Opinion: It's far too early to freak out about the coronavirus ruining the Tokyo Olympics

The coronavirus shouldn't be taken lightly, but it is way too early to worry that it could possibly halt the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.


'But panicking, or fretting over what ifs and maybes several months down the road, is pointless. Especially since the IOC has been here before,' writes nrarmour of usatodaysports.

The coronavirus shouldn't be taken lightly, but it is way too early to worry that it could possibly halt the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

There were worries about terror attacks at the Athens Olympics, and rumors that Black Widow suicide bombers would strike in Sochi. There were suggestions the United States should consider a boycott of Pyeongchang because of tensions with North Korea. The pollution in Beijing was going to make athletes sick.

But a dose of perspective is needed. It was just last week that the WHO wrapped up a two-day review of Games preparations without sounding any alarms.The Opening Ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics is still five months away. Let's save the chicken-little hysteria until it's actually warranted.

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nrarmour usatodaysports The media apparently conflicted about hyping up coronavirus to manipulate the elections and toning it down not to affect things like the Olympics. Are people really this stupid that they are so easily manipulated?

Coronavirus could leave only 3 months to decide fate of Tokyo Olympics, IOC member saysThe modern Olympics dating from 1896 have only been cancelled during wartime, and faced boycotts in 1976 in Montreal, in 1980 in Moscow and 1984 in Los Angeles. Uh, we're looking at 15% of the world's population (120 million people) being wiped out by summer. I don't think anyone is going to be thinking about the Olympics at that time. The way it is spreading it certainly be canceled. Priorities people. Options is obvious,

Tokyo organizers, IOC going ahead as planned with OlympicsA Japanese government spokesman says organizers are going forward as planned with the Tokyo Olympics a day after an IOC veteran said a viral outbreak could lead to the games being canceled. By StephenWadeAP. StephenWadeAP Horse. Shit. Nobody’s canceling any Olympic Games. Clickbait. StephenWadeAP Zika 2 StephenWadeAP En aumento casos de coronavirus en España Contacto:

Japan Rejects Possible Tokyo Olympics Cancellation Amid Coronavirus ThreatJapanese officials have rejected the possible Tokyo Olympics cancellation amid the coronavirus threat by lisettevoytko lisettevoytko Why not cancel it though? That's literally going to spread the virus even worse than now! lisettevoytko The decision - Gobs of money or the health and lives of the Japanese people - what gets priority? lisettevoytko (muffled) 'Let the Games Go On!'

Japan Rejects Possible Tokyo Olympics Cancellation Amid Coronavirus Threat'We would like to prepare steadily for the event,” Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga told parliament.

Will Coronavirus Threaten the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?The Tokyo Marathon was cancelled to the public because of the Coronavirus. Now, the IOC and event organizers are waiting to make a call on the Games.

The Tokyo Olympics Could *Possibly* Be Canceled Because Of Coronavirus But All Everyone Can Talk About Is 'Dick Pound'Dick Pound is back in the news again. Does that mean no olympics on the TV? Ooh a Plague Inc situation here

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