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1/16/2021 2:06:00 PM

The Capitol beefed up internal security this week, and some Republican lawmakers did not take it well. Rep. Rodney Davis told a member of Democratic leadership that the new measures were 'bulls***,' and that they were diverting valuable resources.

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How is securing democracy a bad thing? Unless of course, you want to see it attacked. What is wrong with these people? Lock them up! So they are having the same treatment as children in schools with metal detectors and they don’t like it? 🤔 anybody in congress say 30 yrs in iraq 20 yrs afghan 10 libya lets try 1989

Why these measures are not used at borders ? mtgreenee is a threat to security. Search her thoroughly. She acts like she could go off at any second. Be careful. GOP ProjectLincoln AP A week and some change after they hunkered down from a mob set to kidnap and possibly kill SOH & VP, they’re all “nah, we don’t need more security”. Either they are completely dense or don’t want more precautions to keep their friends from attempting that again.

they need a physical fence to funnel into the metal detector and a 'airlock' with a physical gate on it-so they cannot try to go around it. If they don't like it, they could just leave. If some Republicans don't want to be check, they can just leave, anyway, they are not helping to advance policies that aid the US population.

We all have to follow the rules of our employer. If you don't or can't then you should leave. Everyone else will be safer without you being in the Capitol. These nut cases should go run for office in Russia where they would fit in better Grow up Diverting them from what Let’s hope he’s correct So defensive!

Bottom line is, if you can’t trust a president, you can’t trust his party. Simple So it’s okay for our kids in school to have detectors but not for you? Wah wah. az_morr I wonder where mr Davis feels these “ resources” should be directed. How else are they going to help overturn the government if we put more security?

Trump spent $145 million on golf, fuck they’re arguments. Of course they did. How can anyone be against security? Would they say the same for our schools and airports? Terrorists stormed the capital with intent to the behest of the Republican Party and its Dear Leader. All these Karen’s need to relax or find another job, they obviously aren’t fit to serve in a time of crisis.

I'm sure plenty of American school children would gladly donate their school's metal detectors to Congress. And Pelosi needs to enforce the fines for not abiding by the new rules. If these newbies don't like it, they can quit/leave like they tell others to do. It does feel a little bit like they're implying 'WE'RE safe, so these measures are unnecessary' which kind of make you wonder.

God help us! After all of the 'thoughts and prayers' the Congressional Republicans have sent to the many school shooting victims and their families over the years, I would hope that others would find it in their own hearts to return the favor in the wake of their own traumatic experience. They want everyone to have all the guns and children to walk through metal detectors to attend school, but they cry when they have to do what they have forced upon American children because guns?!?

Rules don’t apply to Christians because they answer to a higher power ❄️❄️❄️ CHRISTIAN WHITE SUPREMACISTS ARE IN POLITICAL OFFICE AND IN LAW ENFORCEMENT AND ARE BEING AIDED BY THE REPUBLICANS. THEY WANT TO DESTROY AMERICA. Wow. Just wow. Not a good wow either. More like ewww, 🤢 wow. Chaos creators, just like Trumpty-Dumpty. 🙄

I’m glad to see the leader of the Karen caucus is representing her constituents How many of those btch'in had to walk thru TSA at the airport? Boo-hoo, they're pissed because they don't get special treatment anymore. Even pilots and flight attendants have to go through security at airports. What makes these people so special, anyone can be a potential threat.

Republican lawmakers is now synonymous with cry babying. Can we please turn the phrase republican lawmakers into a verb for wetting the bed? I.e my 2 year “republican lawmaker “ in her bed today so now I have to wash the seats GOP And yet people vote for these nits. RodneyDavis but you are okay with our children having to pass through metal detectors every day for school? How about the need to remove shoes and belts at the airport? Why do you feel you are special?

As usual - Bad-mouthing Utter Nonsense from this 'elected' representative. nytimes latimes MiamiHerald ‘Bullshit’ is all these people got. It’s not real oppresssion. Just do it. We don’t feel sorry for you. Wow...are elected officials still role models? What the hell is wrong with these people. Dear Republicans: we understand you don’t like the new security protocols. Many others don’t like them as well. They called themselves Antifa, and they seemed very angry with you. Since you didn’t want the security, we left them sitting in your office. Best of luck!

