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Opinion | Lost in Beijing: The Story of the WHO

China broke the World Health Organization. The U.S. has to fix it or leave and start its own group.

4/9/2020 8:15:00 PM

From WSJopinion: The WHO is broken, compromised, and consistently acting to placate China rather than protect public health, writes lanheechen of the HooverInst and Stanford

China broke the World Health Organization. The U.S. has to fix it or leave and start its own group.

Lanhee J. ChenApril 8, 2020 12:58 pm ETThe World Health Organization isn’t just “China centric,” as President Trump called it on Tuesday. It is also broken and compromised. The WHO fell short in its dithering reaction to the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which claimed more than 11,000 lives. Now its response to the coronavirus pandemic shows it is willing to put politics ahead of public health. The way the WHO has consistently acted to placate China’s leaders makes clear the need for fundamental reform.

A black Latino CNN reporter was arrested. A white CNN reporter was not. Joy Reid: Just stop killing us; this isn't a huge demand Trump continues to escalate on Twitter: Hans Nichols

The U.S. is the biggest financial contributor to the... Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

opinion lanheechen CHO opinion lanheechen WSJ-trump can't even FIX ANYTHING in the USA--WHY do you think he cares about WHO--MAYBE for politicial gain!? opinion lanheechen the communist party give him much money opinion lanheechen Hahaha, if next time same things happen, who can be blame by US then? Pls US face your own problem, leave other countries or organizations alone!

opinion lanheechen opinion lanheechen WHO has already lost all their credibility! opinion lanheechen HAHAHA. The US should start it's own health organization - what, with TRUMP at the helm, lol opinion lanheechen Since USA contributed $400M...'You're [WHO] fired!'. Wanna guess who said it? American reality show. 😁

opinion lanheechen opinion lanheechen ChinaVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied WHOLiedPeopleDied kaiyi0619 opinion lanheechen WuhanHealthOrganisation it is. lol opinion lanheechen start it's own. WHO is CCP'S baby. opinion lanheechen So many people died! His hands are full of blood! Has he any conscience?

opinion lanheechen WHO who!? opinion lanheechen Dangerous opinion. opinion lanheechen No one really cares for WSJ pro Trump Partisan BS. shiroihamusan opinion lanheechen WHO no longer reliable, it’s CCPChina puppet aaronelizebath opinion lanheechen US and European countries have to rebuild a trust-worthy global health system

opinion lanheechen Nice article. however, what i dont get is: 1. If Tedros & China love each other, why the small $ contribution by China to Tedros' WHO? 2. Tedros is not WHO so, why not just replace? 3. Isnt it too much to imply that US is Tedros/China's fault, rather than the person running it? opinion lanheechen We, or maybe just WSJ, just cannot tolerate anyone, any orgamization who thinks different from our fantastic president and his hilarious government.

opinion lanheechen China has the who in it's pockets!! opinion lanheechen THE HEAD OF THE WHO IS CORRUPT, YOKED WITH CHINA! opinion lanheechen LEAVE IT ! CHINA HAS MANAGED TO CORRUPT THE WHO TAKE BACK OUR TAX DOLLARS! TRUTH ! STOP CORRUPT DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST!!! KAG TRUMP2020 opinion lanheechen Really, and run by a Trump Yes! Person (s) just like the rest that turned a blind eye as early as November 2019!

opinion lanheechen Chinese spread out this Chinese virus,lied about that, manipulated their datas and sold broken supplies to other countries. WHO helped them and ignored everything. So many innocent people have died they have to pay back . opinion lanheechen It can’t be fixed, just like the U.N. can’t be fixed.

opinion lanheechen The US hadn’t paid our share of WHO funding, how are we supposed to fix anything? Off topic, but even with disinformation out of CCP, we saw it coming and did nothing. Time to stop blaming others for our leadership’s fuckeries. opinion lanheechen We need to send this guy on a nationwide tour of China with no protective gear or social distance to prove he is right that China has 100% stopped the Wuhan Virus. If he comes back without the virus, we will know he was right.

