Live Updates: Deadly Attack Near Us Capitol

Live Updates: Deadly Attack Near Us Capitol

Officer injured in attack has died, police chief says

One of the two officers who was injured in the attack near the US Capitol building has died

4/2/2021 9:51:00 PM

One of the two officers who was injured in the attack near the US Capitol building has died

One US Capitol Police officer was killed and another was injured after a suspect rammed a vehicle into a police barricade at the Capitol building Friday. Follow here for the latest.

Acting US Capitol Police chief describes what happened on Capitol Hill this afternoonYogananda Pittman, acting chief of the US Capitol Police, laid bare the details leading to the incident that occurred at about 1:02 p.m. ET today on Capitol Hill."The suspect entered what we refer to as the north barricade of the Capitol. The suspect rammed his car into two of our officers and then hit the north barricade barrier," Pittman said during a news conference this afternoon."At such time the suspect exited the vehicle with a knife in hand. Our officers then engaged that suspect. He did not respond to verbal commands."

8 people killed after mass shooting at FedEx facility in Indianapolis, police say 8 people killed after shooting at FedEx facility in Indianapolis, police say Police: 8 killed in shooting at Indianapolis Fedex facility

Pittman added:"The suspect did start lunging toward US Capitol Police officers, at which time US Capitol Police officers fired upon the suspect. At this time the suspect has been pronounced deceased."Two US Capitol Police officers were taken to two different hospitals with injuries and one has died, Pittman said.

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Hiện tại, tôi là kế toán viên. You forgot to mention their race. WATCHING CNN IS EQUIVALENT TO DRINKING MOTOR OIL! find real journalist, do the work to find honest journalism like Timcast Lukewearechange ElijahSchaffer Biden does nothing to protect boys from women only laws-for there own protection, boys should go to all boys schools-our bad parents protect girls but not boys - boy would be in jail doing like Miley Cyrus HouseGOP HouseDemocrats SenateGOP VP

La nación americana tiene hambre y necesidad y en puerto rico no llegan las alludas de atención Since criminal was a muslim is this a hate crime, sounds like a racist attack at a minimum Just another Trumper doing his job!!😡🤬. Rest In Peace to the officer and condolences to his family. 😢 Her name is Shine and she and her sister was abducted for the interview with clarissaward from CNN today. All the detainees are taken to Shwe Pyi Thar interrogation camp and to meet family members.april2coup WhatsHappeninglnMyanmar

Don’t you mean the TERROR ATTACK ON GOOD FRIDAY I'm so tired of being under attack by Trump supporting white supremacists Great victory for GUNS! How can the Right Evangelical White Male Republicans be so DENSE as to think guns is the answer to freedom and PERSONAL security and safety? What a mess that President Biden inherited.

Please don’t make this a religion issue. It’s clearly an individual who was a lone wolf, I do not believe it is a terrorist attack. People are we that weak. That we letting this happen people are dying for nothing you know we can fight before it happened again Let me fix this for u cnn. A black Muslim male has killed a white capital police officer . There . Its ok to say it cnn.

Mentally health. If this country doesn't help these people we will be in serious trouble stop spanning too much money on stuff that we don't need and help these people RIP and Thank You! HMgetoutofVietNam TaychayHM truongsahoangsabelongtoVietNam One of the two officers who ‘were’*...Condolences to his/her family. Sad.

Not as many as the 19 people killed including cops in all the leftist riots all over the country over shit Charge Donald Trump for murder. So sad to hear that. 😔 Strength and peace to all who love him. ☝️☪️☝️ Hates ☠ The Haters ☠ Today there was an attack in DC. The murder of one, and the wounding of another, D.C. police officer was by a follower of Dr. Louis Farrakhan. Will that result in lack of Mainstream Media attention? Let’s watch and make our own judgement.

Fake news So sad condolences to their family💔 A black man murdered a white man. Those Black Supremicists!!! Depending on the race or political view of the victim or attacker It appears that the media and so many morons already have explanations for every crime in America Alot of ppl know so much about nothing, that is the symptom of watching cnn

Thank you Trump You forgot mention, the suspect was black. I think if it were psychological operators, it would be that they are trying to counter the whites supremacist theories by psychologically operating people of color into mass shootings, etcetera... In essence it would be a psychological operator construct...

So that's two Jihadist attacks in the past couple weeks, media remains SILENT. Capitol attacked?! Just by looking at the headlines, I don’t think he was white. The officer is probably white because his race wasn’t identified. 😮 Thoughts and prayers to their families. When will all the nuts go back under their rocks

Blood on the hands of the gop & trump. Police blood. They don't care, anyway, they just want money & power by any means. GodBlessAmerica America My prayers are with the family's and the Capitol police and their family's laurenboebert RepBoebert must be thrilled. She put out a video to tear down the wall around the Capitol, ending with the sound of a gun being cocked. This is the type of terror she creates and encourages.

