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Opinion | A Pardon for General Flynn

Finally an end to a disgraceful case of politicized prosecution.

11/27/2020 2:15:00 AM

From WSJopinion: President Trump’s decision to pardon former national security adviser Michael Flynn is an overdue act of justice, writes The Editorial Board

Finally an end to a disgraceful case of politicized prosecution.

Nov. 25, 2020 6:59 pm ETPresident Trump’s decision Wednesday to pardon former national security adviser Michael Flynn is an overdue act of justice that ends four years of political harassment, unjustified prosecution and judicial abuse. If it sounds like we feel strongly about this one, you’re right.

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We’ve never met the former general and decorated veteran. But every American should be worried about his mistreatment by a politicized system of justice that could happen to anyone on the wrong side of vindictive people with power. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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opinion Well, so much for Wall Street Journal. You do realize MAGA don't read, so unless you plan to turn your paper into memes and a funny hat, you're driving away the bulk of your customers. Dumb move. opinion If Trump pardons himself, it is an admission of guilt! opinion Tổng Thống Trump ân xá cho Michael Flynn bị Obama đuổi ra khỏi chức vị vì Obama muốn bảo vệ những việc sau lưng quyền lực Trump làm đúng thì lên án Trump còn đảng dân chủ với Joe Biden gian lận phiếu bầu để cướp quyền Trump là không giới hạn Công Lý

opinion Dang I can't even read beyond the first shitty paragraph. opinion The Wall Street Journal is nothing but a poor man's Newsmax ar this point. TrumpTraitors GOPCesspool QueenbeeAxs opinion Bad enough of an opinion to have nevermind to submit it. But you guys actually ran that opinion? Holy shit, your reputation should rightfully go down the drain for this take.

opinion Thank you for helping me decide on saving my subscription money. Trump has corrupted the pardon process. Flynn did wrong both by reaching out to Russia and lying about it. opinion Ok I'm done with the WSJ. opinion Wall Street Journal licks trumps ass opinion I don’t read the far right WSJ anymore.

opinion Shameful. opinion He didn’t have to plead guilty. And if you think that we are going to believe that EVERYONE else is lying but him, you’re drinking the Koolaid opinion Overdue act of justice?!!! He lied to the feds!!! What kinda trash is this!!! FOH!!! opinion If nothing else, Flynn was guilty of being paid to lobby on behalf of Turkey while supposedly on the Trump transition and failing to register as a foreign agent. What the hell kind of patriotism is that?

opinion this is another stunt headline opinion ——- & Of course u print it WSJ. —— opinion Interesting. Is this a parody account now? Are you the Onion opinion opinion Yup, makes sense MAGATrumpers would support traitors, felons and liars? Flynn resigned after it surfaced he misled VP Pence about his communications with Russians. December 2017, Flynn formalized a deal with the Special Counsel to plead guilty to making false statements to FBI

opinion Another good reason I no longer read the Wall Street Journal opinion Pardoning a traitor is “justice”? Man, have you gone off the deep end! opinion some 3 Star General was tricked into confessing the truth -LOL- 'The Editorial Board' and Rupert are a threat to US in my opinion opinion Their idiots

opinion Flynn is a sick and corrupt man who has lived large off the government his whole adult life - he is a disgrace and anything but a 'patriot' opinion LOL. Pardons are for criminals. Flynn was a failed General who became both a Turkish and a Russian asset. He lied to the FBI not once but twice though I guess Republicans don’t believe that’s a big deal. He also led the banana republic cheers of “lock her up” at Trump rallies.

opinion So, lying to the FBI is acceptable to the WSJ? How reassuring. opinion 🙄 opinion Never should have been convicted. Never convicted of collusion with Russians. Was trapped by FBI into lying and not allowed lawyer during questioning opinion Washed Newspaper! opinion Did you decide to tell the truth for once? You're about to be fired from the Wallstreet Journal lol.

opinion Pardons are for criminals, specifically. opinion opinion This is awful. Pure rubbish. opinion WSJ dropping a few doozies lately opinion The traitor pleaded guilty twice! Act of justice? What? Have they gone mad? opinion CancelWSJ opinion The Editorial Board of the WSJ is fully ignorable. These opinions to not reflect those of the majority of Americans.

