Opinions” are like.... opinion He deserves at least the same punishment thst he gave Epstein. opinion No evidence of wrongdoing... opinion opinion White men just so love when they get to throw around 'stringing up' just to throw it in the face of minorities. WSJ is a krakker kkklown show

opinion Wow. Defending pedophilia. Bold strategy. opinion Delete this tweet and it’s beneath your paper to publish this garbage. opinion Nice lynching analogy. Also you rightwing hacks still give Jimmy Carter shit.

opinion Yes. Then James Comey next. opinion A court said he broke the law. opinion Anyone who works for Trump is going to be crucified by the Dems & media whenever the opportunity arises. They might wish they hadn't opened up this can of worms before it's all over. opinion No wrongdoing? The deal was literally found to be illegal.

opinion They are saying he ignored a 53 page indictment his fbi prepared against a child sex trafficker. The state law enforcement just called Acosta's press conference lies. So there's that. opinion Believing that a man who has demonstrated terrible judgment while serving the people should no longer serve the people = 'stringing up.'

opinion Cowards can’t even put a name on this? “Editorial board.” opinion The writers getting ready to write this opinion Who writes this trash? opinion 18 Months... a non-prosecution agreement and protections for 'Any potential co-conspirators'. All of this in a child sexual abuse case? Then a federal judge rules it unconstitutional because the victims were never informed and Trumps DOJ refuses to overturn the plea deal.

opinion opinion WORDS MATTER: 1. “Underage woman” does not exist. That would be a child. 2. “Child prostitute”. NO. Children cannot consent. Those are rape victims, sexual assault victims, or survivors. 3. “Sex with minors” is RAPE. 4. “Non-consensual sex” is RAPE. opinion I wasn’t aware that calling a public official to account for his actions was the same as “stringing up.”

opinion Have you even read jkbjournalist’s article........ opinion 😂😂😂😂😂 opinion Unfollow, unsubscribe lol. Enough. Feel like a b*tch for saying that, but seriously.

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