If this is what it takes to get republicans to move funding away from military spending and towards social programs in the future, sure. Whine about it until new budgets are passed, for all our sakes. Do they argue with TSA agents as well? Republicans need to go. Simple as that. Pure evil. Of course they do because they are above the law. Have you seen the rap sheet onLauren Boebert. Outstanding American citizen we have representing the folks of Colorado and our nation.

Imagine constantly bitching this much at any other job. I guess we won’t see them at basketball games, on flights, or in some schools because of those big bad metal detectors stopping them with their overarching power to take away rights You can’t get into any federalbuilding for years now without going through security, so how come this just started? And no bitch, you aren’t special. Go through if you want to vote or stay home

At the end we know some republicans are lunatics! The valuable resources that are being diverted obviously is another tax cut for their donors. The entitlement these people display is both grandiose and obstructionist! Grow up and act like an adult! I'm gonna try that at my local courthouse.... Stop carrying firearms in our Capitol building, assholes. It's 🤡s like laurenboebert that tote these guns like a toy to assert their own bullshit propaganda. If our elected politicians require weapons to grant them courage for stating their policy, then the policy probably is💩

White privilege at its best. Inconvenience everyone else everywhere, airports, schools, public buildings but not them where there’s credible evidence that an attack may come after a recent one. Simply, it boils down to 'I'm White so I decide which rules apply to me'. That's it, that simple and shitty. We ask how they get elected. Clearly those districts however drawn are packed with simple and shitty people who now blurt out loud their shitty head voice

Snowflakes Some people just want to be mad about anything, even if it doesn’t make any sense Riots have consequences It is of the Parties making.. Their silence to Trump's lies and division led to the need for extra security. Some of the GOP were even cheerleaders. So, now they are displeased... Sorry, Not Sorry.

I didn’t know that protecting our nations capital was considered bullshit. Because they are co-conspirators. Is the Republican Party okay? Like can we use some of our tax dollars to send them to therapy? “It’s okay just try and tell me how the constitution made you feel” Are they the same people that gave tours on the 5th and/or inflamed the 'True Believers'?

Making it a little too easy to weed out the insiders lol My god. If there were a statue of Karen, this would be the pose. If they don’t like the new security measures, Just Quit! I wonder how their feel about officers on high school grounds? Did anyone ask them about the school to prison pipeline? Gun rights? Anyone?

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes... except when it’s us. Foh Now they know what it's like to enter many of our public schools. What are they trying to sneak in? Isn't that for their own safety? What do they have to hide? And...diverting valuable resources? How much of tax payer dollars disappeared and was funneled into personal accounts of corrupt politicians? GOPIsCorrupt GOPHypocrisy GOPComplicitTraitors failedGOPleadership

Next thing you know, all Republicans everywhere will decide they don’t have to go through metal detectors anymore because it infringes on their freedom. Just wait. GOP snowflakes Qaren would like to speak to the manager. She needs a chill pillow or something to lower her temperature. Pointy fingers are rude.

This woman must be remove now she started a lot of this dangerous attack Rod is a panty waist, carried water 4 demented donny, in Congress too long. RepRodneyDavis Molon Labe, huh? perhaps they missed the Part where the Persians did indeed come and take them... So much for law and order. But these are not republicans they are self obsessed trumpians

I have to show my badge upon request at work along with many of us working class people. Lawmakers should be no different following last weeks insurrection. SeditionHasConsequences I thought they were the party of law and order? I guess as long as the law and order isn't directed at them. RodneyDavis Do better.

Not very conservative of them 🤷‍♂️ These people are such CHILDREN. Your colleagues almost died, ffs! Have some respect. Grow up! I don’t understand these people. Don’t they want the protection? Snowflakes THATS BC THEY ARE UP TO SOMETHING!!! Stay awake ppl. Trump has started a trend on new idiotic law makers

Delusional lawmakers shouldn't be allowed to carry weapons. Period. He can go TF home... Sucks to not be in charge Probably diverted Rep. Davis' handgun to his glove compartment. I guess they don’t fly; well, anyway, if they’re too stupid to realize how close they were to being slaughtered last week, and don’t like it, they can leave.