opinion Traitor opinion opinion BS Cancel Subscription opinion Good one. 🤣 Justice for the guy who pleaded guilty. opinion You used to be a respectable paper. opinion Traitor much? opinion Senator Ted Cruz UNCONSTITUTIONAL election The Democrat Party used to have defenders of free speech & defenders of a free media. Sadly, today's Democrat Party doesn't do that. Instead they have embraced a dangerous totalitarian instinct to silence dissent.

opinion What a joke! Another Murdoch propaganda outlet. CANCELED! opinion You are no longer relevant opinion He lied to the FBI He. Lied to the Vice President He pleaded guilty He played footsies with Turkey/ Russia while being involve with national security. opinion When Rupert Murdoch bought the Wall Street Journal the owner forced him to agree he would not interfere in the paper's content. Then he forced out the entire Editorial Board, and installed flunkies. They ignore the facts and push propaganda.

opinion I’m shocked Rupert Murdoch’s paper thinks traitors should be pardoned. opinion Well. Cancel your subscriptions; WSJ ignores reality and quietly sidles over to the dark side. opinion So You condone treason At a time of war? You know what that makes you? opinion Holy shit holy shit holy shit the wsj has gone full McLatchy. Another institution that has been destroyed.

opinion Pardon Flynn Jail FBI Outlaws opinion What the Hell is the Matter with you What an absolute disgrace. So glad I cancelled my subscription. This s beyond embarrassing. opinion So opinion is supporting a traitor! Shameful! opinion Well that is one newspaper I would avoid like the plague opinion So the Biden story of corruption whom he continuously denies even with credible witnesses and proven, justice department will look the other way because they’re comrades. The JUSTICE department now looks so little in the eyes of more than 72 million people.

opinion His mistreatment from the Obama/ Biden administration, which started from them and the cronies of FBI are unjustified and cruel. Liberal, controls the justice department, again it shows how weak and biased our justice system, even presidents are put into limbo. opinion So lying under oath is OK then?

opinion Why am I not surprised the Editorial Board of the WSJ thinks this? opinion every president has to pardon a turkey president trump pardoned his turkey a Turkish spy named Michael Flynn opinion I suppose your pro–firing squad opinion comes out tomorrow? opinion What a bullshit take by WSJ’s editorial board.. so, we are okay with treason and lying to the FBI now? How would you take it if the incoming national security chief was having back channel/secret talks with Iran or China?

opinion And crap like this is why I won’t read the . It’s apparent that you all are either big Trump supporters or just don’t care about truth. Really, really terrible. 🤦‍♀️ opinion Flynn is a liar and a traitor. opinion Calculated opinion Trump is an extraordinary President of the United State of America; the Electoral Commission is questionable and answerable to American citizens. The Supreme Court is expected to decide on the election. Because the conduct/process of the election 2020 is challenge.

opinion He was a traitor. Are you traitors too? Sounds like it. opinion Flynn complains about being “tricked” by the FBI into lying. But if someone lies, aren’t they the one doing the tricking? He also lied to the American people. People who have nothing to hide don’t lie. opinion I understand your perspective, but why don’t you have the same level of anger and animosity towards others in law enforcement who’ve coerced a person to confess? Will you start calling out these cases for review- or is it just high level white Republicans your interested in?

opinion Belongs in prison opinion opinion So...the wsj thinks it no big deal to lie to the FBI I guess. 🤷🏼 opinion Does your Twitter account even publish any of your actual journalism, wsj? opinion opinion 👎 opinion Clowns opinion A late-comer to the event. What else should WSJ report on? opinion This is an amazing travesty. I am ashamed of you.

opinion Open support for Treason. WSJ hits rock bottom opinion Justice is found in courts. Pardon is mercy and implies guilty. opinion Yes, lying to the FBI about yr contacts with foreign officials is to be encouraged. Well done, a good day for traitors everywhere. opinion L M F A O HE PLEADED GUILTY TWICE. After they reduced the charges from 6 to 1. How embarrassing.

