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1/22/2021 7:58:00 AM

The lineup of speakers at this year's National Prayer Service included: • 2 transgender faith leaders • Clergy supportive of LGBTQ rights • Prayers from Muslim, Hindu and Sikh leaders • A prayer recited in Navajo by the Navajo Nation's president

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OHFL0410 A president who’s not talking about his ratings How diverse. Oops! that was the point, right? Would love to hear Shelby Steel's take on this 'lineup', as you call it. So Christians don't matter anymore? Impeach biden. 😎👁 Why do we have a national prayer day? Doesnt belong making laws for America

Nothing has changed…Pray to your own god in Your own way. “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 NIRV AceandJasper PRAYER IS WORTHLESS Great and all but I like my religion separate from the government. Mark 10:6 However, from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.’

No atheists. Not a religious person (atheist here), but this is awesome. And I'm so happy to see Biden fulfilling his promise of inclusion and representation for our native brothers and sisters 3 I think what this attempts to address is that many Americans are responsive to hearing or being led in prayer. This has far less to do with implying ours is a whole nation of any one faith but that many in our nation practice A faith.

Next time add Pagans/ Wiccans etc... Can we just get rid of this event entirely. We should not have a National Prayer anything. Typical government 'religious' event. Everyone welcome but Jesus the Christ. This should be cancelled. It is nothing but a veiled lobbying event. Or, hear me out on this one, we could as a secular nation, just not have one.

Beautiful This will obviously piss people off because it’s not traditional Christian prayer, but this is exactly what the constitution was designed to create. Equal representation- in this case religious equality. a President for ALL of the people No Catholic priest huh?...oh yeah we only drag that out during election years...what a hypocrite.

We need all prayers we can get The speaker at the last 4 years’s National Prayer a service is the same - Money Yeah, true reflection of America LMFAO Pagans not invited, as usual. Fuck the atheists I guess stayherewitus Why is Description Necessary, Can they Be Speakers Line up for National Prayer Service are Newly Appointed Americans,Names Calling Incited More Violence, We are Americans

No evangelical leaders & no Catholic priests at Devout Roman Catholic Joe Biden's National prayer service? Just a list of religious leaders designated by their cool, acceptable demographics, rather than their names, and which doesn't include the two majority religions in America? If they were serious about diversity: Agnostic: I know many of you are wondering whether a Higher Power would want us gathering here today and for what purpose. What I can tell you - what I believe in my heart... is that I just don't know. Congregation: We just don't know!

I remember trump faking religion and belief So in other words, people of faith....not just people of one very specific faith. (CNN)Thousands of National Guardsmen have been moved to a parking garage after they were told they could no longer use space within the US Capitol Complex, including areas like the cafeteria of a Senate office building, as a rest area, multiple Guardsmen told CNN.

They need to include rural Christians too. Include everyone. Nothing says unity like leaving out Christians thanks Is this really necessary?