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2/22/2021 11:04:00 PM

Sens. Susan Collins and Mitt Romney say they won't support the confirmation of Neera Tanden to lead the Office of Management and Budget, citing her past criticism of Republicans on social media.

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This is so hypocritical when we had to endure such incivility and crudeness from Trump and his fellow swamp dwellers for four years. Talk about snowflakes. I understand these two are just run of the mill repugs, but given even the tepid support they gave to dump makes this position hypocritical. Poor Republican snow flakes.

Gee, since when have the republikkkans had such thin skins? Can dish it out but can't take it. This? THIS is where Susan Collins draws the line? For four years she was “very concerned” even “troubled” but a few mean tweets from a POC is too much?! Maine, she’sa joke. Do better. They've got to do something that saves face to their base since they went against Trump

Hahaha... so now criticizing republicans is a blocking excuse? Perhaps Sen. Romney should be blocked from anything GOP or Government forever... so should Collins. Sue and Mitt- just retire, your views are unfounded. MAinDelaware You mean she was speaking her right of freedom of speech?👍👍👍 She punched her own employee in the chest for asking Hillary a question on Iraq. I'm glad her corrupt investments in neo liberal democrats is not paying off.

Oh brother, really? Get a grip Actions have consequences, now she knows Both hypocrites. Let the one without sin throw the first stone. That bar is increasingly difficult to meet with so many republicans behaving so contrary to the Constitution. OMG The party of 'fuck your feelings' pretending to get offended.

Since when mean tweets are a disqualifier? Hypocritical tools. There are democrats not supporting as well... In all honesty, we cannot get mad at those republicans who confronted Trump and his lies, and voted against him, for not supporting Tanden. We respected and liked their reasons then. Let's no play games now.

Cancel ironic. Guess I could never hold office. I criticize Republicans all the time. Don't like Democrats either but the Republicans give so much to talk about lately. Now if she starts calling for violence against them, is that “enhanced freedom of speech” because they support that concept

Is this real? No one will ever get confirmed by that standard. What if she co-wrote the tweets with PJ, Squee, Tobin, and Moose? Can a grown woman not slam a beer and hate tweet with the bros? I really don't care if she slammed republicans online but thank you MittRomney and SenatorCollins Russiagate

lies are about keeping control.. exposeHATE4PROFIT time to DefundFASCISTS BANKRUPTtheTRUMPS and ALL who supported them. Accountability is key in 2021!! SenatorCollins and MittRomney After all the terrible GOP nominees you've supported with your votes, you are now going to make your stand against Neera Tanden. It would be hilarious if it weren't just plain Shameful . SenatorCollins just go away!

So insurrection is okay, mean tweets are not. Got it Is this cancel culture? I can’t tell anymore How about the CRAP Republicans slung over social media and 1000% false, false statements, false facts, false balls... Collins can suck my ass for being so flip floppy But it's okay for them to support those that have past criticism of Democrats?Oh, yeah, 4 the GOP it's always party over country no matter who the crazy, lying, anti-American coward is (jordan, gaetz, trump, graham, taylor-green, etc., etc. etc.).Being unpatriotic & proud is sad.

Snowflakes Get a real reason! What hypocrites Collins and Romney are!! Ah yes, the “I haven’t learned how to accept criticism” defence. Snowflakes Poor kids were criticized by her for their choices they want to block her appointment. What happened to whither she is qualified for the job? Is there anything that disqualifies her from her past?

The right thing for the wrong reasons. Thin skin? Republicans criticize other republicans, these two being prime examples. What kind of horse poop logic spin are they asserting exactly? Gee, she critized those hypocritical do nothing republicans. Sensitive with no backbone. She’s been pretty vile to the left (the actual left) as well. Republicans aren’t the only ones that have a problem with her.

Right call, hypocritical reason. But her tweets. What an effin' joke. Snowflakes. Well, she wasn’t wrong Really? Did we expect their support? No one cares what he thinks, we won Oh the poor babies! The little girl was SO mean to them. Who is the snowflake now? Jesus! MittRomney After four years of the Donald J Trump show with all his enablers, don’t you think it’s both ironic and disingenuous for Republicans to object to Neera Tanden based on her social media posts 🙄

So what did she say I would just read Trump's tweets about Rublicans during the hearing. So, make “acting” and move on. So only ass kissers can serve? Snowflakes! Wait until hear about the former twice-impeached president. They'll faint. SenSusanCollins MittRomney forgive me for pointing out the hypocrisy. Tandem is the perfect person for the, unlike 45 who made a mockery of the Republican Party AND wasn’t qualified. GOPHypocrisy

Collins & Romney, Such hypocrites. Really, how is having 2 Rs voice opposition to a D POTUS’s nominee a “new blow?” Rs have almost *always* opposed *everything* proposed by Ds. In reality, if all Ds are on board except Manchin, then only 1 R is needed for a tie vote, which VPOTUS will break in Tanden’s favor.