opinion You know, I was considering resubscribing to WSJ after Biden won, but this seals the deal. No way do I fund your partisan hypocrisy. opinion A venal pack of Murdochian Assclowns. That is what the editorial board of the WSJ is and will continue to be. If the news side of this organization had any scruples, they would resign in the face of the anti-democratic, authoritarian foghorn of a cod-piece. Truly reprehensible.

opinion opinion No one will mourn when you're gone, WSJ. God damn bootlickers. opinion opinion So the WSJ supports unregistered foreign agents who lie to the FBI? opinion The Wall Street Journal Opinion section has been unhinged since the Carter Administration. opinion opinion Wall Street journal is totally out of touch with reality and law and order. They are unpatriotic. They defend a man who was willing to sell America to dictators for his own benefit.

opinion DISGRACEFUL LIAR AND ASS KISSER opinion 90 million hate you opinion Pathetic opinion opinion Are you people having a stroke? Crazy? Or just criminal? 😠 opinion pathetic opinion You have lost credibility with this nonsense opinion Disgusting. He pled guilty. And he was in the pay of Turkey while serving as the National Security Advisor, all the while selling the U.S. out to Russia, as well.

opinion opinion Of course! Because it's fine to lie to the FBI, plan to kidnap a Turkish cleric living in the U.S. and be secretly on Turkey's payroll while you're being paid by taxpayers as our country's NSA. The FBI let Flynn off for the other crimes in exchange for guilty pleas about lying. opinion Fake news

opinion WSJ editorial features editor has left the paper following tensions over the section drifting in a pro-Donald Trump direction. Departure of Mark Lasswell, who edited op-eds for the Journal, comes as the paper’s internal tensions over Trump have begun to spill into public view... opinion Praying for everyone incarcerated for non-violent offenses who can’t be with their families. Children are suffering. Praying our President & lawmakers stop placing non-violent offenders in prison from now on! Send them home! 2nd chances for all in 2021! End over sentencing! Mercy

opinion I knew there was more than one reason I do not subscribe to the WSJ anymore. 🤔 opinion Nonsense.a confessed felon opinion Thank God We have have a President that did this. He was wrongly accused. Friggen lying Liberal Democrat’s. Disgusting what they are allowed to get away with. You Fake news Helps them. Hang your Head in Shame.

opinion Horse hockey. Very glad I an an x-subscriber opinion Rupert's rag supports traitors . Far right wing nuts love Putin.. Putin's politics are more like the Kochs than Lenin opinion This is an extraordinarily bad take. VichyRepublicans opinion Your reporting staff must be deeply embarrassed. opinion BS

opinion Not justice. It’s letting a criminal off the hook. A traitor. opinion I don’t know who comes here for opinion but its pretty shit. For those of you in the back; MICHAEL FLYNN PLED GUILTY TO LYING TO INVESTIGATORS AND WAS OPERATING AS AN UNREGISTERED FOREIGN AGENT TO TURKEY. Michael Flynn is an insult to those of us who wore that uniform.

opinion Pusillanimous reprobates. (Opinion and Michael Flynn.) opinion Flynn’s actions are tantamount to treason. The WallStreet Journal supports Flynn’s actions?! opinion He is a disgrace to the military and the soldiers that have dedicated their lives to service. Stop him f his grade and then send him off

opinion 🐂💩 opinion So lying gets rewarded. Plead guilty twicex opinion Who wrote this oped? George Orwell? opinion Rubbish! opinion Cool. So an everyday person caught in the crosshairs of the FBI who lies, for whatever reason, should get a pass. What do we even have laws for? What is the editorial board's position on Flynn being on board with the kidnapping of a US resident at the behest of Turkey?

opinion opinion My God. What utter nonsense. opinion That's laughable. opinion garbage. this sound like something gerardtbaker would write. opinion WSJ sells out. What a giant failure in credibility and respectability. Shameful, really. opinion opinion you have zero credibility. opinion So why do it, after hours and the We’d before a 4 day weekend ?