opinion lanheechen How do you feel about helping to kill over 100,000 people? opinion lanheechen Plenty of other groups already doing good work that the US can support opinion lanheechen The US needs to lead on fixing the whole China Syndrome. opinion lanheechen What a idiot opinion lanheechen Just get rid of the Ethiopian guy. Get someone else.

opinion lanheechen Take back your dirty hands from the WHO,you disgusting politicians. You blame the one who is saving others. shameless. 'The WHO finally declared a public-health emergency on Jan. 30' What did Trump do in February and March? Don't blame others. opinion lanheechen I say tell them to take a walk. We completely overfund them and for what?

opinion lanheechen rotrivedi opinion lanheechen Agree! All UN members should join hands on this.. opinion lanheechen They should bare the whole consequence of the pandemic. The world won’t be suffered if they haven't concealed the truth and taken measures before the situation going out of control. After everyone’s well, we should hold China accountable! COVID19 nnevvy coronavirus CCP

opinion lanheechen Leave and start again opinion lanheechen BREAKING | 'Trump Urged by Americans to Cease Funding (or at best match) the W.H.O.' There are MILLIONS of reasons why CONTRIBUTIONS: S. ARABIA - 2,803,810 SPAIN - 5,133,935 FRANCE - 10,590,840 UK - 10,925,765 JAPAN - $20,487,900 CHINA - $28,719,905 U.S.A. - $57,883, 460!

opinion lanheechen I have been a skeptic of the WHO for a few years now and this whole pandemic has just made those feelings grow deeper. opinion lanheechen The US is breaking the whole global governance system. WHO is a part of the US hegemonism. opinion lanheechen Every global agency and all bureaucrats are corrupt, and deadbeats are begging to give them more power

opinion lanheechen I can't believe this is written by a Standford faculty and published by WSJ! The journalist Yvonne Tang who interviewed Dr. Bruce Aylward has a bad reputation of creating stories and twisting news. It's normal for him to reject non-covid19 related questions. opinion lanheechen We are already in a big disaster. Those people who are trying to twist it for their own benefit and purpose are simply vicious.

Wintericecccc opinion lanheechen I think Taiwan should be the committee to help with the grouping... 🇹🇼💕TaiwanIsHelping opinion lanheechen The Who lied about how infectious the virus actually was. We could have shut thing down a month sooner if we knew the truth. opinion lanheechen 📌 opinion lanheechen worthless health Organization WHO

opinion lanheechen Third class newspaper opinion lanheechen Fake news media opinion lanheechen Hope more countries will follow suit and establish another organization that will not be manipulated by CCP. opinion lanheechen As a physician, examining the public statements of DrTedros over the last several months, it's hard not to view them as reckless at best. Shame on those who'll continue to support him and the WHO moving forward. Billions of our tax dollars have gone wasted!

opinion lanheechen 想滚就滚,别磨叽!!! opinion lanheechen Incompetence and corruption and we paid for it. Trump will fix it. opinion lanheechen These shameful media just cannot stop attacking world health experts in order to advance their political agenda. opinion lanheechen Let’s talk latter about blame. How about solutions people. Stanford education did they not teach you how to critical thinking instead of blame which is real below the belt. I used to love the WSJ before the family sold it. The WHO can still help the world. Step up!

