Opinion | Anti-immigrant stunts won't end Texas' Covid surge

Abbot's new executive order isn't just ineffective — it's probably illegal.

7/30/2021 10:46:00 PM

Opinion | steve_vladeck: If Gov. Abbott is looking for someone to blame for Texas’s latest Covid surge, it might behoove him to find a mirror. - MSNBCDaily

Abbot's new executive order isn't just ineffective — it's probably illegal.

that, he claimed, would help counter the surge.Abbott’s order restricts the “ground transportation of migrants who pose a risk of carrying COVID-19 into Texas communities” by authorizing Texas law enforcement officers to “stop any vehicle upon reasonable suspicion” of violating the executive order.

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Theaccompanying news releasedid not leave the link between the two issues to readers’ imaginations: “The dramatic rise in unlawful border crossings has also led to a dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases among unlawful migrants who have made their way into our state,” Abbott was quoted as saying, “and we must do more to protect Texans from this virus and reduce the burden on our communities.”

If Abbott is looking for someone to blame for Texas’s latest Covid surge, it might behoove him to find a mirror.Abbott’s executive order is, at least publicly, meant to tie Texas’s Covid surge to the Biden administration’s immigration policies. In asecond release issued Thursday headtopics.com

, Abbott was even more direct: “The current crisis at our southern border, including the overcrowding of immigration facilities and the devastating spread of COVID-19 that the influx of non-citizens is causing, is entirely the creation of the Biden Administration and its failed immigration policies.”

There are at least three problems here. First, theactualexecutive order that he signed doesn’t do anything like what the news release claims it does. Second, what little it does do would, if ever enforced, be equal parts unlawful and ineffective. Third, and most significantly, it’s a transparently cynical effort from Abbott to deflect attention away from his responsibility for the renewed surge of Covid cases in Texas — a state in which local governments, public schools and universities are all prohibited from imposing mask mandates or, as of Thursday, requiring vaccinations.

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steve_vladeck Daily Try the border. steve_vladeck Daily Friends, This telecast here, we really must listen and watch. Very vital indeed. steve_vladeck Daily Yet Greg will blame illegal immigrants before he’ll blame the real culprits behind the virus’s spread: his supporters. steve_vladeck Daily $-NOTICELockdown, Vaccine, Mask mandates, paying people not to work, and open borders, as per the biden/harris adm with a Political leftist agenda, driven by the democratic socialist party= bernie aoc and crew Americans will not allow or abide a socialist takeover! NOTEVER!!

steve_vladeck Daily ....................... steve_vladeck Daily Check it out! : make 3d animated logo intro video steve_vladeck Daily Another covidiot steve_vladeck Daily he's willing to risk his own health (immunocompromised) to show fealty to Trump. Karma is a thing. He shouldn't be so thoughtless. He may end up paying a price.

steve_vladeck Daily 당신은 예수님보다 더 사랑하는 것이 있습니까? OurEternalHome steve_vladeck Daily Look in the mirror, Greg.

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Texas man gets 11 years for $24 million worth of fraudulent COVID-19 relief claims'Congress passed the Paycheck Protection Program to help struggling businesses stay afloat, not to fund faux entrepreneurs' luxury lifestyles,' acting U.S. Attorney Prerak Shah said on Wednesday.

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Florida's unexpected COVID-19 Delta surge could be prolonged: Infection expertFlorida health officials said that while they expected an uptick in coronavirus metrics over the summer, none predicted the Delta surge to be as significant as it has been across the state. Changes in the death rate is all that matters. All else is political propaganda. Delta was significant in india and uk and now in decline. Read article in ny times about it today. Cases arent deaths. Why get vaccine if you can still catch/spread it and have to follow same vaccine mandates as un vaccinated? Im never getting it.

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