opinion Pardon is for Criminals. Simple. What a shameful way for the WSJ Editorial Board to continue cheerleading this corrupt, inept and criminal Administration.👎🏻☹️🙄 opinion 😂😂😂 opinion He is a traitor to his country! opinion Yeah let’s just pardon people who lie to the FBI. LAW AND ORDER! clowns

opinion The interviewing FBI agents didn’t think Flynn was lying. Exculpatory evidence was withheld. It was an ambush by corrupt higher ups. opinion The WSJ Editorial Board comprises some of the most loathsome conservative silverbacks in the country. Has always amazed me because the Journal's factual reporting is reliable.

opinion Murdoch own business. We know how your editorials come up. A pitty. opinion FU opinion Here's my opinion - y'all are fucked in the head. opinion why manipulated information again? check the life of this man opinion WSJ does not believe in the rule of law. opinion Crime families stick together. opinion Yeah, law and order and all that, for a guy that was convicted for lying -twice- to the FBI, and recanted to shield the BabyPresident when a pardon was signaled. Law and Order for all, indeed.

opinion Just wondering with the Thanksgiving2020 parade, would ImpeachedOutGoingLoser realDonaldTrump also include all the scums and traitors that he pardoned together with Corn The Turkey? Just asking.. opinion 3rd rate military leader who broke the law. opinion Unbelievable opinion Yep, for a guy who pleaded guilty in court. A traitor and a liar.

opinion yeah... I guy who plead guilty, such an overdue of justice it brings tears to my eyes. opinion He lied to the FBI. He is a criminal. opinion Flynn is a traitor, pardon or not. opinion Pardons are for the guilty. Innocent people don't get pardons. There GenFlynn is guilty and is a trash periodical that supports treason and corruption. RussiaIsNotOurFriend

opinion He confessed. What the hell? This is a country of laws. Evidently the WSJ think laws only pertain to democrats and the poor. One more reason to stop reading the WSJ. opinion WSJ reporters WSJ editorial board. opinion Injustice, do the crime serve the time. Lying under oath is serious. Especially by a lawyer.

opinion The opinion has become an agent of Putin. Shameful. opinion Pardoned, but his honor is not restored. He pled guilty to lying twice to the FBI about coordinating with an agent of Russia. He betrayed his country, and was also on Turkey’s payroll. If you defend Flynn, you are playing for the wrong team. Putin thanks you for your service.

opinion Can't believe anyone earnestly holds this opinion. opinion Sure, WJSopinion. Laws are a merely suggestions if you have the right friends and connections. Lying is sometimes necessary to cover up crimes. opinion Who is 'The Editorial Board'? A nickname someone gave themself? opinion Pardoning a traitor, well done opinion page.

opinion No it is not. Trump’s pardon on Flynn delegitimizes and rejects the American system of crime and punishment. In essence, justice can be subverted by executive action opinion I’m old enough to remember when a President was impeached for lying to the FBI about getting a blow job. opinion LOW BAR opinion Wow. Wow wow wow. Toilet level take WSJ.

opinion A thread: This is exactly what I’ve been saying! Well, not exactly... but like, my wife caught me cheating on her, on tape, and I denied it at first... then my mistress came to her and said “it’s true, I’m the one who took the video” and my wife was like “we’re done.” So then opinion Regardless of the situation, is it acceptable behavior of a United States 🇺🇸 General

opinion Bit late after he wrecked the mans creer opinion Your ignorant statements have now gotten blocked from my feed. opinion Grotesque. He told the court under oath that he was guilty. Also, he had multiple loyalties, and was an unregistered foreign agent of another country, as incoming national security head.

opinion WSJ, swiftly becoming OANN. opinion The editorial board can kiss our collective asses! Flynn admitted to lying to the FBI. What justice is the board talking about? opinion A bunch of statements by the omniscient author 'Mr. Flynn should have been vindicated in court, but Judge Sullivan was never going to give him a fair hearing. A pardon was the only avenue left to prevent Mr. Flynn from more years of punishment.' How do you know? Partisan thinker

opinion the POS is going to get what's coming to him, see we won and we want blood every Dem knows Joe is just conning your corporates media asses opinion What a joke. opinion Wow, so the whole editorial board is for pardoning traitors? opinion ¿The power for what? opinion Your opinion team is a joke. opinion Even though when presented w/ facts he acknowledged & accepted responsibility, decided he was in the wrong and entered two pleas of Guilt instead seeking a trial to prove his innocence? All with the assistance of several lawyers. It's an interesting conclusion on your part.

