Ohio man charged for bomb threat targeting reproductive health center

The man allegedly made two threatening calls to the clinic in April.

9/19/2021 5:37:00 AM

The man allegedly made two threatening calls to the clinic in April.

An Ohio man has been arrested for allegedly making two threatening calls to a local reproductive health care clinic.

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.Franklin County Sheriff's OfficeThe Justice Department has announced charges against an Ohio man accused of making threats against a local reproductive health services clinic.Newly unsealed charging documents allege Carlos Manuel Rodriquez Brime, 25, of making two separate threats via telephone to the Your Choice Healthcare facility in Columbus on April 11.

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MORE: DOJ files for immediate injunction to halt enforcement of Texas abortion law"My girlfriend is a patient there and I'm going to bring the heat. If she kills my baby, I'm going to kill her," Brime allegedly said in the first call.

A little over two hours later, Brime called again and made a bomb threat, saying,"My organization will be bringing a bomb to your facility. I suggest you close your doors."Franklin County Sheriff's OfficeCarlos Manuel Rodriquez Brime in a police booking photo. headtopics.com

Brime was charged with one count of violating the FACE Act, which makes it a crime to threaten anyone receiving or providing reproductive health services. Read more: ABC News »

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JFC. Dudes just really need to calm tf down. 'MY GIRLfriend is a patient there and I'm going to bring the heat. If SHE kills MY baby, I'm going to kill HER,' Brime allegedly said in the FIRST call. See how eliminating sex based language & pretending violent misogyny doesn't exist does not create equality?

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