Obama warns Dems against obsessing over Trump, putting ‘basic interests’ on back burner

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Former President Barack Obama suggested Democrats should focus on 'basic interests' of everyday Americans rather than on former President Donald Trump.

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Former President Barack Obama suggested Democrats should focus on "basic interests" of everyday Americans rather than on former President Donald Trump.warned Democrats not to focus as much energy on former President Donald Trump leading up to the midterms and suggested they should focus on substantive issues that most voters care about.

"We spend enormous amounts of time and energy and resources pointing out the latest crazy thing he said, or how rude or mean some of these Republican candidates behaved," the former president said during a Friday night appearance on the"Pod Save America" podcast. "That's probably not something that in the minds of most voters overrides their basic interests. Can I pay the rent? What are gas prices? How am I dealing with childcare?"

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The democrats are more obsessed with Trump than any Trump voter I know. They just can’t let him go and move on

They cant help themselves

Sometimes Democrats are 'buzzkill.' Not sometimes, most times.

An intelligent person, not Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and c. Forget Trump and go ahead solving the ongoing crisis of american society (inflation, energy cost, crime surging, immigration, drugs, social security, education cost, mortgage rates, etc)

It's all about the votes and the voters. It's all about winning elections and grabbing power. Do democrats ever care about what America stands for in the world and how to maintain that position? Democrats only want to destroy the world and they want to start with America first.

To late.

Hey Barack too late. TDS is a pandemic among liberals.

I agree. That’s the easiest way to ensure a Republican landslide, considering Dems have absolutely no positive accomplishments on the issues that Americans care about.

They should have but they have their head so far up the MAGA Ass it might be a little to late even BarackObama can't even pull it out

When you have trump derangement syndrome and all your polices are failing the country your only choice is to go for trump to distract weak minded voters (dems)

HouseJudiciary TheDemocrats - BarackObama is right. Let the TheJusticeDept and the FBI indict and prosecute Trump and all of the UnAmerican Scumbag GOP leadership involved in the ClownCarCoup And because SeditionHasConsequences FBI, DOJ. On the issue of J6 Leaders👇

I wish BarackObama would’ve obsessed more about that racist LeaderMcConnell taking away his Supreme Court pick, but yeah, let’s all move on. VoteBlueNoMatterWho

About time someone finally said its super psychotic and absolutely certifiable how all day every day trump trump trump msnbc ia the worst offender

Obama created the obsessive, sniveling nutbags during his own fake administration. Gonna take more than simply admonishing them to redirect their focus.

Obama needs to hush. I love watching dens make fools of themselves obsessing over Trump. He is living in their heads rent free for 6 years and counting.

Obiden reflecting again…

Too late Burrock, Trump is forever burned into every Democrats head.

This all the Democrats are running on. At least you tried.

He is beyond obsessed. He is scared of we the people who are waking to the truth. Cabalists days are numbered.

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