opinion HOU CAN YOU PARDON TREASON. opinion Damn straight! GenFlynn should never have been in court in the first place! Now he can do even more damage to the deep state agenda fighting against our great country and the freedoms she provides!! Glad to have you back Sir!! Let's go kick some Deep State Ass!!

opinion Oh, it doesn't matter if you lie to the FBI opinion TrumpAdmin insists MichaelFlynn was ousted because he misled MikePence about his conversations with the Russian ambassador. That claim was dealt a forceful blow when SallyYates testified Flynn’s “underlying conduct was problematic in and of itself.” 2017

opinion So it is OK to lie to the FBI. I guess since Trump lies and doesn’t respect the rule ol law it OK? How is this Justice opinion What a joke. opinion He’s a traitor! opinion Traitors opinion opinion So WSJ believes that perjury is perfectly ok? opinion Flynn pled guilty! He is a traitor to our country. Apparently so are you.

opinion WSJ is pathetic to support a man who lied twice to the FBI about his Russian connections. This is not political bs. This is about a president that side with the Russians through his minions.. Pathetic WSJ. opinion One-man Justice. opinion A pardon confirms the fact that the person committed the crime. So Flynn is now a pardoned convicted felon.

opinion opinion Never forget that only a treasonous criminal serving the country of Turkey while acting as NatSec of The United States would accept a pardon from a similarly corrupt “president”. The dustbin of history awaits both these morally bankrupt men. opinion bullshit opinion He either twice admitted to a crime or committed perjury. What is there to pardon?

opinion Sullivan belongs in jail. opinion Seriously The fact that a former 3 star general was working for a foreign government should be alarming to the military considering his position in Army Intelligence . Was he not required to obtain permission from the Secretary of the Army or Secretary of State prior to this?

opinion You guys are nuts. This guy colluded with the Russians in advance of Trump taking office, made promises on behalf of the government in waiting, then lied about it to the FBI, and is pardoned. That’s the WSJ idea of justice? opinion Why do u think traitors should be pardoned opinion Qpinion Board? Dear gawd. Forever shamed.

opinion You got a love it when an editorial board sanctions subverting justice. It's no wonder we tolerate so much lawlessness. Moral values you can make up as you go along. Make huge error in judgment even criminal. We'll pardon you. opinion opinion So the WSJ editorial board has no problem with someone lying to the FBI?

opinion Tuck the WSJEB opinion i would rather see him acquitted but an illegally behaving judge was sitting on the case, so time to move on it. opinion Stupid newspaper opinion Wow! He bargained down from TREASON. opinion Delete ur account opinion Yikes. opinion This is abhorrent and shameful of the WSJ. opinion WSJ what a disgraceful opinion piece. Flynn was represented by counsel and PLED GUILTY under oath in open court. Period. Full stop.

opinion ProjectLincoln how to respond when it's so depressing? as i read this, i was just thinking how the WSJ/Rupert Op-Eds & Opinions were a disgrace, now i KNOW they r a disgrace. opinion Wow. Why do the Murdochs hate democracy and America? opinion opinion Murdoch, the owner of WSJ / Fox, is a racist, right-wing, nut. WSJ subscription cancelled.

opinion Don’t yall feel embarrassed publishing stuff like this by now? 🤔 opinion Where’s the long overdue pardon of Hillary Clinton? Never mind. She didn’t commit any crimes. Can’t be pardoned if you never even get indicted. Unlike Flynn. That mofo guilty as hell. opinion He lied to the FBI twice! If Flynn did it and got away with it, others will! Trump is toxic and a National Security Threat!