They need to hand out boxes of tissues to the GOP. The rivers if tears they are crying is making the floor a bit to slippery, which is a hazard. Clearly the GOP has never visited a court room, an airport, or a school. They opposed going thru the metal detectors - but Law n Order right They all need to be fired! If they were doing this in a normal job or place of business they would have been let go or asked to leave already. Embarrassing!

cannot trust anyone after insurrectionists given pre-event tours. should require duct tape over the mouths and noses of those refusing to wear masks. Who knew Congress had that many people named Karen? For calling Dems snowflakes over the past 4 years, they sure do seem to melt fast when confronted on anything.

LAW AND ORDER! (for everyone but me) They are just trying to make the place safe. People broke into the building with weapons and (at least one) bomb earlier this month and they're complaining about security being raised like nothing happened If any other national event didn't increase security afterward these same people would complain that they needed more

He was probably part of the AttemptedTrumpInsurrection. Well, you know, had the GOP not supported the fake notion that the election was 'stolen' thereby empowering the insurrectionists, they wouldn't be in this position now. 😡 Since when do Republicans care about wasting resources? Hello? trump's wall?

Our kids walk through metal detectors daily at school, and don’t throw fits. You know, if you have nothing to hide, this shouldn’t be a big deal. And if you don’t like know where the door is. Don’t let it hit you on your ass on the way out. Rats caught in a trap scream, too. Let them scream. In a word if you don't want security measures beefed up after what happened in our capital...Do us all a favor and resign.

If Republicans don’t wanna play by the rules then go home find something you would rather do. You know what REALLY diverts valuable resources? A full out seditionist riot on the Capitol. RodneyDavis you have to wear a mask and you can’t come in packing. not so hard...unless you are just an ass 'The rules don't apply to me!!!!'

But they want our kids to be ok with fences, metal detectors, bullet resistant walls, mass shooter drills, clear backpacks, mental anguish/trauma, ... “F*** Them” This feels like in Lost when Micheal is frantically mean to ppl who want to help bc he’s trying to secretly kill everyone Yes, they are diverting valuable resources that can be used to finish building the wall, or eliminate tax for the wealthy, or destroy public education so it can be privatized. How dare they?

If they are so offended they should resign because not enough of them will condemn one of the main participants in the events of last week, FORMER PRESIDENT TRUMP Who DF cares what these treasonous piles of 💩have to say? Let them whine. They’re just mad that it’s harder for them to allow their white supremacist buddies into the building now, like they did last Wednesday.

'Diverting valuable resources' is an amusing claim to make when these are the same people who don't bat an eye at ballooning the military budget, but balk at increasing the minimum wage, coronavirus relief, or education funding. If you have nothing to hide, just walk on through. These politicians are giving a message to others that this type of dangerous behavior is somehow 'good'. It trickled down from Donald Trump who was the voice of power, danger and unfounded conspiracy.

Their elitist white privilege is showing. I seem to remember a saying spewed repeatedly by Republicans over the last 4 years, oh yea, if they don’t like it they can leave If it's do difficult then 'effin resign. You're not special. Problem solved. People here think metal detectors would have prevented recent events is comical.

I'll bite, what does conspiracy Barbie's mask say now? Then they put this idiot on the front page of this article. She’s been, dumb, and will be one term. Okay no matter how right or left leaning you are you have to agree that it's absolutely stupid to complain about increased security measures after a mob of angry terrorists tried to kill you and your colleagues.

How can I say this politely...fuck ‘Em. Kinda like the TSA. Or HSA. Or the entirety of the gov RodneyDavis doesn’t care that a mob attacked the Capitol with the intent to kill his colleagues?! would he still be objecting if his own life had been in danger? i just do not see how anyone would oppose stronger security measures unless they wanted armed people in the Capitol!

