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1/24/2021 2:13:00 PM

The ex-pharmacist accused of trying to spoil more than 550 Moderna vaccine doses last month could get up to nine months in prison and a $10,000 fine if found guilty. His charges are less than expected because the vaccine may still be viable.

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And this is why you just know that, despite all this righteous indignation and big talk, every one of the DC rioters will get off with just a slap on the ass and a stern scolding - - that'll teach 'em. Should be at least a year and a day to help ensure this SOB goes to state or federal penitentiary. A sentence as light as his skin color.

Brother! I won't be surprised if he gets no jail, $10 fine and his job back. Something tells me this isn't the first time he's Phucked Up. Demands further investigation. Such a horrible thing to do.... Permanent loss of his license, right? His charges are less than expected because fill in blank with pathetic unbelievable excuse churned out every time for certain folks of privilege

The intention was still there. Should be attempted murder!! Fry him White Male Justice We wouldn't want to ruin his life after he tried to kill numerous people afterall.🤬 Good ol’ Pharma guy Steve Brandenburg. Man of conviction (and many priors). Bye melmeldc People have died because of him That’s not the only reason his sentence is light. Light rhymes with white.

Getting off pretty easy there don't you think? UP TO a whole 9 months. Lol. So if I broke into a bank and only stole $100K when I could’ve stolen $1M, would my charges be lessened? That is ridiculous. His intent was clearly to do grave harm to hundreds. I hope at least he will be unable to work in the pharmacy industry ever again.

America: Land of the free, unfree for minorities. Will a minority pharmacist get the same sentence if found guilty of the same crime? he has both blood on his hands and slaps on the wrist. 😑 He needs to lose his license to be a pharmacist Yo how is this only a 9 month charge? This seems like a big deal.

Throw the book at him!!! 😡😡😡 His intent was very, very clear. Shouldn’t matter that the vaccine is still viable, charges shouldn’t change. We all have beliefs that are our own. He destroyed property that was not his own and for that he should be punished. So it’s only “attempted”? So... it is sort of like “attempted murder”? If the victim survives, no matter how damaged, then ... well... “it’s not like he actually killed someone”... ? 🤔🙄

My buddy worked with him. This guy is an absolute nutcase. Believe in all the conspiracy theories. Flat earth, vaccines cause autism, pizza gate, and the pedo rings. It’s sad how Q has radicalized people and still isn’t considered a domestic threat. I don’t recall him being one of those preemptively getting a Trump pardon. He’ll be on the reelection campaign committee, though?

Has he been released to his parents with the apologies of the court yet? I assume he loses his medical license as well. Good. Stupid choices give stupid prizes. It's not viable because no doctor can admister it. Wtf is 'May still be viable'; are they or aren't they? If they aren't he should be charged with a felony. As for charging him with attempted murder, what he did was disgusting, but unless he replaced the vaccine with poison that charge won't fly.

Being an ex-pharmacist seems to be the least of his problems ... but surely an appropriate response. I think this should be considered attempted murder even if they are viable. Someone with a health condition could venture out thinking they are safer than before and die. What has been happening the past few years judge sentences?

That's BS What does the viability of the vaccine have to do with his intention? Despicable. Give him the full nine months and the highest fine possible. He should also lose his license! Sick. And most important he is no longer a pharmacist That’s it? Sarcastic_Kitty He looks just as i pictured. Nut jobs everywhere!

That is a strange way to decide on charges, just because by luck, the vaccine doses MAY be viable, rather than measure the intent to harm. His career is over? He should never be able to mess with meds again ever. (And white) The charge should be attempted murder which I believe is more than a 9 month sentence.

He needs to lose his license. I thought everyone wore their trump t shirt to get their pills. Hoping for 20 years at Gitmo as a terrorist. Perhaps though, while spending his few months in daycare he drowns in a filthy prison toilet. In my opinion. He should’ve just stormed the capital with the violent mob of domestic terrorists. He would’ve gotten in less trouble, maybe none at all.

That’s it? Minimal fine/prison What the actual Should be in jail until the last person in the country gets vaccinated How are these people getting a couple of days in prison? If this isn’t 25 to life selling a dime bag definitely never was. Hmm ...planning and attempting to put in harm’s way 550 people but failing... 9 months jail time seems like a mild deterrent for other copycat wannabes.

So his potential penalty could be reduced because his intended result was diminished by luck? Is this like starting a fire to burn down a building but because it only burned down half of the building your sentence is reduced? Does that happen? Interesting how attempted murder is not on the table. If he was not caught and someone used the damaged vaccine 💉. Then what?

*his charges are less than expected because he is white The intent should matter more than the vaccines still being viable. Ridiculous. And I’m assuming he will lose his license. How about he also loses his license at a bare minimum? “May still be viable” Are you kidding? The intent is the same. He shouldn’t get less time just because he is incompetent!

Tampering with the vaccine could kill a lot of people in a highly infected state. Throw the bastard in jail for attempted murder and it won’t happen again. If, bc i have a degree i get better treatment, was a person... Possible responsibility for 1000s of deaths. Gets 9 months. Breonna Taylor was sleeping when cops killed her in her bed. But okay...

cool cool guy tries to blow up a school with kids inside yeah we let him go, it's not like the bomb went off or anything 🙄🙄🙄 Odd precedent. So because the attempted sabotage is still beneficial, the nature of the crime diminishes? Need a lawyer to explain this one to me. He should get 9 years min Y did he do this?

