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10/17/2021 5:32:00 PM

We asked Pakistanis around the world to weigh in on the character of Ali from the hit Netflix show 'Squid Game' — and the casting of an Indian actor, Anupam Tripathi, in the role.

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Can't believe Marvel Studios didn't cast an actual captain for Steve Rogers. The whole thing with not being paid on time really resonated with my experience in the middle east. Some workers are exploited like this in real life and its infuriating. I loved Ali's earnestness and dedication. When I watched Squid Game, I thought that Ali just didn't know the words 'even' and 'odd' in Korean. It did stand out to me though since he seemed to be fluent otherwise

And I'm pretty sure they said what the hell!!.....what did he do to be screw the whole movie being Pakistan. If Hollywood can find an actual Pakistani or Arabic actor to play a terrorist I’m sure they can find a Paki who speaks Korean to play Ali.with some training they could’ve easily found an actual Pakistani🇵🇰 to play Ali role.Indian playing Pakistani is a insult to a Pakistani

Let me guess someone's feelings are hurt and their not Pakistani. An amazing actor skilled in the Korean tongue. To think it's dubbed is ignorant and proof again prejudicial that someone's culture is the only known aspect of that person. There are people around the globe well-versed in many other languages than their mother tongue.

The violence in this shows continues to desensitize violence; no outrage? No media discussion? NPR do you want to discuss the violence? During the marble game, Ali didn’t know the word for odd and even numbers in Korean…not that he doesn’t know what an odd and even number is. 🤦🏽‍♂️ I thought him not being fluent in Korean was clear. It has to be the dub… lol

Oh my god who cares if an actor plays another person

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I wonder the difficulty to find a Pakistani actor fluent in Korean to accept the role. Not everyone wants to be in gore shows. Why not to just change the character's ethnicity to match that of the actor. It seems he just needed to be a foreigner with financial issues in Korea Acting. If a Brazilian 'queen' could have pulled it off, so be it.

I entrusted Mr_Hendrick7 with my money since I took rush of investing my money with his platform, and since then I've recovered all I lost to scams. Get in touch with Mr_Hendrick7 and get a good mentorship and safe trading. I hear no one was actually murdered in this show either....and nobody won the money...its just all lies!

'Don't ask how he can pay for things without income the show doesn't explain' It does though. Each participant is in massive, massive debt. When NPR is not pushing blacks and whites to fight each other, or pushing men and women to fight each other or pushing rich and poor to fight each other, they start pushing South Koreans and Pakistani's to fight each other.

Name a Pakistani actor who speaks Korean? Also y’all made Tom Cruise the last Samurai…lol YET NOT ONE BLACK PERSON IN THE SHOW It really isn’t that great of a show and it is full of stereotypes

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Was cool to see, but there is no shortage of Pakistanis in the world. We replicate very aggressively haha so just cast Pakistanis as Pakistanis ! Lol I’d imagine Pakistanis in Pakistan have much bigger issues but yeah let’s focus on this Don't piss off the Desi actors. It sounds like emerging global cinema corporation

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NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSo effective it lasts a whole 2 months before needing more shots? So encouraging! needles freak a lot of vaccine-hesitant people out of getting vaccinated. maybe chose other lead images moving forward? Follow the money ...

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSounds like US media too. Normalization of polarization :( By all means it's high time the U.S. gets involved directly in that conflict, doing that nation-building stuff that always turns out so well. Your media is one of the misleading one.I used to believe that NPR is a balanced one. But these days,i heard a very misleading information from NPR about Ethiopia.Really sad NPR misleading the world about the current situation in Ethiopia. No matter what, 🇨🇬stands on her Truth!

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices💉💉💉💉 It’s not necessary to use his name in your tweet. The focus should be on the victims and their families. Because he is guilty