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2/26/2021 3:11:00 AM

TikTok agreed to pay $92 million to settle dozens of lawsuits alleging that the app harvested vast quantities of users' personal data that was shared with third parties and could be used to surveil them without permission.

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As if that’s the only popular app that’s doing that... So wait? You mean when Trump thru a fit about being outsmarted by TikTok stans and stymied the sales. THIS he didn't feel was important to protect the American people? I bet Third Party is all the Trump websites and some banTikTok then everything will be a little bit fine. This app is from china and run by ccp.

Theft of personal data you consented to them collecting😂 They are gonna pay way more then that after they get sued for discrimination for suppressing minority creators. They may go bankrupt after all the ensuing lawsuits. Made $10k on $GME LATE DAY yesterday, so I’m giving away $100 to anyone who follows and retweets, first 20 DM’s

Hey, this 💩has to be stopped/regulated/curtailed. This is why I don't use 'popular, trendy' apps and I never will. I'd told u stuff off ur niave is bs thank you very much for your work Business as usual.