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5/14/2021 3:24:00 AM

Traces of rare forms of iron and plutonium have been found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The radioactive stardust arrived here within the last 10 million years — after a cataclysm in outer space.

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I find stuff like this enlightening and intriguing but also it makes a good foundation for conspiracy theories to abound, in regards to nuclear tests conducted in the Pacific. However, putting those theories aside, I prefer those presented by science.😊 Hmm . . . looks kind of like a giant eye . . . Why do I feel like maybe God's watching me? - - think maybe I'll go to church this Sunday . . .😬

So recently... No.. it came from that nuclear plant in Japan. 😂 Aliens? تم العثور على آثار لأشكال نادرة من الحديد و البلوتونيوم في قاع المحيط_الهادئ. وصل الغبار_النجمي المشع إلى هنا خلال العشرة ملايين سنة الماضية - بعد وقوع كارثة نجمية في الفضاء خلقت هذه المادة المشعة وأرسلتها تمطر على كوكبنا. are you sure that isn't unseen remnants of the Chinese space junk that just crashed ?

Time to go Back to the Future!!! Don't say anything! radioactive?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWhy doesn't the Biden DOJ intervene? Trump has blood on his hands. Impeach. Remove. NOW. National Petroleum Radio knows this! But, remember, state media is a mouthpiece for the fascist police!

'We are stardust We are golden And we've got to get ourselves Back to the garden' Joni Mitchell Rest assured no one in the GOP will believe one syllable of science. I don’t even know what this means. But I thought the Earth was only 6000 years old? Any gas? Could really use some gas if they got any? thanks


NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesLockHimUp …curious…🧐🤨 last resort like after every area is breached, congress fears for their life and people get killed? i would say maybe just before that might be good?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesGenocide UNOCHA IsraelTerrorist IsraeliTerrorism Why is this story full of IDF statements taken as fact with nothing from the Palestinians they're bombing? The cost of biden being president is felt across the globe

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesYou have heard of Zombie fires.. fires that keep burning endlessly underground.. only to reappear at a later time We could call this tropical storm a Zombie storm.... .still active from 2020 .....when it made landfall in Louisiana ..Oct. 28, 2020

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesLess severe illness..✅ Less death...✅ Sounds like a rush to vaccinate India needs to happen. COVID19 is topping out in India but at dangerously high levels. It will lead to 96k deaths over the next 3 weeks due to cases and hospitalizations already in the queue. Very important to stop the pandemic before even more dangerous variants evolve. 👀Data from the World Health Organization suggests otherwise! Look at the number of cases before/after the administration of the vaccine. COVID began SKYROCKETING WITHIN ONE MONTH of administration!!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThen the hypocrite Catholic Church continues the crisis of the faithful. They are losing Parishioners in record numbers. When there is no grave or name the fingerprints, heartbeat & blood type become irrelevant