hiro_hamakawa opinion lanheechen CCP cannot be trusted. End of. Taiwan is not China, form new organisation and include Taiwan. Thx nnevvy opinion lanheechen opinion lanheechen About time. WHO needs to be investigated. Chk any money trail too. Let's not forget communist TPLF Ethiopia provided millions for Tedro's candidacy for WHO whn most Ethopians opposed for corruptn/violent past. DrTedros

opinion lanheechen I’m wondering is there a political correctness, that you can only criticize China, but not appreciate China? opinion lanheechen Fix it? It is impossible. So starting a new one would be a good choice to save more people with more transparency, and to form an alliance and stand against the CCP regime. UK MP's suggestion of G20 public health is a good suggestion. Photo from IFC

opinion lanheechen The TrumpVirus ignored COVID19 for months. State run media WSJ is promoting propaganda opinion lanheechen Funny mud pee! WSJ Fake media opinion lanheechen China is the main cause of the spread of the coronavirus and the misery of the world! opinion lanheechen Thanks for this article: had been called “conspiracy fan” for saying 2 weeks ago, exactly what you report now. Additionally, TAG isn’t a real Medical Doctor, he is a ‘community Dr’ like ones ‘fast tracked’ in Cuba

opinion lanheechen Lost in Beijing, City of Bones 🌝🌝 opinion lanheechen 会费交了么? opinion lanheechen It is a big failure of WHO and the failure just costs so many life. opinion lanheechen Not only who, whole UN also need to fix! CCP_is_terrorist opinion lanheechen The WHO and its general report directly to China and China has a lot of influence on it!! All these international organizations are corrupt and WHO is the most corrupt.

opinion lanheechen thierrybaudet opinion lanheechen On cue. opinion lanheechen It is just a tip of an iceberg. opinion lanheechen Form a new organisation to replace the pro-China organisation. This is good for the world. ChinaLiedPeopleDied opinion lanheechen The face of cluelessness opinion lanheechen

opinion lanheechen People have lost in the WHO! They collude w/ China and suppressed Taiwan. It’s time to dishandWHO and form a new international health organisation that won’t politicise a health issue. WHOcorrupt opinion lanheechen WHO is corrupted. WuhanHealthOrganisation opinion lanheechen It's The reason why they don't control spreading

opinion lanheechen disbandWHO opinion lanheechen No one trust WHO anymore. opinion lanheechen Absolutely! WHO is obviously Pro-china and not neutral. The coronavirus outbreak shows that its Pro-China stance will harm global health. opinion lanheechen What is it about the socialist/communist worldview that infiltrates organizations and then utterly corrupts the organization? WHO? Most Ivy League schools? Most mainline Protestant denominations?

opinion lanheechen Tedras needs to resign or be fired for being a China shill. opinion lanheechen Make WHO accoutable for the COVID19Pandemic opinion lanheechen Yep.... a group of one guided by the most experienced in the matter - Kushner! Is this a skit from SNL? It’s clear the dude has spent too much time in isolation

opinion lanheechen U.S. do not have the responsibility to fix it, just leave it for the third world countries opinion lanheechen Just leave the broken pieces to China to play with. Start a new one to include Taiwan opinion lanheechen Oh hello... opinion lanheechen Trump’s United States can lead but nobody will follow. Trump has abandoned world leadership and we are seeing the consequences.

opinion lanheechen 看看你的评论,意识形态远比人命重要,媒体毁掉了这个国家 opinion lanheechen ?how opinion lanheechen Look at how WHO react to this virus in January-March. Corrupted af. CCPVirus WHOLiedPeopleDied CCPLiedPeopleDied opinion lanheechen Great article. Totally agree. Tedros needs to go and WHO can’t be trusted.

opinion lanheechen WHO betrayed us to china and put us in this situation, it's unforgivable opinion lanheechen The complete breakdown of WHO CDCgov realDonaldTrump ccp BorisJohnson admin simultaneously is a historical disaster unparalleled in modern times and must be recorded and never forgotten for historical purposes. Our institutions have corrupted and decayed.

shiroihamusan opinion lanheechen The U.S. has to investigate the corruption between WHO and CCP. Hold them accountable! And feel free to DefundTheWHO!! opinion lanheechen China was very publicly shut down to battle the virus. At that moment a pandemic was obviously in the making. opinion lanheechen Leave it

opinion lanheechen WHO is totally corrupted. Prefer starting a new group. Remember to add Taiwan in! ChinaLiedPeopleDied opinion lanheechen Leave opinion lanheechen SHUT IT DOWN opinion lanheechen Chinese communist party and WHO said the WuhanVirus won’t contagious human to human since January . ChinaMustPay Taiwan warned on December.

