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6/22/2022 4:46:00 PM

A racist sign about Juneteenth, displayed on the front of an insurance agency in Millinocket, Maine, has provoked outrage and disappointment on social media.

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Extremists will continue disrupt our Nation until we stop them. Meanwhile, many companies actually feel this way and continue to profit off of Juneteenth and gay rights/pride. Disgusting. Sad idiots. Damn I love collared greens. Hungry just thinking about it. Not really raycist just on point. Racist....language has meaning. I would read that and think, maybe I should go and enjoy some collards.

Why is that sign racist?!?!?!? “Outrage” relax, it is going to be okay. This shit is precisely why things never progress and why we all can’t have nice things For people thinking this is too thin skinned, a reminder that a black CHILD was lynched I In this country because a white woman claimed he looked at her to directly.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThanks POTUS Don’t stop there, keep it going 🙌😂

Maybe we are all sick of all this racial BS . We are all Americans. Dems just want to divide us Well, that's one way to scale down one's business. This is a shame. I’ve been to Millinocket after hiking Mt Katahdin. Had dinner there - met some really nice people. I do recall one of the locals expressing to me the Maine has the oldest and whitest population in the US. 😂

It ain’t a real holiday unless we all get it off!! Poor 'harry e reed insurance'. Would say fire the employee who did that. Or keep a better eye on his Business. No matter that there are few black people in Maine. People love to put your stuff on social media these days. Some Americans don't like to be called racists.

Why do people intentionally put themselves out of business. This was just do unnessary. But, people in America are so racist they don't think about the consequences. Before this stuff existed, always has. Trump made it popular. It's Maine so polite subdued racism is probably how the roll Meanwhile, it’s mostly northern white liberals complaining. Everyone else is just enjoying the BBQ.

Boycott the sludgenose slagpiles into bankruptcy. Why is it ok for NPR to mock those joking (or maybe don't know) that Juneteenth is not a date?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesLet's wait until we get some leadership in the White House.. I have a Chevy Bolt EV which left me stranded yesterday on a 340 mi RT weekend trip. Departed fri w 310 miles of charge. Had it on 110 charger for 40 hrs. I was 30 miles from home when it died. No A/C. Conservative driving. Lack of charging sta’s a HUGE PROBLEM. chevrolet 100,000k for their wimp model Ford. No thank you. Can’t find charging, and when you do, you better bring a book to read. If you’re charging at home, you better have another car to drive, because charging will take FOREVER!

It’s free speech ppl! By the way what is Juneteenth, seriously.. just asking.🤷 You cut out the best part. It says enjoy your fried chicken and collard greens. EndRacism My god people are thin skinned anymore. a sign saying “closed for winter solstice, not your fairy or whatever in the sky. enjoy your turkey and presents” would be equally offensive, and will make news on fox.

So this is who votedfor SenSusanCollins Progressive pulled that contract quick 😂🔥 Who gives a shish. I's never even HEARD of this Juneteenth crap until recently Grow a pair. Another trigger post. So out of a country of 350 million folk you found this.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesHappy Fathers Month Can I ask where blacks would be if they were never brought to this country ? Why are you not covering the story of a 15 yo shot an killed during a Juneteenth celebration in DC? The kid was crying out for his mom before he died. Black lives clearly don’t matter if it’s BOB murder.

'The listed owner of the insurance agency, Karen Hansen..' Her name's Karen. You can't make this stuff up. The fact of the matter is that over 80% of the population when asked what 'Juneteenth' celebrated, did not know including many from the Black community. That's not racism - its ignorance. Not racist, but certainly ignorant

Aside from the obvious racism, it's weird that they 'closed' at all. It's a national holiday, but that doesn't require private businesses (like theirs) to close. If they wanted to stay open, they could have but chose not to. NPR searching long & hard for a white racism story. The once great NPR is now a woke race baiting joke

We will not allow this simple mind who created a simple sign to disturb our Che'. We have bigger fish to fry! We must start dialing in to gain more political power in key areas of the country. We must send more of us to Washington to continue put down the far-right agenda. Does fuzzy zoeller own this business?

what's racist about it, I'm black and I LOVE MY GREENS & FRIED CHICKEN. NPR is LEFT WING LUNICY so I do expect them to ONLY SEE RACISM Seriously you are playing the race card for this, 5 years ago how many people of color knew what Juneteenth is? Never celebrated in the mostly black community in which I lived.

They will prob get really upset if u tell them “happy holidays” during Xmas lol

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

thatsjonnyfrank Just saw this on NPR. Its a shame in 2022, these types of despicable sentiments still exist amongst us. I'm guessing they'll like to relegate us back to oppression and marginalization huh. But guess what, we will NOT let that happen Just tried to look them up on the Progressive site and they’re not listed. Must’ve pulled their listing off.

Maine knows where it's at Honest question, how does one celebrate Juneteenth? Are there festivities, traditional foods, activities...? If you see anything racist about this sign, then maybe you're the racist. Shame on you !! This is Maine. While some city officials state that this type of outward racism is not welcomed ... it is there. Black population has increased over the years mostly larger cities, however black population statewide is under 12K. We can all do better and be better. Try it 🫤

I'm sure people were knocking down the door to get some insurance at this place on a Monday I love fried chicken and collard greens!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDid Putin do this too? Well, you made me think of this song.: When the moon is in the Seventh House And Jupiter aligns with Mars Then peace will guide the planets And love will steer the stars This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius BULLSHIT

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesAwww. How sad. Hey, have y’all considered a story condemning the dozens of coordinated attacks on crisis pregnancy centers? It's pretty straight forward, get enough cards to hold an election, then hold a secret ballot election. Thought about over the weekend, thought about it on my paid vacation, thought about it during my sick time... Unions are to blame.