Opinion | How Matt Gaetz's utter lack of shame helps him politically

Opinion | David Mark: 'It might be safe to say that shame no longer has a place in American political life.' - @NBCNewsTHINK

4/7/2021 5:01:00 AM

Opinion | David Mark: 'It might be safe to say that shame no longer has a place in American political life.' - NBCNewsTHINK

Democrats like New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo are taking note. It might be safe to say that shame no longer has a place in American political life.

At the same time, legislatorsdon’t seem in a hurryto consider impeachment, and after initial calls to resign by Democratic elected officials, there’s largely been radio silence. For now, the governor’s wait-it-out strategy is working.For Gaetz, the fact that he’s made it this far suggests that not succumbing to public pressure is likely the best approach politically.

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THINK Politicians. Really living up to the stereotype. Dishonest. Only care about money. And themselves. Arrogant toi THINK Shame was lost last year when the DEMOCRATIC PARTY called out to Defund the Police and ALLOWED VIOLENCE AND RIOTING TO RAVAGE THIS NATION FOR ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR. THINK At all!!! THINK If he won’t resign then Congress needs to remove him.

THINK We all need to thank Bill Clinton and his supporters for this trend of shameless politicians. THINK Especially in the Republican party VSStangl THINK Yet, we the people are deeply ashamed of American politics. THINK It’s called spoiled brats who believe they are above the law because their money & connections have always made this possible. Shame is for the poor, not the “powerful”.

THINK shame = 85% of CONGRESS THINK This story reminds me so much of Democrat Representative, Eric Swalwell. He had a 3 year relationship with a Chinese spy recently. He too had an “utter lack of shame”, no remorse, didn’t offer to resign. DavidMarkDC seems to have forgotten about swalwell for this piece.

IAmSophiaNelson THINK It might be safe to say that shame no longer has a place in GOP political life.'. NYGovCuomo is almost NewYorkGOP. THINK Ask Governor Cuomo THINK It’s like priests that hide in the church. Same thing in politics. THINK Disgusting! THINK MattGaetzIsAPervert THINK That’s for sure, unles you’re a Democrat.

THINK Not both sides, NBC... THINK You want Cuomo to resign for lusting(a single man)and trump (a married man)was accused of rape and bragged about grabbing women's private parts and he got elected president. Somebody please tell me,what's going on America ? THINK It does actually though THINK Probably right, just look at the Biden family.

THINK LOL...When has politics had shame....Clinton? Kennedys? THINK Then we need to have basic qualifications before tooty can even run for office. Normal job stuff. Pass, credit, background, drug test. THINK Ya think? 🙄 THINK Shame? How about using a drooling old man to get Kamala into the Oval Office and his wife and drug addict son going along with it. That’s shame!

THINK Basically since Trump, everyone appears to be invincible and does exactly what they want to do - no matter what or who it hurts. It’s their way or no way, they’re always right and you are always wrong. THINK Are we talking about cuomo or...? THINK GOP and Evangelical Christians have no shame they distorted the word and closed a blind eye to and remained silenced in light of the current politics of a renewed push of Jim Crow laws. I say people of color should boycott those that dont peach against this.

THINK Definitely not in republican political life. THINK was watching Tucci Italy and everyone was kissing everyone. Most people know the difference between a lecher and just a kiss. But have a voice, say no. Now on showing naked pics of people you slept w that is just high school. we should expect more.

THINK THINK Might be even safer to narrow this down for now and suffice it to say that shame likely never had a place in the political or personal lives of Floridian congress members Matt Gaetz and Majorie Taylor Greene, and Mar-a-lago's mayor, D.J. Trump. THINK Well, not on the right. Democrats made Al Franken resign over a prank where he pretended to touch a grown woman's breasts. Whereas the right will rally around serial rapists.

THINK He is a moron 🤮 THINK pedo gaetz THINK Please. The moral veneer of the 'party of family values' was stripped away a long time ago...even before the GOP chose a corrupt racist misogynist sexual predator for president . THINK The GOP electorate has lost it. Elected officials are just serving the demand.

THINK Bill Clinton THINK what kind of people elect a perv like gaetz what kind of people don't force a perv like Gaetz out lowlife republicans THINK That's the Trump way! No shame. THINK At least not on one side of the aisle. This is not a “both sides maaahhhhn” issue. Hasn’t been for a long time. Stop trying to make it one.

THINK THINK What is the truth of the Radhaswami Panth? Click for more information NBCNewsTHINK At least on one side of the once-hallowed House.... NBCNewsTHINK Absolutely correct. NBCNewsTHINK Matty Ice and Drew Dogg Cuomo just need to get in the octagon and loser resigns. Make it happen danawhite 🥊🥊

NBCNewsTHINK Y'all been in a coma for 5 years? NBCNewsTHINK Republican stance today is pro-death, pro-racism, pro-discrimination, pro-pollution, pro-slave wages, pro-voter suppression, pro-limited access to health care, pro-control of women’s bodies, pro-homelessness and pro-wealthiest 1%. NBCNewsTHINK The Ugly American