opinion lanheechen 臭不要脸的美国人。脸呢?不要了吗? opinion lanheechen Well if this was down, is going to be very difficult to resolve world health crisis for the future... This might depend in strong leaders with a lot of humans values to continue and fix this problem... opinion lanheechen Disband WHO, it has rotten to the core👇🏼👇🏼WHOLiedPeopleDied

opinion lanheechen Why the hell America dont just go away the world don't want no help from America get that in your head the whole world is seeing very clearly how wicked that country really is and trust us we know longer interested in listening to anyone from America only CNN and a few others opinion lanheechen WHO is NOT Own by CHINA😂 Small 🤏👋👋 Donnie Knows it🤫 Lets makeWHOGREATagain

opinion lanheechen US group with the only member US. opinion lanheechen Rumor , trump said opinion lanheechen Is this a joke for April fools? The US has to fix the WHO so that we can all die of seasonal flu? Why don't you fix the US medical system and save the Americans first before even talk about leading the world again?

opinion lanheechen How far is November away? opinion lanheechen I vote we leave. Easier to do another than fix that one opinion lanheechen wait for W.H.O declare the United States and Taiwan are the epidemic area, ban all trade and travel with them, LOL opinion lanheechen WHO has been corrupted by China? Yes. Who hasnt? It needs to be fixed or replaced? Yes. The US has the leadership to do so? Under this administration, no. So first things first.

opinion lanheechen China also broke NY times so that they posted fake news about COVID-19 tracing origin is Europe,right? opinion lanheechen Starting it’s own group is not that easy. You still need world health advisors globally and that includes China. Fix what’s broken in the existing WHO. opinion lanheechen

opinion lanheechen Leave defund they are a joke. Loved the racist card they pulled opinion lanheechen O povo são manipulados.pela televisão e fácil fábrica notícias.a televisão tem o efeito bem pior que o da radiação. opinion lanheechen Trump successfully shifted his incompetence by blaming China, WHO, democrats, making US world NO.1 cases. there are so many other countries did a good job fighting this virus, they did their job and not blaming WHO.


opinion lanheechen America first. The number of infected, death, increased infected, increased death are all the first. So failure, so shameless. America should listen to this stupid Taiwan frog and start a new one in the universe. opinion lanheechen They can't even fix US Covid cases opinion lanheechen The WHO ignored Taiwan's warning and said the virus wouldn't spread from person to person. The WHO, which had become China's propaganda agency, discriminated against Taiwan and caused global pandemic.

opinion lanheechen Tnis crap of 'one fits all' doesn't work. opinion lanheechen The steam is huge .. opinion lanheechen Neo-fascist business journal of the oligarchy says what? opinion lanheechen Лучше уйти и не мучать страждущих самаритян избыотчным мозгооборазованием, не выдержат и лопнут напрочь. Без отсоса - то жуть что будет, а не без Путина

opinion lanheechen Finally you will find US LOST ALL TO CHINA. opinion lanheechen why take humans as enemy? don't see any humanity in this saying? opinion lanheechen Start Own Group!! opinion lanheechen opinion lanheechen Fox News anchor report: WHO refuses to let Taiwan join as a member, it is cruel to say! WHO Corruption, dishonesty, and hidden problems have no effect on epidemic prevention. Why should we fund such corrupt international organizations?

opinion lanheechen With the billions of dollars we put in WHO, let's form an international group of our own. Make sure it's working for the best interest of the world, not China. opinion lanheechen 得道多助,失道寡助。 opinion Lanhee is nuts, so this is right-wing BS, as WSJ opinions always are. opinion lanheechen Its obvious that a lot of fake accounts are trying to amplify this bogus opinion piece in another Trump admin. attempt to distract from his failure of leadership, lies, rampant corruption, and sinking poll numbers.