They're upset over tweets? Like... where have they been for the past 5 years? Guess it's okay when Republicans do it/ they must be really grasping at anything if the worst they have are tweets. Just admit that they won't support her because their sponsors told them not too. Snowflakes If that were the case no one would ever get confirmed by repubs. They did bring it on themselves.

Or ToxicTanden could just use her brain and just withdraw her nomination so POTUS could nominate Gene Sperling instead? 🤔 If Biden would just remember that the Sedition Caucus members are overdue to be in prison, he’d still have a majority for this vote. Absolutely despicable. They shouldn't confirm her because SHE WANTS TO BOMB OTHER COUNTRIES TO PAY OUR BILLS.

edmiester But Ric Grenell is ok? as if they are not worthy of criticism? Because republicans have such a high bar? Maybe they should resign because of things they have said about dems .MittRomney .SenatorCollins silly excuse after 4 years of IQ45’s venomous attacks on Democrats and abandoning blue states during Pandemic. But you do you.

Don't care if she trash talked Republicans, but her record is horrendous. Every progressive should be celebrating that she won't be confirmed. Democrats should override just as the republicans did! Sorry, but she’s annoying as hell. Yet the republicans had no problem allowing devos to destroy our education system..... mmkay

Wow but not a word about the former guys tweets. Some serious double standard shit there. Annnd, just like that, Mitt reverts to type, too. There are no Republicans willing to work across the aisle. The irony is priceless NOW they care about mean comments on social media? 😆 Ok, GOPers. But they voted for Kavanaugh and Barrett, so who is surprised?

How can any GOP open their mouths? Four years of horrible demeaning, racist, sexist tweets from the head of their party. Hypocrites! Shameful! What winy Antidemocratic lying obstructionist REPUBLICANS. Trying to cancel her. Soooooo by those standards no GOP would be allowed to serve either right? yet they both turned a blind-eye to twitter attacks from trump

So Republicans never criticize anyone on social media? The hypocrisy of these people is just amazing. Jeez, Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault and they confirmed him Really? Remember when MittRomney strapped his dog to the top of his car? I’m pretty sure we all criticized you. I guess I can’t be on the cabinet now.

What's that, hypocrites? Dish it out, sure! Always one way! Wah. FFS. But we can allow con artists, sexual predators, fraudsters and terrorist serve as long as they’re Republican. Gotcha. One of the most hated people in politics. Best to kick her to the curb like Hillary and move on to some new blood. Butt hurt whiny babies.

SenatorCollins MittRomney You both know how flamingly hypocritical you're being. Recall the previous 4 years of what we heard daily from Individual 1 and other Republicans. Just knock it off. so basically they won't support her because she hurt their sensitive feelings? But they accepted that from Trump?

Who’s the snowflake now? Damn! I'll never be in charge of the OMB. 🤦🏽‍♀️ “We’re voting no because she hurt our feelings.” When dude Republicans get so snowflakey? There's no such thing as a 'centrist' Republican. They've all gone Trumpist. For a group of people who have tried to tell us for years they’re moderate conservatives yet vote 90% with Trump and say they’ve learned their lesson, they’re worthy of mockery

Lol... the GOP are still denying Trump lost and are trying to overturn the election. 🤣😂 Was she wrong in her criticism? The Republican party needs to take a long look in the mirror. I see they’re wearing their hearts on their sleeves SenSusanCollins & SenMittRomney say they won't support her BC past criticism of Republicans : & Sen_JoeManchin SAID THEY Need To TEACH COLORED People Not To SpeaK “BADLY” Abt “GOOD WHITE PEOPLE With POWER In The SENATE ‼️WHOS Next JoyAnnReid RepMaxineWaters staceyabrams❓

Both are GOPers who insisted, repeatedly, that Trump's far worse tweets were not really a problem or even something the read. So this is more bad faith BS from two GOPers the media likes to present as 'moderates.' If there’s one thing Republicans won’t tolerate it’s criticism on twitter! They’re going to reject her for mean tweets , WTF

SenatorCollins, why don't you believe her when she says she won't do it again? You did with Kavanaugh. These fucking snowflakes. The GQP - party of Cancel Culture. Totally logical. Why isn’t anyone talking about how Mitt is running for POTUS? what bullshit is this? I guess the Republicans' feelings are hurt. Awww.

So what's good for the goose is not good for the gander? Snowflakes. Neera Tanden spent all of last year snidely shittin on Bernie Sanders & progressives. She showed more animosity towards Bernie than she ever did the Neocons now defending her. To see her nomination incinerated like this by the GoP & Manchin is just 🧑‍🍳 😘

If they won't support the confirmation of someone who criticized the opposition on social media, then they won't support anybody. Because THEY ALL DO IT. Mean tweets are an issue all of a sudden? Great that means no current GOP politician will ever hold a cabinet position ✅ Send her through. She should have a vote.

If Trump was nominating MTG, she'd be fine with it RepubliQans are such snow flakes So the trash of the US doesn’t like being called the trash of the US Trump did this regularly and we didn't hear a peep from these two. So now it is time to get righteous? 🙄🙄🙄 The double standard is strong with this one

Sounds like cancel culture strikes again. Don't get it twisted because ol' Bernie is pissed at her too, his fee fees got hurt because of things she said about him. This whole thing is a goddamn joke! Appoint her during recess, that what Trump did. Her words were pretty bad, but they are certainly no worse than the words of many republicans that they sent through without question. I don’t think I’d confirm her, but the hypocrisy is laughable.

