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Nurse says it's defeating to have COVID patients die knowing shot 'could make a difference'

'I can't explain the feeling of defeat when you do everything, you pour everything into a patient and it's not enough,' she said.

7/31/2021 8:32:00 PM

'I can't explain the feeling of defeat when you do everything, you pour everything into a patient and it's not enough,' she said.

'I can't explain the feeling of defeat when you do everything, you pour everything into a patient and it's not enough,' she said.

She teared up while speaking about the victims who she said will never see their kids graduate or meet their grandchildren. She said her 14-year-old daughter asked her to pray for her friends' parents, who are in her ICU."One of them may not go home, and the other one's really, really sick too," she said.

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"As a nurse, to know that if you can't get these two people home that their kids will be orphans, their 14-year-old could be an orphan," she said."To know that my daughter may come to me when she gets that call and say 'mom why didn't you save them?' I cannot even explain how that feels as a nurse and as a mom."

Many of the patients she's working with have not been vaccinated, she noted."Just to know that there's something that could help and people aren't taking advantage of it," she said.She said some patients have been vaccinated, but their cases tend to be less severe.

A nurse in a Shreveport hospital explained what it’s like working as an ICU nurse amid the pandemic in an emotional video. This image depicts a home decorated with a sign advocating for vaccinations during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.Erika Goldring/Getty Images

"They usually go home to raise their kids and to hug their husband or their wife," she said.She described the feeling as defeating."I can't explain the feeling of defeat when you do everything, you pour everything into a patient and it's not enough, and then to know they could have gotten vaccinated and it could have made a difference," she said.

Newsweekreached out to Willis-Knighton Medical Center in an attempt to reach Croft but did not hear back in time for publication. Read more: Newsweek »

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‘We waited too long’: Woman urges vaccinations after losing husband to COVID-19'I will miss my husband every single day,' Mia Ponte Vinnard told TODAY. People that were vaccinated reported they caught it again so what a joke this so-called vaccination is! 🙄 No, you were listening to Mr. Trump. Listen to the scientist. Getting vaccinated os smart. Take politics out of it and it becomes about health. Save ourselves and each other.