opinion lanheechen WHO has now become CHO. They care abot China's interests instead of people's health. To me, WHO is absolutely useless. There should be another organization replacing it. opinion lanheechen Hey, WHO, if you want my money, you can only say that Trump is right and cannot let the world know the truth, understand?

opinion lanheechen Why are china's contribution to international bodies always low and small? opinion lanheechen Maybe you wish Trump lead WHO opinion lanheechen Remember this is an opinion from the Herbert Hoover think tank, the guy that resided over the Great Depression. Does that tell you anything?

opinion lanheechen Don’t we have our guys in there? To make sure this stuff doesn’t happen? opinion lanheechen we can’t even get our own house in order. opinion lanheechen The UN is no friend to the US. Been that way for years. opinion lanheechen Leave and start our own 100% opinion lanheechen Agree

opinion lanheechen WHO needs new leadership. Current leader took the lies from the Chinese government on face value. BIG MISTAKE opinion lanheechen NathanRichHGDW The disgusting anti-China WSJ just freshly published a piece of funny trash. Look at how low they can sink. opinion lanheechen So if WHO placate US gov it would be legit but when lauding China for its swift response somehow is evil? Did u read WHO rpt depicting what measures were taken? U definitely didn’t cause if u do u wouldn’t wait for 70 days before taking action and caused 20,000 deaths already.

opinion lanheechen Disgusting article by a disgusting man opinion lanheechen opinion lanheechen better fix US first opinion lanheechen Corona has changed the global power dynamic. The virus is humaned. The human evils are now being done by this humnaed virus Corona. opinion lanheechen Disband the WHO

opinion lanheechen That new group were Taiwan finally can join! opinion lanheechen who belong to the all country opinion lanheechen why bother to fix something that's broken so badly . Start afresh with a US centric , defund the old hag. opinion lanheechen America allowed China to grow unchecked overlooking all concerns about the evil nature of CCP because it was great for the bottomline of the American billionaires of all sorts, now the genie is out of the bottle and it ain't going back.

opinion lanheechen 无稽之谈。如果不是你们这些破媒体把时间都花到黑中国上面,美国人民不会这么惨。你们双手都沾满鲜血! opinion lanheechen opinion lanheechen TrumpLiedPeopleDied If Trump take over WHO, the world will go to an end.All other countries will become his biological and chemical weapons test base. opinion lanheechen U.S will break the World Health Organization. The rest of countries must have to fix it . Do u like this title?huh?You slander others,you should be f**k too.Tooth for tooth, eye for eye. US is not the only country can speak anything without punishments.

opinion lanheechen DrTedros is a communist clown opinion lanheechen The WHO is political. Too slow to declare emergencies. This we already knew. Sure, push for reforms or start another international agency, if you think the USA has the credibility to do that. But this is not an excuse or rationale for Trump’s epic failure here

opinion lanheechen It costs US way more than its benefit for US or world. Let China fix it opinion lanheechen This is the worst China can do.. opinion lanheechen While the US is at it maybe they should also leave the UN. How ridiculous is it that China and Saudi Arabia are in the UN human rights commission.

opinion lanheechen The WHO broke itself, pull funding. opinion lanheechen Hard knock on reality! Can only trust ourselves it seems! Or work more diligently on intelligence oversight! Though 3 ½ years of domestic political investigations proved we ourselves need to step up our game! opinion lanheechen I think under the enormous enthusiasm wsj has already schemed a guideline to.

