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9/26/2021 12:00:00 PM

Lots of queer people don't get adequate sex education in school. But a more inclusive sex education curriculum is possible, sexuality educators say. Here's what they say it could include.

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I'm exhausted with stories about gays, lesbians, trans and the rest of them and how corporate America is pandering to them. Inb4 sex ed becomes completely ruined by becoming 80% rambling about non binary genders while there is 0 trans kids in class and the kids don't learn the shit they actually need. Let's not let another important thing be replaced by woke religious preaching.

Sex Ed was controversial when it was about reproduction. Approaching it as an exploration of “whatever gives you pleasure” with different body parts and genitalia other than the penis or vagina is over the top. No tnx. Biology is well enough. The rest is ideology and is better to leave to family. maybe not confuse and sexualize children? like, just stop?

GAE Seriously? You can learn about anything on YouTube if you’re interested. No need for the entire student body to have the same tutorial. It’s almost as if sex education isn’t something the state should be teaching at all. 🤷‍♂️ Queer people can’t figure out how to be queer without the government teaching them?

I think we are in an hour when sex ed should be taught by doctors Just what kids need, more sex talk with 'professionals'

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesAlso need to post about the ones from various tribes 😩😩😩 100,000? Nothing says “I care” than scrambling to dilute dozens of missing person reports in the wake of a National media blitz over one pretty white girl. Where was NPR before the Gabby Petito story?

Sex education in k-12 should stick to biology, mechanics, keeping yourself safe from harm, and understanding current federal and state laws. That’s it. Everything else is the family’s (i.e. parents’) responsibility and legal right. Yeah, public schools suck. Homeschool your kids! Sex Ed is a parent’s responsibility and a government infringement if attempted to be taught in schools. Schools must stick to academic pedagogy. Try financial curriculum for example.

Get it right here.. ;) Should public education really have sex ed? I had a watered down version in 5th grade, and a 2 week block in a “health” class in highschool. I would say nothing in school has even remotely educated me in the world of sex, except for STD’s and Anatomy. 'consider watching porn created by queer performers — and make sure it's made ethically' Gee, NPR that sure seems like great advice! Ethical porn for schoolkids. You folks are sure smart! NOT.

Yes! let's bring on the graphic images of anal intercourse in kindergarten. That's what this means. Heavens. How did we manage in the olden days, when we only had books about the birds and bees, and a lot of fumbling! Schools shouldn't be talking to our kids about this period. That's for the parents. I have a daughter who’s a lesbian, and I find the term “queer” to be offensive. It seems negative to me.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSo sad🙏🏻 😔 Ope looks like another news outlets feeling guilty about there WhiteWomenSyndrome

I don’t think sex is supposed to work if the two parties aren’t capable of producing offspring. That’s your main problem right there. Also, they’re children! Anyone going to wake up to the overt fetishization of children in the MSM? Personally think parents should be the ones talking to their kids about sex. Problem is that we can't rely on that, so we have to do this. You don't like the subject matter? Too bad, maybe your generation should have been better 🤷‍♂️

May I respectfully recommend the Our Whole Lives program, a joint program about sexuality developed in partnership between the United Church of Christ and Unitarian Universalists. Age appropriate facts for ages 5-99 including relationships and autonomy. ~4% of the population are queer so 96% are not. If an average class size is 25, we should focus lesson plans for one person in the class?

Nobody gets adequate sex education in school. I mean just look at some of these responses. As a queer boy coming of age in the 80s I’d say the sex ed was lacking for all proclivities. We just had a bad program for everyone. What a great personality on believing in her and it paid off. For a start I invested $500, in few days I got a return of $1,500 his honesty can't be compromised mariacrypty

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No thanx.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

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NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesMurderer He has no money for a lawyer. They could move the trial to the moon and Chauvin would still be guilty of cold blooded murder.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesJust like a lawsuit, loser should pay costs. If they don’t believe in science I don’t see them suddenly believing in math