Obviously legislators are just trying to protect themselves from - ahem - other legislators. Was he the one who was wearing a gun in the Capitol during the riot and is probably upset that the metal detector would stop him from doing so in future? Haha since most of them were the cause of the new security measures.

why would a group of unstable people want a less secure workplace? 🤔 Republicans have no problems when our kids are subject to such measures because they refuse to limit gun ownership, so... I really don't care about their entitled rage. 😂😂 If they're finding it so distasteful, imagine how all those kids feel in schools where they have active police, metal detectors, and have their bags searched. This is the America they've made from the comfort of Washington. Maybe they'll actually start legislating for change now?

Well .RodneyDavis from NPR article you called BS on the security measure upgrade by Capitol Hill. Considering your vote of Nay for resolution 24. I think it takes one to know one after what occurred that day. Remove her now before the capitol get attack again Greene is wearing a known white supremacist motto on her mask in this photo.

If it would have been brown or black people attacking the capitol the would comply no problem ... just how they comply with TSA . Low key they think if it happens again they will go untouched because they helped incite and plan this. But this might have inspired other terrorists This bullshit has to end.

karenrepbarbie another entitled white woman! This country is going down the drain Whaaaaaaa. Tell your problems to school children who do this every day!!! They. Bought. It. Someone call the 🚨🚑WAHMBULANCE🚑🚨 for these whiney snowflake toddlers! Do widdwe wepubwicans need a WAHMBERDER 🍔 with FRENCH CRIES 🍟 to feew bedder? 🥺😭

Don't like the rules? No entry. Do we really need a nightclub bouncer? wait until they get to high school. At this point it’s clear where the Republicans stand in terms of violent white supremacy groups. They don’t fear them and there’s a reason why. We need to work together to get these people out of positions of power.

Since the GOP helped with the attack, who's to say the 'packing' ones and friends are not going to go in full throttle. None of them should be trusted. Yea, so weird for congress to take steps to make sure nobody has weapons 1 week after a violent attack with details suggesting several House and Senate repugs involved. While we’re at it, let’s do away with metal detectors at airports too. Valuable resources wasted en masse. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Maybe if the GOP members that were giving tours to the insurrections the day before the raid weren’t still on staff there may not be as much as a need for it. But until then, this is the new normal you caused. Deal with it or quit. Don’t be late & don’t bring a gun, simple as that. Assign a secret service detail to Boebert 24/7, with instructions to protect everyone else from her.

Diverting valuable resources? Seriously? The code of the West dictates that you NEVER bring your gun to the table. Everyone knows that! These are posers. 🤠 School children and employees have to go through metal detectors, what’s the problem here? How can they even begin to complain about added security.? If they don’t like it they are free to resign.

That billionaires' tax cut diverted valuable resources. That failed coup attempt has diverted valuable resources. Trump's selfishness and greed have diverted valuable resources. They need to just shut up and walk through the damn detectors. I went in and out of NOLA after Katrina and it was a nerve wracking chore. I had to show proof of a hep c vaccine, documentation from an existing business within NOLA, my truck and trailer inspected by military with their finger on the trigger. MAGAS are such abject pussies

Aren't they worried Antifa is going to show up at the Capital and get them...? Wasting resources is providing Secret Service protection for adult children not involved in the government as they go on vacations, private business trips and shopping Legislators can only take liquids with them in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 milliliters each. These containers should be packed in one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of not more than one litre capacity per legislator.

It’s like republicans want their democratic coworkers to get shot Rodney Davis has a wonderful vocabulary. Must be one of his congressional qualities. Blame trump Some of their supporters are domestic terrorists and traitors. The security is their own fault. Like so many Republicans I know, these GOP congresspersons are self-centered toddlers. Unable to comprehend that other people exist. Only their immediate wants and needs matter, and if they don't get what they want, a bawling tantrum ensues.

They really enjoy playing the victim. Always. How do they fly? Do they avoid metal detectors at airports & whine at TSA agents too? Where was Rodney last Wednesday? Seems like the party of “national security” is no longer holding that “title.” I will gladly divert my tax dollars that pay the salaries of these lawmakers toward holding them accountable.

