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10/16/2021 5:35:00 AM

Blackfishing aside, there's a reason Jesy Nelson isn't a household name, our critic writes. With toothless lyrics and vocals reminiscent of a bad Camilla Cabello impression, she commits the cardinal solo career sin — being boring.

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NPR?!!!! I am LIVING! Just got a follower out of me lol She did all that black fishing to chart at number 4. How embarrassing 😳😳😳 I would never make music after this Spillin nothing but facts 👏 Who payed you

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesRIP Mr. Paulsen, your books hooked so many reluctant readers in my classroom! Anyone else have this exact edition in your fifth grade classroom? Basic survival skills are white supremacy.

I love how at the end you say 'stream Boyz' 💀 MareanaBizerra lifegoesmai JEEZ KSXHKAKA OMFG AKDHAKAK leave camila OUT of this Nicki really opened this girl ass to the Battleground, smh. Staying at little mix would have been better. spilled facts NPR to Jesy Nelson Plz give the writer (Ms. Cruz) a raise! This was so eloquently written! I need her to review everything!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWhat NPR leaves out Makes sense, but nothing on the J & J? What a garbage vaccine if you need a booster after 6 months from the original dose! 👎🏼

They're telling lies in the news I just can''ve literally ended a career. 🤣 Seriously NPR? well I only watch the f**k NPR because of Camila's tiny desk? hmmm NPR maybe has a tiny D**k huh 💩🐀🤡 Dont compare her to CAMILA She could never reach career heights of camila I’m- I wouldn’t saying she doing a “bad impression of camila cabello”. Kkkamila is bad, she’s also bad. So…. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I- NPR decided to just throw heat

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices⏳⚖️ how ethics, morals, virtues and report type are correlated to US Code Title and International Law, privileges, immunity, protection WAAAAY too late FB. The platform help fuel the Insurrection and the division of this country. Convincing too may people of lies and falsehood from TRUMP and his GOP Enablers. Shame. o gee I wonder how this is gonna go.

Shit! leahcleawtr TO MORRENDO Wow I’m glad I didn’t wake up today as Jesy Nelson. Well damn 😭😭😭😭 THATS HOW U CLEAR A BITCH OKUUUURR lmaooooooooooooo This headline, holy shit Oh my....... Not npr reading mfs

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesBesides my total disdain of pop music like The Carpenters, Karen Carpenter, from my reading of her wikipedia entry, was a seriously confused person. Mentally ill and unprepared not only for fame, but even for normal, non-public life. Looks good! Bono in Rolling Stone, 2013: U2 were beyond ourselves with delight when the Velvets re-formed to play some select dates in the early Nineties, including some with us. “Pale Blue Eyes” is perfection in pop. Does anyone who isn't a critic have Apple TV?

Jesy wanting to make a Tiny Desk concert too NPR: SHEESH NPR Am I the only one finding this disgusting and wrong? no tiny desk concert for jesy nelson in the future i guess its true because aside all the controversy & blackfishing the song is just terrible not even nicki could save it well damn lmfao I’m hollering

Deserved tbh SCREAMINGGG but you're right

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDid you say INdoors? Like at home? With family? Nah Your map is bullshit.

LMFAOOOOOOOOO they ended her💀💀💀💀 NPR with a spicy music take was not on my bingo card NPR, gathered the girlyssssssssss!!!!! Unprovoked, and isn’t Camila has the tiny concert that came out today in your channel! Oh shitttt. Hahdhshsgsh LMFAOOOOOOO OH? KDJDJJSBD I mean, tell us what you really think SICK

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSaddening and maddening. thanks Unfortunately I feel the same for Australians Indigenous communities. All the government care about is the economy.

not y'all violating like this 😭😭😭 If she’s black fishing, how is she impersonating Camilla? Oh damm you didn’t hold back 😂 not toothless lyrics and a camilla comparison 100% truth. Ok NPR Npr read her for filth Whewwwwww! Toothless

LMFAO yosyJess the accuracy and savagery HUH It’s supposed to say blackfacing right? I’m not a teenager so idk, it could be a new thing NPR giving this kind of energy NPR👁👄👁 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

Chile…. HOLY HELL Blackfishing aside npr to j*sy's 'career': Someone's drinking wine alone tonight. Look at NPR getting all catty. Uhhh...that was kinda...super mean. Oh my damn. Ouch.

thanks Nicki Manaj is no better. Boring AF Then why even bother with an article.