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9/28/2021 7:01:00 AM

In 1967, Former U.S. Sen. Fred Harris was appointed to the Kerner commission, a study to find the root causes of social unrest in America. Its groundbreaking report blamed racism.

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African effort to replicate mRNA vaccine targets disparities He was killed on the courthouse steps. Now, a Virginia county honors its first Black elected leader. Why You Should Delete Your Facebook App Read more: NPR »

Man builds rotating house so his wife has better views - CNN Video

Vojin Kusic from Srbac in Bosnia-Herzegovina says his wife was undecided about the view she wanted to see from their window, so he came up with a solution - a rotating house.

Root cause: 70% of black children are born to a single mother. No parenting. No family values. No father figure in the house. These kids can not thrive and are doomed to repeat the process without structure and a chance to succeed. Want to make black lives better? End this cycle Its only obvious now that racism would divide us because our country chose to ignore it for over 50 years. I wonder where we would be as a country if our leaders had listened to the experts doing the research.

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NPR Cookie Consent and Choiceshorrible Oldest Marxist Party-alles klar. Does that mean that the Nazis are returning?

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NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesChange of subject here but...