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5/15/2021 1:29:00 AM

President Biden has revoked a number of executive actions taken by former President Donald Trump. They include Trump's National Garden of American Heroes, an order regarding social media censorship, and an order to protect monuments and statues.

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Senate set to take showdown vote in bitter battle over voting rights

The Senate is slated to hold a key procedural vote Tuesday on the Democrats' 'For the People Act' election reform bill Republicans are expected to be able to block.

Now we have good people at the helm! If this keeps going on,,,We will have no history, and nothing to 'JOG' our memories! Real SMART PRESIDENT WE HAVE NOW!!! We also have to include the people that helped him get CHEATED INTO OFFICE!! THEY MUST BE VERY PROUD, knowing how they helped ruin AMERICA!! I only wonder how long it will take before America Wakes Up to Bidens' IGNORANCE!!! For ANYONE that LOVES AMERICA,, it is totally disheartening to listen to the news daily, and hear how our DUMBOCRAPS have shafted the public, and driven another nail in America's coffin!!

Who would oppose a National Garden of American Heroes?!🤔🤷🏼‍♂️ I guess if you hate Amer...... That's because Biden is not a patriot, does not believe in freedom of speech, and wants to erase our country's history. 'On 1/18/21 -two days before leaving office—Trump signed a new executive order listing 244 historical figures... The revised list included 192 men and 52 women' Moron45 Nope

Because..... Good! Lol Biden still thinking he has to prove he’s a clown I'm embarrassed to be a democrat Thank goodness

That’s all the bumbling fool has done is reverse Trump’s actions.....and that is starting to backfire which bodes very well for the Republican’s at midterm elections :) Good riddance. They are having a RECOUNT by Trump Supporters in AZ. The other red States are going to follow if Biden doesn't step up.

ChinaJoe is taking orders from Beijing again Better start reading. Too bad he can't revoke his entire presidency. The fowl stench he left behind still lingers. Friday evening is when things like this are supposed to be announced. Still, the DNC controlled submissive media should not be talking about the monument aspect of this EO. VP will not be happy about this. Some editors & producers may be in for a spanking. obedientmedia

Most people realize, President Biden has screwed up alot with his executive actions, and what’s bad about his executive orders, when it goes bad, he blames others, not himself. 45 was a piece of 💩 Keep it going. He traumatized the country to his last breath in the WH. Didn't even greet his successor on his way out.

Donald's executive actions, like many of his lies and/or promises, seem to be going up in flames. Perhaps much of his presidency will be nothing more than ashes in the the footnote on the pages of history—sad. Good thing he reversed the price cap on insulin. Good job Jo not incinerating pre-2020 America = 'controversial'

I bet big dumb really thought he was going to get to finish that BS. 😆 Gimme one good reason other than spite that he did this. ....untuck this.....untuck that......untuck thus.....untuck that.... Hail Satan. Joe Biden. Iron Fist with a Velvet Gloves. F•ck Around and Find Out. Ask Darkside, the company that hacked Colonial Pipeline with Ransomware. Oh, their non-existent. Gone without a trace? Hmmmm

Wow so Jobama is doubling down on his support for BLM and ANTIFA Such a fake person, how one disruptive person can cause so much damage in a society, unbelievable.

Erase every trace of his administration from our country - and safeguard our institutions so that it never happens again. We will never forget the treason displayed by the Republicans on January 6. NeverAgain They spend 4 years trying to impeach Trump, and now they've spent 4 months undoing what Trump did. Are these people every going to do their damn jobs? Democrats voted for these people to run our country, defend our Constitution, and to work for US! How can you allow this!?

This is good stuff.