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4/19/2021 8:42:00 AM

Some companies, including grocery chains, are even paying their workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Experts say it's a critical initiative to boost the country's vaccination rate.

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I’ve signed up for a vaccine but am still on the waitlist. I’ve also submitted literally over 100 job applications during the pandemic, yet have not received even one dollar in covid relief or unemployment assistance. get your Fauci ouchee. 🩹 Get your blood clot shot ☠️ Get your depopulation vaccination. 🙄 Do your part. 💪 The carbon output is too high. Don't be selfish. It's for the greater good. Stay home reduce carbon...ahhem I mean save lives.

It’s gonna be a hard pass for my family and I. We’re not your test lab. I suppose, until the education system in the US is addressed, paying people to not be willfully ignorant will have to do. Bribery. Ouch🖖 Nah, it’s a critical initiative to manipulate the cycle threshold What? Where? Thw vacCun Is asumE and Eerbody Need to Ktaku it

It was so easy both times getting my Vax. The shot didn't hurt at all, and the paramedics were gorgeous! My arm was a little bit sore the next day, but I could use my arms normally. I encourage everyone to get vaccinated! We need 80% of the population 2 do this 4 herd immunity.🦌 Who indemnifies the vaccine

Anything that will increase vaccination is a step in the right direction. Even Publix If only Americans had’ve embraced masks the way they have the vaccine. 😢 Hi guys, I would recommend a great Solar Lights seller on Amazon which I bought from and used for years, really got great fun and charming lighting atmosphere around house. Here is the beautiful Solar landscape lights I like so much :

Paying people to get medical treatment is not a great idea. If someone needs money but is contraindicated, they might put themselves at risk out of desperation. I don't think many people are contraindicated for these vaccines, but it's an unethical place to go LucasBidegaray My employer is offering PTO for those taking time off to get the vaccine.

thanks We’re offering 4 hours PTO on the WestCoast for each shot