opinion lanheechen 📌 opinion lanheechen This guy is communist opinion lanheechen mowtgovtt ttombudsman 961wefm MyCXC expressupdates newsgovtt NationBarbados ANSABankTT ANSAMcALGroup MoFTT HyattTrinidad tv6tnt GuardianTT ttutc Boomchampionstt Power102fm MOH_TT CNC3TV tttliveonline realDonaldTrump CNN BBCWorld PrisionServiceTT

opinion lanheechen taiwan should be included in the new group, but China, sorry, you are not welcome ChinaVirus ChinaMustPay ChinaLiedPeopleDie opinion lanheechen How to corrupted an organization? US give 4billions to WHO, China give 4millions to Tedros under table! Then WHO speak for China! opinion lanheechen Very difficult to trust WHO till this Man at the helm. Tedros

opinion lanheechen The US with the poorest response to Covid19 worldwide should be embarrasses to even consider it could run anything like the WHO, as inept as it is even. opinion lanheechen I think under the enormous enthusiasm actually has schemed a guideline to. opinion lanheechen WHO is to blame for the expansion of Covit 19. They have done nothing. They were playing with the lives of the dead. No punishment?

opinion lanheechen The man is a member of the TPLF! Political violence is second nature to that party... opinion lanheechen The author of this is sick in the head🤬 opinion lanheechen WSJ has lost it opinion lanheechen Thank God it's just an opinion... highly subjective and based upon ZERO FACTS! ALL IN CONJECTURES PRESENTED AS FACTS! It's a SHAMELESS echo to Trump's blackmail to choke (like coronavirus) WHO by stopping funding it. IRRESPONSIBLE FOOLISH STANCE! FIX YOUR SENILE LEADER FIRST!

opinion lanheechen opinion lanheechen US better start something similar to WHO.. realDonaldTrump opinion lanheechen You talking about the US that can't even provide clean water for all its citizens, that US? Best get a grown up country to take charge, not some infantile behemoth that worships ignorance and has exposed us all to a moron dressed in dried tangerine skin pretending to be a leader.

opinion lanheechen opinion lanheechen China didn’t break the WHO they probably bribed them opinion lanheechen The WSJ has gone insane. opinion lanheechen Good opinion lanheechen opinion lanheechen This article is a joke. The USA have the chance to be a leader and decided early on that was a hoax, and now doesn't an idea of how deal with the pandemic and save the economy at the same time.

opinion lanheechen WHO - come together to improve it. Don’t dismiss it or ruin it. For the World with the best intentions ❤️ opinion lanheechen COVID-19 is not what it seems..... NY Trauma medic - 'Anybody who dies has coronavirus put on their death certificate. Everybody who ends up having anything has coronavirus put on their death certificate' 8:50

opinion lanheechen WSJ making sense for a change. opinion lanheechen If America broke away it would be on its own. The WTO will has made mistakes and lessons will be learnt. Trump has made mistakes and no lessons will be learnt. opinion lanheechen opinion lanheechen The US can't get toilet paper on the shelves... Doesn't have masks for it's citizens. Can't even test 10% of the population.

opinion lanheechen Like let trump lead a new organization and we all die in the end together? opinion lanheechen Resign Tedros opinion lanheechen If they’re so broken why did they come up with a functioning test wat before the CDC? opinion lanheechen To prove the ridiculous, start with the ridiculous

opinion lanheechen Fix it? Nah, let’s build our own. We already have all the tools. opinion lanheechen It wasn’t China, it was that specimen pictured in the tweet opinion lanheechen nathalie_beghin opinion lanheechen alo53 opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford The United States has already protected China by moving its manufacturing to China.

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Why would you publish this now? Try harder. opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Defund WHO please opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Credibility for WHO is rightfully finished. Lack of transparency equals zero trust. Covid19 was executed by communist & terrorist thugs infiltration of WHO via the United Nations. Trump correctly questioned their actions while Trudeau threw 159.5 million at WHO. Embarrassment

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford WHO has failed miserably and no world leader in sight to lead and stir the world in a unified approach to win the World War-C. Everyone has become self centered and in ward looking. World need a leader who can lead and provide a universal approach to fight the pandemic.

