Obama slams Trump for Covid response, says Trump still 'worried' about crowd size

Former President Obama campaigns with former Vice President Biden in Michigan and slams President Trump for holding 'superspreader' rallies.

11/1/2020 12:39:00 AM

Fmr. Pres. Obama slams Pres. Trump for his coronavirus pandemic response during a campaign event for Joe Biden. 'There was just a study by Stanford Univ. … showing thousands of people are likely to have gotten sick because of these rallies he's holding.'

Former President Obama campaigns with former Vice President Biden in Michigan and slams President Trump for holding 'superspreader' rallies.

01:52Share this -copiedFormer President Obama campaigns with former Vice President Biden in Michigan and slams President Trump for holding "superspreader" rallies. Read more: NBC News »

NASA Updates TV Coverage for First Commercial Crew Rotation Flight

NASA and SpaceX are now targeting 7:27 p.m. EST Sunday, Nov. 15, for liftoff of the agency’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida with astronauts to the International Space Station.

Trump IS the virus Barack Obama! The soul of the nation needs Biden's soul to start facing up to the truth of his 47 yrs of politics. It's all there for the looking at, if the media hadn't turned into one complicit party, hiding all the evidence. That's a slippery slope folks. Be careful or Democracy will B gone

We know it's a 1-sided Electronic media,unless UR shallow enough 2 think that 1 complicit media,which allows no disagreement,removes people&hides evidence to support the validity of substantiated truths 2 the contrary is OK in a Democracy. NO:One-Party Media is Communist&Dangrous 87pgs of U.S.Senators’(includN SenJohnson)Report written in Sept re smoking-gun evidence of Bidens' corrupt dealNs inUkraine,Russia,Kazakh&China.Can find it in Sept Senate Reports:Johnson.Title has word:Ukraine. Read pgs 65-87about possible criminal concerns& extortion threats

Tony Bobulinski,a friend&would-B business partner of Hunter Biden,did an interview withTuckerCarlson recently.Tons of smoking-gun evidence about Hunter's laptop&on the friend's cellphone.Bobulinski asks people2 look at pgs65-87 of Sen Johnson's report about the Bidens’ corruption BidenSandersSocialist policy:2-partyDemocrcy Bcomes Stalin-like Manfesto:Ugive allThePower2Govrmt:One-PartyTakeover:Dems:Pack Court&RadLeft is OnlyViewpt; ChangeConstitution2Limit free speech& press:4 elecs too;ChangeSenate2add BlueStates:Onlyblue wins;Elim ElectorlCollge2winElec

Why I Don't Like Biden&Dem's Agreemnt: GOOGLE: BIDEN SANDERS UNITY TASK FORCE RECOMMENDATIONS(4Trill$Taxes4Socilsm& DepressN); BidenLongtrm Racist:Non-violent 3StrikesLifeinPrison, Hateful Name-callN,RacistLdrsBestFriend;Son Hunter’s Big$Deals(corruption: Ukraine,China)whileV.P. 99.97% Why doesn’t anyone talk about the long term effects of consuming Produce grown with GMO. It’s sad to see how many Americans are brainwashed! He signed the GMO in 2008, no big media coverage, nobody questioned him. We are all hamsters in the long term gmo trials!

You left the stor empty of necessary materials The dime store preacher makes an appearance. Why isn’t Michele out stumping for Old Joe? Probably knows what a creepy old bastard he is. How can liberal Stanford determine that? People made their own choice to attend the rallies. No proof people who attended didn't already have Covid either.

2014..... Attacking Trump on a problem every country in the world (apart from China) are suffering is a cheap shot. Why doesn't he talk about the Hunter Biden scandal instead? Perhaps Hillary is helping the Biden campaign by shredding papers & destroying hard-drives? Amazing to watch Biden and Obama ...they say WE ... DJT says ME

Likely =possible probable facttheory Sorry Obama. You screwed up terribly. Even Biden said that 😂. Black people will remember what you Harris Biden and ANTIFA have done for them. ZERO. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Mr. Obama, I was just diagnosed with lung cancer from the COVID I had back in April. I thought that BarackObama went to college and gained an education in 'Law'! Who woulda thought that he is actually a virologist! No wonder he sucked as President!