Where is Trump when you need him to forgive and commute your crimes? Oops, he is long gone. Justice? ‘His fines are less than expected...because he’s white.’ Fixed it. He isn't fit to swing a hammer after that. Crazy people in medicine wow. He looks well Nine months?! White privilege. Lock Him Up!!! You can get three years in Rikers for stealing a backpack. Good thing these assholes were ... pharmacists.

Only none months? How many are imprisoned for small quantities of marijuana for YEARS? EmCBull 'His charges are less than expected BECAUSE HE'S WHITE.' Fixed that for you. This some bullshit too It should have been 550 counts of attempted murder. He would’ve been charged with more if he had weed in his pocket 🤦‍♀️

will be be kept permanently out of Healy care professions? Still viable? I wouldn’t want those doses. Did he know the vaccine would still be viable at the time he attempted to sabotage it? Doesn’t matter if it actually IS, if his intent was for it to be ruined, he was endangering lives. Nine months for that

This should be attempted murder. This is like attempting to disable the brakes on someone's car. He unilaterally decided that the end of someone else's life was a risk he was willing to take. Black people get Death Row for just being on the same street as an OIS, but this guy can hinder pandemic recovery efforts and get off with a couple months and a fine. brokenSystem

The anti-science pharmacist. That is not how it should work. Kalief Browder, accused of stealing a backpack, spent 3 years in Rikers without a trial because he couldn’t afford bail. Crystal Mason is spending 5 years in prison because she voted by mistake in Texas, not realizing she was ineligible as a convicted felon. Both are black.

Was it ever found out why? This is one example of why fake news is so dangerous! Wow, I am infuriated by this. Like Republicans who want us to “move on” because Trump’s coup attempt was narrowly averted. 😡 Whether the vaccine is viable or not, the intent was still there. That shouldn’t change his sentence. He’s a horrible person.

I have an idea! How about we quit cutting slack on religious lunatic pharmacists deciding to place God's Judgement on Earth? How about that? Please? Uhh...That’s fuckin Heisenberg, people. JoeTalkShow hey douchepags....looks like another of yours. everyday something new with your audience. give him the max. and who would want those vaccines he tainted anyways

So kind of like attempted murder when the victim fails to die... 🤔🚮 That’s all World Each Country Each Houses Against Each Imperial Royal Palaces and Each of the Royal Palaces Against Each Pule'anga Kakato Fakatahataha 'o Mamani Against Each Others With Each Credit Check Bureau Impeachment Petion Letters Appealing Case in Court Recovery Relief Act Declared

Nut Are they going to revoke his license or just let him move on to another medical staff? mcouvaris That’s all!!!! 🤬🤬🤬 Look at that, he already has orange on. Fuck this guy he should face some real time. There is no doubt about it: Donald Trump and many of his supporters are racists. The problem is: many people are racists, but they do not know that they are. What exactly is racism, and what makes a person a racist?

Will he lose his pharmacy license His lawyer's 'voice mail was full.' Hooboy, I bet it was. I'd probably be reconsidering taking this case if I were them. We've lost a whole year to this thing and it looks like we're going to lose another. Make him serve two years for every spoiled dose. Nine months? We have people doing 10 years for marijuana

American people should write letters for the removal of his license and increase in punishment to the Wisconsin State Attorney and the Pharmacist Board in the state WisDOJ Is THIS why he went to pharmacy college? That's crazy. How is it not a felony to tamper with meds going into someone's body? Who will ever trust that vaccine? I hope they have to inform people before they are given it

Our Justice System is for 'Just Them'. This is a blatant act of biological terrorism and it looks like this guy is gonna get a slap on the wrist 😳😈 We can't keep cuddling the 'Timothy McVeighs' amongst us. 9 months in prison. How symbolic. Only 9 months for potentially spoiling 550 doses of a vaccine in the worst public health crisis in 100 years? For potentially preventing 550 people from getting sick or dying? He should get life, no parole, at best.

Why? He should lose his license to practice as well. No, the charges are less than expected because of, oh I don’t know. 🙄 The intent is still profound. What if the'Vaccine' is Not 'Viable' then what!! He should be judged on intent! 550 counts of attempted murder is 9 months, makes sense No ma'am. Anything he touched needs to go in the trash. Don't put any vaccine that he had access to into anyone's body!

But he hasn’t said WHY he thought the vaccine was bad to the police? It was just “bad”? Pharmacists are educated, trusted members of the healthcare team. This is disgusting on so many levels, because this man likely was in charge of medications that treat so many patients. Who knows if this was his first time sabotaging meds?

Rage Against the Vaccine. And they put 'pot smokers' in jail 4 yrs.? WoW what a mess! 9 months!!!! That’s a joke We’re gonna need to build a Quantanamo for all of these Qidiots The Two-Tier Justice system Rules! It's not like he was black with a possibly forged $20. I mean that crime requires a death sentence...

The white privilege is staggering. Also, why this vaccine? How come MAGA folks aren’t concerned with “microchips” in the MMR vaccine? Or the flu vaccine? Why THIS COVID-19 one? What the actual f*$?! It’s so weird that a vaccine has become a point of contention for human beings horrible Just 9 months? Judge must be in the Cult.

He should lose his license. So what! He still did the dirty deed! Just another Republican acting like a Republican