opinion Sir, what do you think of the Wall Street Journal? FlynnIsATraitor FlynnIsGuilty opinion He is a traitor. And I am about to be a former WSJ subscriber. opinion How far you've fallen... opinion I still want the original 302 that Strzok & Page edited and Yates' exoneration memo January 30, 2017 - AFTER they confirmed Jan 5, that after 5 months of investigating Flynn and wiretapping Trump Towers on him, there was nothing to be found - just like Comey told BarackObama.

opinion You guys are a literal joke. The man was a foreign agent of Turkey, and couldn’t make it 24 days before lying to Pence and getting fired. Add that to his dealings with Kislyak, and it would seems America’s interests were very low on his priority list. opinion Total 🐃💩. He is a traitor. opinion The guy's whole career is a collection of bad decisions. We need to reconsider the process that made him a general...

opinion flynn is a traitor and you are spitting on the graves of these men because putin owns the wsj opinion page how much does my country cost? opinion He pleaded guilty to a felony count of willfully and knowingly making false statements to the FBI. How is that at all political? opinion Too bad i can't cancel my subscription.... Oh, right, i don't have one, thankfully

opinion Wow you can hardly tell that Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal at all opinion Just shut down the Wall Street Journal and give the money back to the shareholders. opinion Wow, example of the reasons that I quit subscribing to WSJ about three years ago opinion He lied, and lied about lying, to the FBI. If you think that's just peachy, and even normal, maybe you and your readers should move to a place that's just more openly corrupt - say Hungary, Poland, Venezuela? Why bother pretending you care about laws?

opinion Thinking Donald J Trump pardoned Flynn as a completely altruistic act of justice is possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in the WSJ. opinion WSJ showing it’s true colors in the last days of Trump. opinion Who knew the WSJ was the Matt Gaetz of rag news. opinion Trump was preparing the pardon for himself. If someone colluding with Russia can be pardoned, why not him?

opinion Absolutely ridiculous. The WSJ ed board is a joke. opinion 👍🇺🇸 opinion Lost my subscription. You are advocating for pardoning traitors who left no stone unturned to hurt the country and good people opinion opinion BS. Flynn is a traitor. Point blank period. He plead guilty twice and did the right thing to save his family before his other secrets came out. Most of his fellow veterans agree. Opinions are like Aholes, everyone has one. I'm going with the Vets and common sense.

ScottPaterno opinion No surprise there; WSJ is a Rupert Murdoch outlet, along with NY Post & Fox 'News,' all of which echo his views. opinion A lot of people think that opinion is a bunch of smart, business-savvy writers. They’d be surprised to learn that it’s the My-Pillow Guy, Randy Quade, Kanye West and bunch of hookers sitting in a room getting high.

opinion What is wrong with you, WSJ? opinion That editorial board is just a collection of blinkered loons. Some of us recognize venal dishonesty when we see it. opinion He lied to the FBI. Clinton was impeached for lying. Flynn needs to take his punishment. opinion Simply put, Flynn brought dishonor to our Country. A pardon by the President was a pure act of cowardice.

opinion WSJ has become nothing but another right wing rag since Murdoch bought you. I used to respect but not anymore. opinion opinion How far up his butt can possibly you go. If you keep on going you might eventually reach his oesophagus opinion Yeah the guy who was secretly working for Turkey should get a pass because being a traitor is cool. WSJisTeamTraitor

opinion opinion WSJ = MURDOCH AND HIS OWN BIRTH COUNTRY AUSTRALIA IS SOUNDING THE ALARM........... opinion His fart on American National Security stinks more than a pardon can clean up. When the time comes he is going to have to testify against the traitor who pardoned him & just let him TRY to lie some more: The book that will be thrown at him then, will break bones!

opinion sure, if you're into an American citizen secretly working for a (hostile) foreign government, planning an abduction on their behalf at the same time he's working as a top official to the President & then lying about all of it to the FBI. nice to know who you really are- WSJ opinion He was an unregistered foreign agent. And He lied.

opinion is a traitorous media outlet opinion By publishing this “opinion” WSJ is condoning the pardoning of Flynn, an admitted criminal that betrayed the U.S. w/ a hostile foreign government, aka corrupt governance. This is not left or right. Flynn lied to FBI to line his wallet. TrumpCorruption opinion It’s been fun ..: can’t subscribe to crap like this.

