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7/27/2021 5:35:00 AM

A board of Republican commissioners in one Michigan county used federal COVID relief aid to fund 'hazard pay' for elected officials and county employees who worked through the pandemic. That included $65,000 in bonuses for themselves.

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Sickening SingletaryM Grifting Trump GOP Make them pay it back since its tax payers money . Very wrong They want to profit off covid. Hell we work in this mess n we are NIT paid extra. What makes them so special Against The New Bill/Laws Laws And Will Be Hold in Accountable for They Actions Sounds like the Rep. in Michigan are taking some tactics right out f the Dem handbook.

And on the seventh day God rested and gave himself a hazard bonus. The Grand Old Party, indeed! 🥳🎉 “But at least one commissioner said she didn't realize she was giving herself a bonus when she voted for the plan”Wow, what a slap in the face of the many truly front line workers. Also goes to show elected officials don’t read what they’re voting on. No surprise here


NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDidn’t Bexos step down? That sounds very hard for them

Seems like an attention getting quote when $5-$25k was the largest bonus paid to any individual. I’m not from Michigan but many of the states I have lived in do not pay much more than a partial salary for elected officials. It’s often a part time job & COVID require a lot more Not a shocker. County Board of Supervisors did the same thing here in San Diego. The Board is dominated by Democrats. What your point

When will they be prosecuted?!! I'm a long haul trucker that worked through the pandemic. I didn't get any hazard pay. DonnaKoprek Duh! Duh! Duh! I know a business owner who bought a house boat and spent $52 grand remodeling the kitchen. Wonder where that money came from? The pandemic money was given away to easily and not accounted for. I'm a business owner, I took nothing even though I had the chance

No grift is too big or small for Republicans. At every turn they take advantage How can they even look at their families or constituents in the eye? Oh. Right. They’d have to have a conscience to be bothered by it. Grifter central! GOP. Tramp collecting 75 million to stop the steal…all for his pockets…isn’t that illegal DOJPH

Surprised this isn't Ohio. Though Ohio GOPers know how to keep it under wraps for at least a year or two.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDont care I hope you guys are watching coz midday swimming finals are all about you! thanks

😡 Want to know why its so corrupt? Shiawassee County has tended to vote Republican since the beginning. Since 1884, the Republican Party nominee has carried 74% of the elections (25 of 34). Where are the criminal charges. Must be nice. My son got a dollar more per hour for working during the pandemic and then that when things started opening up again, it got taken away.

Republicans don’t want relief for their constituents but will happily and illegally line their own pockets. Typical. Of course they did. The only two reasons Republicans run for elected office is to line their pockets with taxpayers' money and oppress their rights as thanks. These guys knew exactly what they were doing, they just got caught. Kick these creeps out of office.

Zoom meeting cowboys. Saddle up! Grand Old Grifters. Shocker..

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices❤️❤️❤️ If only there was a way to have prevented this from happening... I love their hospitality and their aesthetics— their culture is so lovely and admirable. 🥰

Better do your research around US pretty sure more than this county did so The GOP doesn’t win at anything if they don’t cheat. There are republicans in Michigan? There must only be two. If this was Democrats wouldn’t posted this story. Foulest of the foul. Leave it to the Rethugs. Always thinking of themselves first.

They are politicians since when do they “work” all they do these days is grandstand and create click bait, viral videos to go back to their voters with. Hey Cindy Garner…how about giving hazard pay to those on the frontline working directly with COVID patients. Aaawww did you work “really hard” sitting at your desk and going to meetings?

Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one. -- Thomas Paine Who will be the first to troll NPR and tweet, “Fake News!” Yawn As if they don’t get enough perks! LockThemUp

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices'Delta' may be used to cover up deaths from the vaccine Fewer Covidiots. Is that a bad thing? morgfair And this is about as surprising as the sun rising in the East as opposed to in the West. Didn’t we all see this coming?

Republicans: '[Shiawassee County Prosecuting Attorney Scott] Koerner issued a statement saying the bonuses for elected officials violated a provision of the Michigan constitution that barred any 'extra compensation for public officers & contractors after services had already been rendered.'' Disgusted? Yes. Surprised? No 🙄. The working class deserves better

And there will be no consequences for any of them and they will likely be re-elected by the same rubes 🤷‍♀️ They stole it. 'Like any other hard working employee anywhere, I appreciate being considered for recognition of a job well done,' Koerner said. 'Not only am I not entitled to this money because of the Michigan constitution, but me giving the money back is just the right thing to do,' he added.

Good old GOP always thinking about WeThePeople. GOPLeader LeaderMcConnell GOPChairwoman you really have to watch what they do. If you listen to what they say you will be lied to and led astray. You really can’t imagine how tired I am of my home state being in the national news all the time lately…. This used to be a respectable place.

Must be nice. And the constituents keep getting lead in their water!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWhat do you mean back home their immigrants Just stop the immigrants they are the problem. an alien will delete your files if you mention yehovism - the crucifixion of all gods

Wait until you find out that other states did the same. I can't even get help at the DHS. Reps Acting-Out: Akin to Kids with Maladjusted Behavior; Inflated self-concept, underdeveloped conscience, blaming, excessive bravado, intentional displays of anger/rage, explosive hurting as means to end, non-empathetic, little remorse & manipulating facts/rules for own benefit!

My wife is an icu nurse who has been touching Covid patients 16 hours a day since day 1… scared AF in the beginning. Hazard pay: $0.00 Typical Democrats…oh, wait… Lmao of course they did. 🤣😂 Evil! The democrats didn’t get a piece of the pie? Hard to believe Misappropriation of taxpayers money is not partisan.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesAs a development specialist for a well/known social app I no longer support the ability to take breaks from social media. What we provide is simply too important to ignore, and we’re brainstorming ways to criminalize harm caused by missing information that was disseminated via sm Balance social justice with self-care? You’re framing social justice like a diet or exercise fad. Some of these teen girls need to stay off permanently

Until we unite…this will be the way I enjoyed the $80,000 in loans that is now forgiven. Keep sending money for absolutely no reason !!! So? Republican’s corruption is relentless! Seems they missed ethics 101 hahaha Government hands out money with no oversight and corrupt motherfuckers steal it. Shocking.

Typical bull agenda from NPR. Dems propaganda at work. I’m about to be evicted and I’m really scared. Please help me out if you have an extra dollar $MaxStoned

The GOP acting selfishly? Shocking! Let's guess.....Republicans. “But Donny Says” Put them in jail. The GOP is so highly irresponsible and not worthy to serve the American people. MIGOP 😠 All you had to say was Republican Fraud Give it back to medical workers, bus drivers, and so on You all are fools if you think this is a singular case. This was probably going on throughout the whole country. On both sides but these bozos got caught. Greed is a disease this country has lived with since inception

Jokes!! All of them! But but but EmAiLs!!!

Riches to plunder! They should be tried and convicted for fraud and misuse of public funds. They must be held accountable for their crimes. TheJusticeDept ... justsaying Isn't the point of being a republican so you can grift with impunity? fraud What about Hunter selling paintings for 500k when he has never sold jack for artwork before? What that NPR? A Democrat?

Cute. ahh republicans voted against the relief bill but used the funds for personal bonuses. Right on brand for them 🤦🏽‍♂️ Wasn't that their job? To work? Cheaters cheat... Are you positive they were all Republicans or is that just what fits the narrative?

Weird. The magaTS are RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING THE HAZARD! That seems.... Corrupt AF Republicans “leaders” love to remind America that you can’t spell “conservative” without first inserting a “con”….. 😯 Awesome 👌 Shame on them!