Over the past 4 years, why wouldn't a sane person have 'criticism of Republicans' on social media and elsewhere. They're the party of lies, racism, and hatred. is this cancel culture Republicans are hypocrites, example 1,463,878 JFC....are you kidding supported that former POS regardless of what he said...what name he called someone...what he tweeted and what harm he caused the US...but now it matters what someone said...enough...enough...enough of the BS

Can we talk about the fact that she has taken Millions in donations from walmart? Or that she doesn't support women because she created a hostile environment for women to speak up about sexual abuse in her OWN company that she ran? They can dish it out profusely but can’t take it. Trump was ok cause he criticized democrats. 🤨

🦛🦛🦛crits. I don’t have a strong opinion on her, but how about we put hurt feelings aside and have your vote be based on her capability and qualifications? Just a thought. She absolutely should not hold office! Maybe when GOP starts acting like governing leaders and not corrupt snowflakes we will stop criticizing them. But considering how perpetually petty they are, no chance of that ever stopping.

Well that eliminates everyone. Including Romney and Collins Snowflakes Poor little snowflakes No amount of criticism of republicans can surpass the nasty, nasty last four years of criticism unleashed on anyone non republican. They can suck it up. But it was okay to bash and trash Democrats when the republicans had a bully in their corner

So now it's not about her qualifications but she hurt my fee fees? What did these republicans do for the last four years when Trump made fun of them? Snowflakes can’t take criticism. Republicans finally have a conscience on criticism from Social Media? Sounds hypocritical to me. Neera should have tried being a middle aged white male sexual miscreant which is the GOP's favorite.

Can she still get it without being confirmed She’s toast!🤦‍♀️ So now we can’t criticize republicans? They have no ground to stand on, I despise them, but I have to agree with the principle of it. So, criticism is a disqualifier? If we weren’t critical of the world around us, nothing would ever change and things would never improve. Sounds like they’re butthurt to me.

The Dems should be able to get her securely into position, right? (51 Dems-incl VP v 50 Rs.) I guess they were ok with t***p's attacks on Republicans, Democrats, men, women, children, etc. Republicans: We don't have time to read President Trump's twitter feed. Also Republicans: Wow, look at all these mean tweets a Democrat posted.

Talk about petty. Jesus. Recess appointment I always get a kick out of it when the pot calls the kettle black. Damn that’s crazy where’s the stimmy being a meanie now a disqualifier in the post-Trump years; i'm not saying being a meanie is okay, only that it's conveniently not okay now. fuck, grab a standard and stick with it, people.

I don't know exactly what the posts on social media contained, but my observations have concluded that the Republicans as a whole have a LOT to answer for and quite honestly deserve to be called out. Note that this doesn't necessarily mean all's well within other parties either. I'm tired of these two nazis. I bet they would have supported her nomination if she was white. Isn't there some way to remove Collins and Romney from Congress? They are literally white supremacists.

But MittRomney and SenatorCollins will back a guy who bragged about grabbing genitalia Hypocrite count in the SenateGOP is 100%. Have they met the former guy and his tweets? Silly reason. I will never be able to run for office Snowflakes If what was said about Republicans on social media is enough to exclude someone from being confirmed, I guess I can now safely say that I'll never be nominated for any position in Biden's cabinet. 💀

Sanders was sure to get on record his wag of his finger and scolding of yet another woman to the point of receiving an apology. It reeks of sexism. Do not let misogynists win. assholes Republicans exercising CancelCulture The very thing they complain so much about. Ignoring the candidates qualifications. Seems that some peoples first amendment rights don’t matter when it isn’t convenient.

But threats towards Democrats? That's fine! That seems like a silly criticism given all the tweets that came out of the Trump administration with name calling and lies Oh FFS More white people denigrating a woman of color for speaking truth to power. SenSusanCollins and MittRomney are hypocrites. Given how some Republicans have tweeted and raged against Dems and others. Hypocrites.

She’ll either get her job by horse trading with Manchin or via a recess appointment. This is a whole bunch of wasted ink. I have absolutely zero reason to care. Really. That’s what they’re going with? Seriously? If that was their criteria, they should have both left their party four years ago. But they did not, did they? 🤔

So no substantive criticism, just a Democrat was mean. I mean, I'm not a fan of Tanden's actual policies or beliefs, but this is ridiculous. They voted for several of Trump's more vile nominees. On the record: will they support the 2024 candidacy of Donald Trump, despite his twitter history? Amazes me that the former leader of their party used every form of media to try to humiliate any liberal he could. And they supported him. SMH.

how nice, who needs you.........just appoint her Prez Did anyone from NPR, when faced with this complete BS reason, then try to get Collins to respond to ANY of the thousands of abusive tweets from the previous president? Or nah? Susan Colins needs to learn to act right. Cancel culture?