Yeah but Republicans over there bitchin about the security being exaggerated. These idiots are probably just waiting for the right time. This type of thing is going to keep on happening because there was and will be no repercussions for Jan 6 except for sad misguided folks like this. 2 more brave officers harmed and those at real fault play golf, play with little girls and play politics. GOP DNC

Sad state affairs. Condolences to his family. Noah Green. You forgot to show everyone that it WASN’T a white Trump supporter. 👍 VOTER SUPPRESSION IS ANOTHER DEMONRAT BIG LIE! Everyone can eat and drink along as not give by political operative. Voting has been expanded and mainland absentee ballots need identification! SUPPRESSION? DEMONRAT BILL HR1 is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Very sad to hear. So much anger and hate in this country. Very disturbing to see ENDF (Ethiopian)soliders in Tigray Mekelle carry and use Machete as a weapon also & roam on main street in civilian areas with it. the horror Tigray people witness eachday💔 TigrayGenocide UN UNGeneva UNPeacekeeping UNHumanRights hrw IntlCrimCourt

Why don’t u show his picture guess this isn’t insurection this time or a hate crime huh 😔 I think American political system is cracked its going to collapse Joe biden america isn't safe blacklivesmatter !!!!! It's a shame😢 Another murder by a follower of radical Islam 💔🙏 Breaking news, Black man who is a member of the Nation of Islam is the assailant who killed the CP officer. I know your Hope's were dashed it would be a 'WHITE' guy but maybe next time. Probably not though

🥵 balalalalalalalalalaa!!! I guess this was Trump supporter but we no that is not the case hecwas a follower of nation of Islam but CNN won't report it because it does not fit there narrative sad reporting by this bias Network I'm heartbroken for his family. May God comfort them and give them peace. RIP 🙏💔

every year in usa almost 1000 people get killed by police officers. in germany 14! any questions? Illegals did this 😡 Terrible 😣 I'm surprised this made the news... The driver was an african american Male, I wonder if it will make headlines...... smh Blue lives matter huh? Guess not. trump cultists need to be dealt with.

Y'all pissed the suspect wasn't white!!!! Capital suspect Noah Green nation Islam. Louis farrakhan follower. Nope won't be much said about it, ya know it doesn't fit your narrative 🙄 And the GOP wants to take all these safeguards away. RIP to the family & officer. A real tragedy & to think Pelosi’s fence didn’t help

Wow. Scary stuff. It's probably gonna get worse. They'll probably surround the capitol building with cells carrying shoulder-fired missiles and fire them at the same time at the capitol building. Hope it doesn't happen but it probably will on a Tuesday. Probably just another mentally ill person. So sad the officer 👮‍♂️ died. Sending condolences to his family. I pray 🙏

I think it's time the Trumpers are placed into re-education camps. This type of crazy needs to stop! And suddenly, nobody is talking about Matt Gaetz. So heartbreaking. When will this country come to its senses!! ENOUGH!! So very sad, take care of his family and bring to Justice those responsible, no excuse, no mercy, no forgiveness by GOP and Donald Trump!!!

No photos of killer? האם יש סרטון של מתקפת טרור? Probably some loser drump dude Terrible. Just terrible. The most terrible country to stay, no safety at all, no human rights to live 😭😭😭 That is so sad. Prayers to their family. This is so upsetting 2 hear bout this officer.😢🙏to his family! Very sad. Government has allowed chaos to ensue our streets and borders.

I’m so very sorry for the police officer family’s loss. This is horrible. I’m so sorry for anyone impacted by this. F R. I. P. OFFICER💔💔💔😢😢😢🌹🌹🌹🕊🕊🕊🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 🤔 that sure doesn’t look like a white supremacist. Just so surprised by how quickly the police were able to respond. That’s very sad! Sorry to hear that

Shocking 😢 Hold Republican Congress members (both in House & Senate) & their media allies responsible for their continued criticisms of Speaker Pelosi's choice of having the fence & guards in place. May he Rest In Peace. Any ideas as to why this lunatic rammed the officers ? BIDENS AMERICA 'My people were hugging and kissing the police.' ~Donald J Trump.

Prayers Shocking. RIP 🙏🏾 I’m disgusted that this country is still doing nothing to prevent this. Died protecting the Capitol, while the instigators that probably motivated the driver/killer preside inside. SMDH May the police officer rest in peace and wishing a speedy recovery to the other injured Officer.

Damn man 😞 Probably the “religion of peace” at it again! 💔 Another blood 🩸 on Donald Trump RIP😥 Rest in paradise hero!