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford It's very interesting that all western medias always issue the article with opinions, but forget reporting the facts and the truth which is the media's major mission. I think only the truth with facts will be enough, let the audience judge by himself. opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford So if WHO listen to US,follow trump’s order, that will be satisfied for all of you?

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford WE NEVER NEED THE ...WHO...THERE THE 1s who needed us fuking globalism ccc. Depop opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Blame game is virus, so called Trump virus, US virus. opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford I think WHO only took time to declare pandemic not to push ppl in panics, just Dsame way all sports org. did b4 suspended their various events. All govt were well awared of D situation; Dtime, D US was boasting of a 1,000 capacity med facility witout a strategy to stop d spread

Natalia01Mateo opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Don't we already have the CDC and NIH? AngelaTange65 opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Just going to leave this one here. opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford when WHO is acting on the interest of a designated nation, it dooms to fail and lose its credibility

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford you see, WSJ is lying again vicksiern opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Alinsky101: Whoever Controls 'Health Care'... DECIDES WHO LIVES & DIES. The World 'Health' Organization is an arm of GLOBALIST Control Freaks who get together & PLAY GOD with their 'NEW WORLD ORDER'. But We the People are still GOD'S ARMY...not Democrat's 'Deplorable' SLAVES.

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Exactly! WHO is heavily broken and is now a China-puppet organization! DisbandWHO DefundTheWHO opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford disbandWHO now, we need a functioning health organization in the midst of pandemic opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford It would be interesting if Mr Chen would examine the response of the U.S. administration to the current crisis

saraghavamian opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Thank you Taiwan! opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford More rubbish and spinning from the garbage newspapers in the west. There are no solid proof and everything said are conjectures serving only one purpose ; to blame WHO for their own failures. Say it enough times and they will believe it themselves.

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Bullshit. opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Pouring shit again. You are the king of propaganda. opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford ceskae opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford If you can’t get it right the first time you are have no value to the world.

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Now it is the WHO, feeling better about yourself when there is always someone to blame? Don’t listen to the WHO and see where that is going to get you. opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford 所以说呢,被遮遮掩掩的啦,就说明白,因为who似乎看上去亲中,所以who就该特娘的被干死。说出来嘛,何必遮遮掩掩的,跟失了智似的。不过好奇怪,gfw似乎深深长在你们心里了呢。哈哈哈哈。这才是被洗脑。

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford 好神奇的逻辑,是who叫你们不戴口罩不用防疫的么?我怎么记得是某个大统领说的。考虑到这个大统领跟who不对付,不太可能是背后受了who挟制被迫说这些的。而且这个大统领怎么可能轻易被人挟制,对吧。那么,我们聊聊逻辑? opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Big surprise out of the Hoover Institute there. Have they studied Hoover's too little too late response to the depression vs. Trump's too little too late response to this pandemic yet? No? I didn't think so. Seems like there are quite a few similarities.

omarbula opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford WHO are them really? drcraigwax opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Tedros is the 'Sheila Jackson Lee' of world health. lanheechen opinion HooverInst Stanford Outrageous! WHO is responsible for the virus cover up! WHO has blood on their hands!

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Should WHO keep the same opinion with Trump, because US paid more money? WHO warned the world at the beginning, but no one cared the warning! how can China controlled it, but US couldn't? because China did the right things, but US government only blamed and defame everyone!

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford The dude works for China. Look at the way he attacked Taiwan. Unbelievable! opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford We know it's broken. What should we do about it? opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford The WSJ Tweeted this? I had to read it twice. 😳 opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Stop miss leading people’s attention to China to cover up Trump’s incompetence and selfish!