opinion Yep, its' ok to lie to a federal agent if you think you're being 'persecuted'. That sounds like Bill Clinton perjuring himself. One common element, if it is someone from your tribe, the rules don't apply. opinion Absolutely not. It’s such a shame your Editorial Board tarnishes the WSJ’s reputation for your journalists. I unsubscribed because your editorial folks are so embarrassing, but I miss reading your journalists.

opinion Everyone should boycott the wall street journal. Everyone should block the wall street journal. Goodbye WSJ opinion wsj this is trash. 'Treason is cool' is not an opinion that needs to be given a platform. opinion This is precisely the kind of propagandist crap that that's cost the it's reputation. GoAway

opinion liberal democrats need to be able to prosecute anyone who disagrees with their agenda in order to bully everyone opinion AWeissmann_ opinion So much for law & order, y’all. opinion Banana Republicans. opinion Got to love opinion pieces with no names attached. opinion I know opinion is supposed to be different, from the news division, but WSJ editorial board’s bias makes me question the integrity of the entire paper.

opinion Flynn PLEADED GUILTY TWICE FlynnIsGuilty opinion If Flynn accepts the pardon it will be his third admission of guilt for the same crime. opinion Here’s anothe opinion, the WSJ EB sucks Rupert’s saggy balls. opinion Funny, Bill Barr said in his confirmation hearing for AG — that if Trump pardoned Flynn, it would be a criminal act. You used to be a respected publication — what happened?

opinion Fake ass outrage 😂 opinion He lied to the FBI about foreign lobbying. WSJ seriously. opinion Guess they aren't really that tough on crime. Rules for thee but not for me. opinion GenFlynn should have gone to jail. What he did was illegal. He lied to the FBI, He lied to the VP he betrayed his country and the uniform he wore. This pardon sends the wrong message, that power and privilege wins over what’s right.

opinion This seems like a bad take. opinion Yeah it's overdue,but only if you live in fantasy land and you value corruption. opinion What a bunch of bullshit. Flynn was an unregistered agent of Erdogan / Turkey including his brief time in the Trump administration. The judge in his case said he sold out his country. Dude should be rotting in jail

opinion He wasn't in jail because of politics. He was in jail because he lied. opinion I feel bad for the good reporters at the , but this may do it for this long-time subscriber. opinion Wait for your pardon and do not speak to authorities. This has become the American way. opinion Yeah, lie to the vp, lie to the FBI. Whatever dude.

opinion The editorial board are traitors opinion Oh for the love of crepes! opinion That is why I cancelled my subscription to the WSJ. No respect for justice, self serving and unpatriotic. opinion opinion Garbage. opinion Thanks for the biased laugh WSJ—pled guilty to crimes and was fired by the president because “he lied to the VP and FBI.” - president’s words.

opinion The editorial board is a joke if this is their stance. opinion Who the hell writes this drivel? Absolute horse sh*t opinion Bullshit opinion 😂Alternative facts. Nice work everyone opinion opinion Partisan opinion. opinion We know he’s innocent because..... ? opinion Lol - no, it’s yet another perversion of the law and obstruction of Justice. The traitor was an unregistered foreign agent while service as NSA

opinion But if an 'overdue' act of justic, as you claim, shouldn't The Donald have pardoned Flynn *before* he pardoned the turkey, rather than the day after? opinion Can't wait for the next editorial slamming lack of respect for law enforcement... opinion Lol opinion Yes. Rich , connected, white men, have been abuse by the justice system for to long ! 🙄

opinion LiEd To ThE FBI UnDeR OaTh opinion Lmfao really!! opinion The Murdoch's and Putin thank you opinion BS HE'S A FUCKING CRIMINAL opinion And that is a reason to cancel my subscription opinion opinion thank you very much for your work opinion opinion Good God. opinion WSJ sucks opinion You heard the editorial board. Lie to the FBI lie to the police. Do not cooperate with authorities. This is what the WSJ promotes now

opinion WTF? opinion 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆 opinion What a joke of an opinion lmao opinion 🦃 🤡