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New York City, Andrew Cuomo

NYC Movie Theaters To Open At 25% Capacity On March 5

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces when NYC movie theaters will reopen

2/23/2021 6:04:00 AM

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces when NYC movie theaters will reopen

If things continue to progress accordingly, maybe 'Bloodshot' won't be the last movie that an entire generation of film critics saw in a theater.

Raya and the Last Dragon.Capacity will be at 25% or 50 audience members, whichever is lower. It was allegedly Cuomo’s insistence, for better or worse, in keeping New York theaters closed last Fall that led to most of the scheduled year-end releases (Black Widow, No Time to Die, Top Gun: Maverick

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) fleeing into 2021.In the aftermath, theaters which had opened in late summer with the presumption thatUnhingedandTenetwould usher a wave of newbies were left with months of (at best) small-scale studio programmers likeThe War with GrandpaandFreakyhelping to keep the lights on. If California follows suit, then it could be something approximating the beginning of the end of the Covid-specific theatrical crisis.

While 25% capacity isn’t necessarily enough to getNo Time to Dieracing back to its April 2 launch date, it may allow smaller films like Universal’sNobody(now slated for April 2) to earn something comparable to what they would have in ideal circumstances. Simply put, theatrical moviegoing is a peak-hours activity.

It’s no secret that, once upon a time, I would buy a ticket to a given tentpole on opening day at an IMAX theater just to watch the trailers (since they play different on a giant movie screen than on a laptop). I can tell you any number of times where I waltzed into an afternoon IMAX showing on the opening day of a given super-duper blockbuster only to find the theater mostly empty.

Avengers: Age of Ultronmay have earned $84 million on its opening day, but that didn’t come from the 12:30 pm IMAX showing in Regal Simi Valley. Likewise, the first clue thatJurassic Worldwas going to challengeThe Avengers’ opening weekend record was walking into an afternoon IMAX showing at the same theater a month later to a comparatively more crowded audience. Heck, since this whole movie critic/box office pundit thing became an obsessive hobby (around 13 years ago) and then a job (around eight years ago), I’ve seen the majority of my theatrical movies either at packed press screenings or mostly-empty matinees.

Likewise, if I walked into a Tuesday afternoon showing ofYesterdayand discovered the Studio Movie Grill auditorium was nearly sold out, well, that was a good sign that the film was going to leg out. I’d argue that the vast majority of theatrical movies could pull the majority of their expected theatrical business with limited capacity.

That’s partially why Solstice Studios was first out of the gate withUnhingedin August of 2020, since that sort of old-school, star+concept-driven studio programmer wasn’t banking on packed houses. Now that doesn’t mean that big movies don’t somewhat require the ability to pack theaters over opening weekend (and/or the first 17 days in more vibrant markets) to justify a theatrical release. However, you could theoretically see

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Black Widowon the first Wednesday of release early in the morning or late at night while still practicing social distancing.Speaking of which, I can only speculate as to whether this news will mean that the likes of Disney Read more: Forbes »

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