Same Stanford group also stated months ago that Covid was not as deadly as claimed but don’t forget to ignore that part You didn't do anything on your pandemic and you still lost a lot of people even though it was never as contagious or deadly as this one. You have a hell of a lot of nerve. 👌👍💪🏿👊🏿🇺🇸😎

So if I get COVID how is it the president’s fault? I love you former President Obama and Michelle! Shouldn't he be slamming biden for his corruption How about him leaving targets on our law enforcement, and dividing the country on his way out! Douche Obamas lie. When good people of color and Nation testify in TRUTH again Obamas pagan worshipping satanicilluminati/islamicstate jihadists-people claim Covid so they don’t have to testify!

and they call Trump divisive So coronavirus destroyed our economy which helps China & is the only thing democrats are running on. Without COVID Biden would have no chance to win election & trump would win easily. Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Clinton are all compromised by China. Gee I wonder why virus happened

Hahaha. You can't prove sit when it comes to getting Covid. It's literally everywhere. JoeBiden Of course they did. It’s complete bullshit but whatever. Oh and Obama loves playing Monday morning quarterback doesn’t he. I’d love to hear what he’d have done considering Pres. Trump did basically everything possible.

Odumbo saying dumb things again there was also a study done that says the opposite but he picked the one that favors him he's NEVER been truthful “ALL HAIL KING DONALD TRUMP” Gotta say Mr. President as you keep these Super Spreading Virus 💀🦠 Events going, you are certainly THE KING OF DEATH 🤴 ⚰️ Killing off more of your followers than “JIM JONES” did by KILLING his followers with POISON ☠️🥤 COOL AID!

I believe Obama is just covering for the fact no one came out to see him or Biden. There is no excitement. Obama is supposed a racist Biden who 1994 crime bill call black men “ super predator “ Obama is support a racist Stanford has a war criminal on its faculty. We didn’t need their study to know their findings to be true. (Rice)

What did he say about Biden being scared of being call xenophobic It wasn’t a study, it was a completely unprovable estimate. Magical how these estimates never come out after Antifa burns through a town. CrookedJoeBiden is informing his kids that after they go trick or treating it’s gonna be 10% of their candy for the Big Guy.

Trump derides doctors as COVID surges, Biden says Trump 'giving up' on virusPresident Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Friday sought support in Midwestern states where the coronavirus has roared back, with Trump falsely accusing doctors of profiting from COVID-19 deaths while Biden said Trump had surrendered to the pandemic. Let’s see the huge crowds he is speaking to По моему, Трамп останется в Истории как ЗАРАЗА. Америка обогнала всех по болезни... TfL bailout - taxpayers are asked to pay tube drivers’ avg pay of 70k + 55days of hols,free ticket for whole family,final salary pension and retirement at 50! All of these for driving fully automated trains after completion of 4 months course! Contact your MP to say 🛑 to this!

Reporter Covering Donald Trump Rally Tests Positive For COVID-19A local news reporter in Charlotte said that he is one of two people who tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a rally for President Donald Trump last week. Brandon Goldner of WCNC-TV wrote … He or she will be right as rain in a couple days. 99.7% cure rate for Covid-19. :( BidenHarris2020ToSaveAmerica LoserTrump Weaktrump

In dueling Florida rallies, Trump and Biden paint different pictures of Covid — and AmericaJoe Biden and President Trump held dueling rallies in Florida on Thursday, painting a stark contrast in how they viewed the United States and the Covid-19 pandemic in the key battleground state just five days before Election Day.

In dueling Florida rallies, Trump and Biden paint different pictures of Covid — and AmericaWith just five days to go before Election Day, polls show the race in Florida in a dead heat. Joe has a plan. CCP lied,Americans died. The CCP must be held accountable! A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the CCP! They are the devil, the criminals. We cannot allow criminals to lead our country. When are you all MSM going to stop painting Biden as a good guy?

Many counties that hosted Trump rallies had a significant increase in Covid-19 casesA CNN investigation of 17 Trump campaign rallies finds that 14 of the host counties -- 82% of them -- had an increased rate of new Covid-19 cases one month after the rally. You poor snowflakes only have to do a simple internet search to see that there is NO evidence of BLM protests causing Covid spikes One month after? The incubation period for covid is 2 weeks. So that doesn't really add up. Plus the number of covid cases are going up everywhere, including the counties where Biden held rallies. And we are surprised

Trump was criticized for his COVID leadership, but now Europe is faring much worseWith Europe once again the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, is trying to stop the virus spreading a losing game? bc they're actually hitting their second wave while the US hasn't finished the first. Christ was awful journalism. People of the world. I'm asking for your help. My son Artem has a heart defect, now he's in the hospital. We urgently need surgery. If you can help, please visit my page, there's all the information. I beg you to help save my son Undoubtedly USA going to face the Fourth wave of Covid19 infection soon of Trump is re-elected!