Obama Senior Adviser: Kamala Harris is ‘more than ready’

Valerie Jarrett on VP nominee Sen. Kamala Harris: “That ‘little girl’ is more than ready for this job. She’s brilliant. She has an extraordinary track record of experience.”

8/12/2020 6:21:00 AM

“That ‘little girl’ is more than ready for this job,” Valerie Jarrett says of Sen. Harris, recalling a moment from first Democratic presidential debate. “She’s brilliant. She has an extraordinary track record of experience.”

Valerie Jarrett on VP nominee Sen. Kamala Harris: “That ‘little girl’ is more than ready for this job. She’s brilliant. She has an extraordinary track record of experience.”

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Presidential debate live updates: Sparks fly in 1st matchup between Trump and Biden

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden square off in the first presidential debate of 2020 from Cleveland on Tuesday night.

She exposed Bidens career of racism & now will be working for uncle Tom Biden. I guess morals & self respect have a shelf life after all. It is disaster Sorry for the Dems.... really I believe Joe Biden’s accusers 😂 What a great pick, she can’t even stand Biden Biden does love little girls Can't wait to see these 2 bums debating realDonaldTrump. They will get embarrassed lol

The fix is in. Harris is a long-tongued liar, a stooge, and a tool of a very dark agenda. It started the day the 20 democrat candidates decided to drop out and make room for a dementia patient, Biden. Now here we are. Vote Trump 2020, GOP in all races. Joe Biden is racist and Kamala Harris family owned slaves in Jamaica and we are supposed to hold our nose and vote for them because we hate Trump? This virus has hurt our country so we better be smart in how we vote so we won't regret our decision.

The little girl was bussed by a Sleepy white supremacist. I know he's going to pickd for Vice president I know she was calculating when she droving out Wasn't that long ago Harris said that Biden was a sexist and molested women...so these things are no longer true? BlueLivesMatter Now we've got to work our buns off to flip the senate. Use this contact info: Life will be hell if we still have MoscowMitch.

I think the best part about this is that she’s also going to be the first woman president. Imagine that. Made my year. I want to be at the inauguration. 47 Record of mass incarnation of black men and Biden is a racist. She’s a cop.

Obama Says It's 'A Good Day For Our Country' After Kamala Harris Picked For VPThe former president said the senator from California is 'more than prepared for the job' as vice president. The next Vice President will not be a fake Christian. Of course she is. Women are always more than prepared for their promotions.

Is Kamala Harris Poised To Be The Most Vocal VP Yet?There is a real possibility for Harris to redefine the role of the vice president to one that is far more visible—and vocal. This is your headline?

The Historic Nomination of Kamala Harris and What it May Mean for NovemberKamala Harris has become only the second Democratic woman to become a vice presidential nominee, and the first woman of color to be nominated. Conventional wisdom tends to argue that a nominee's vice presidential pick doesn’t do much to budge the outcome of the presidential election either way. But this year it might be different. KamalaHarris Awesome! I'm so excited!

Running mates don’t usually matter. Kamala Harris might.With his selection of a running mate on Tuesday, Joe Biden now has a ticket. And Republicans have a new line of attack If realDonaldTrump picks NikkiHaley as his running mate he’ll have won 2020. JoeBiden Yes. It’s called “Using The Opponents Own Words Against Them.” A new line of attack? It’s the same old line of attack.

Kamala Harris: What to Know About the Democratic VP CandidateRead on for everything you should know about the history-making politician. How could you possibly overlook this? If she loves her Mother so much: then why only talk about being Black (Jamaican), and not really talk about being Indian? What a slap to the face for her Mother.

Maya Rudolph Has the Best Reaction to Kamala Harris' VP NominationMaya Rudolph knows she's going to have a really busy work schedule after Kamala Harris was named as Joe Biden's running mate. I love Maya!! Oh! Perfect person to imitate harris! 😆 It's almost like snl & biden planned it!