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Olympics Opening ceremony director dismissed after past comments on Holocaust, Tokyo 2020 says

Olympics Opening ceremony director dismissed after past comments on Holocaust, Tokyo 2020 says

7/22/2021 6:50:00 AM

Oly mpics Opening ceremony director dismissed after past comments on Holocaust, Tokyo 2020 says

The director of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Oly mpics has been dismissed, organisers said on Thursday, following news reports about his past comments on the Holocaust.

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A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now infected more than 195 million people worldwide and killed over 4.1 million of them.

So sad, these are not the Olympic games we are used to. Why not just push time forward until we are ready? Good God! The dirty laundry here is just PILING up!😳 This entire thing is going to be a sht show horrible

Full schedule for every sport and ceremony at Olympics 2020The Tokyo Oly mpics 2020 starts officially on July 23 with the opening ceremony, though some events begin in the days before. NBC's PEACOCK is a SCAM!! Started watching DR DEATH for FREE and got to episode for and then it says PAY $4.99! WHAT A SCAM and even had to watch the stupid ADS! GOOD RIDDANCE TO FALSE ADVERTISING!! DEADPEACOCK

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Olympics Jill Biden leads U.S. delegation to Tokyo Games amid pandemic fearsFirst Lady Jill Biden will lead the U.S. diplomatic delegation to the Tokyo 2020 Oly mpics, sending a message of support to a key Asian ally despite concerns about the COVID -19 pandemic. 은혜의 구원 외에는 생명이 없습니다 InvitationToRapture

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