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Defund them, need an American running it. opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Resign!!! opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford I think we will see more of this as China expands its reach through OBOR ... organizations are going to feel pressure to not alienate them (i.e.: NBA) and this is going to change the dynamic of things

ezralevant opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford So, if the United States, give 400+ Billion to •W•H•O• each Yr && China gives 40 Billion, does this mean we cannot follow the money any more? opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Wrong turn ezralevant opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford opinion HooverInst Stanford ONU must investigate Tedros Adhanom (Community Dr) named Head WHO by China’s support, as reward for covering up epidemic of Cholera in Ethiopia to favor China’s projects there. Adhanom G named Mugabe as Health Embassador to Africa! He knew about Covid19 in Nov2019 but didn’t act

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford It is not a surprise for someone from Taiwan and belonging to the same party as Trump to attack WHO. No credibility. opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Yes WHO made mistakes..... doesn’t excuse trump of his!!!! opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Not qualified. Not doing his job as a WHO leader. Money buys out someone’s integrity

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford WHO definitely have misguided the whole world but suddenly all these news about WHO implies that it is playing as a pawn to mask China's blunder. With all these sudden news coming about WHO's mistake has given China a backseat. Quite fishy! opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford WSJ a Trumpian advocate.

Sathnam opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford can you also do an editorial on JohnsHopkins reports - heavily China funded and one sided always opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Amen, finally somebody has the stones to point out the obvious. opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford Another right wing rant!!! Why realDonaldTrump refused WHO help? Why trump close the CDC office in china? Why trump closed the pandemic WH office? Why trump failed to listen to the intelligence? Why trump staffs told us the virus was contained? Why trump lie about one death only

katerinareports opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford The maybe you need better global governance structure, dummy opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford A sad, but true account. opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford The WHO should be renamed the CHO (Chinese Health Organization). That would be closer to reality.

opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford wsj Opinion spends more time protecting criminal Trump. opinion lanheechen HooverInst Stanford ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied

Cornavirus: Trump's right that WHO deserves some blame for pandemic - Business InsiderOpinion | Trump's right about one thing, the World Health Organization deserves some blame for the coronavirus pandemic. By anthonyLfisher anthonyLfisher If the curve is flattened and we have unused ICU’s, PPE, ventilators etc, how exactly is Trump to blame? Seems more like everyone was ready for this anthonyLfisher 2017 reports coming from WH leaks claimed thst trumps daily briefing were cut to a few pages Now there’s reports that our own intelligence agency(USA) reporting in Nov of a “cataclysmic event” so when did we USA 🇺🇸 start listening to other agencies instead of our own. COVIDー19 anthonyLfisher The UN and IPBES have issued a clear and early warning on extinction and climatechange. Who will be blamed when it is too late?

Those We’ve Lost to the CoronavirusWe're sharing the stories of the people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of those we've lost. But was it the virus or were there pre-existing conditions. Right now the total Covid-19 deaths in the US do not exclude pre-existing conditions which could be the cause of death. who believe this? after all that bill gate and 5g talk In another bid to induce hatred & outrage? You do know anyone who still reads the NYTimes already hates Trump right? You really don't need to work this hard. The only reason to keep reading the NY Times is if you need to believe hating Trump a lot is somehow morally courageous

Abbe Lane's Palm Desert retreatThe single-story home comes with a guest casita and palm-topped backyard.

The Biggest Non-Coronavirus Stories You Missed Today: Sanders Drops Out, Linda Tripp DiesThese are some of the stories you may have missed in the sea of coronavirus news. He did not really drop out. He is keeping his delegates and wants more. That doesn’t make any sense. Trust me, nobody missed this About time

Meet 'The Willoughbys' in This Exclusive Look at the Netflix ComedyCheck out this exclusive sneak peek at Netflix’s TheWilloughbys, featuring a talking cat voiced by the one and only rickygervais! rickygervais This looks amazing! The shape & colour of the cat is delightful & seeing him walk sedately down the staircase rail past all of those bearded wonders has me in stitches! Thanks for sharing!

Oprah's Latest Book Club Pick Is One Of The Most Anticipated Books For AprilOprah calls her latest book club pick a 'medical detective story.' One of these 12 brothers was my Uber driver and told me about his family story. Can’t wait to read this book!