They (republicans) hate laws when they are directed at them. Are they mad because it makes it harder for them to get their terrorist cronies in? Suck it up buttercups! Where there is smoke—there’s fire. It makes me very suspicious. Why are members so angry? What is being thwarted here? I wonder how Rodney would feel if one of those demonstrators got ahold of him last week.

Huh. Diverting people like him from carrying guns into the chambers. I’d say that’s well worth it. The Republicans have let the nut cases through the front door and into their elected offices. So yes, this is now needed. Throw them out of Congress then. She doesn't care that some of the other members were scared for their lives. She wasn't in danger so nbd. Selfish!

SeditionHasConsequences TraitorsToDemocracy GOPSeditiousTraitors And the way these people act. They are like 5 year olds who don’t want to do something. Yelling cuss words at security because you don’t like it. Grow up Republicans. We need this extra security because of you. You know this, are embarrassed, and acting out.

thoughtsandprayers What does her mask say? If I can fit 16 kindergarteners and myself in a closet in complete darkness you can go through a metal detector InsideJob Who takes a gun to the workplace outside of law enforcement? They just wallow in ignorance and low life antics, thinking this is some side of the road truck stop ..she probably couldn't even list one legislative priority for her district...

What the hell is wrong with Republicans You would think that after what just happened they would want more security. Unless they want this. Unless the Republicans want insurrection. Hmmm, I wonder. Very strange. NOT DIVERTING VALUABLE RESOURCES I need to become a GOP Congressperson. I mean a job where you can just say “f*** the rules! I’m going to do whatever I want!” A 4 day work week, breaks all the time, you don’t actually have to do anything, and then you can bitch about how terrible your coworkers are?! Sign me up!

Suck it up buttercups, your support of Trump and his B.S. over the so called election fraud and causing an attack on the capitol is 100% in your lap period! Deal with it! I pray soon these people will be sent home . They obviously have something to hide why else would they object to measures to keep them safe !

Oh cry. Me. A. River.. gop They don’t mind imposing these same restrictions on us... Oh Karen Who in their right minds is against security that saves lives? 🤷‍♀️ Why would you NOT want your workplace to be as safe as possible? Don't we put alarms on our home doors and windows to alert us of an intruder? This is no different. It's just another line of defense for their safety.

Then maybe they should not carry guns! The big expense is the fortress around the capitol that their stupidity caused! They have no right to complain! And they should comply with capitol police suggestions! don’t like it. resign Until the investigations are completed, this should stand. No one gives an absolute SHIT what Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Lauren Boebert think. Those two have fucked around and found out that Nancy isn’t playing anymore.

'This is political correctness run amok. The threat is outside, not inside. Every resource used inside is one that can't be used outside...' Yes, tell me about January 6 again? Lmao. What a joke they are. Never complained when trumps children wasted money The so called law and order party cannot live with a simple security measure!

Now they almost have to go through the same thing tens of thousands of children do when they go to school Immature asses don’t get a say. These people have apparently had their butts saved when they screwed up for far too long and never experienced consequences for their actions. Welcome to the real world.

F republicans. They oppose anything that doesn't directly deposit money into their own accounts. Please remove that group from office. They don’t deserve to be there. Terrible. Shameful. How did people get so unreasonable?!! Republicans are just mad that they can’t go to work armed to the teeth and ready to have a violent coup at any moment

If a no-brainer like this is too difficult to understand they must be up to something. Do they carry in court? Adults like this are pathetic For grown men and women, they sure do act like children. Disturbing also is how they scream at the people just doing their job screening people for entrance into the building. Tells me all I need to know about how they see/treat other people

Instead of being pissed, maybe they should work to create an America where metal detectors are not necessary and they can start with schools. my wife's school employed metal detectors because you people in congress did nothing to stop school shootings Having an elaborate red carpet event with military send off when most off the country thought you were already gone because you haven't worked in weeks is diverting valuable resources.

I vote to quickly pass a resolution banning those who believe they’ve above the law to finish out their terms via Zoom from a remote location... This from a group of people that don’t believe in participation trophy’s . Ok ! My local courthouse has better security measures in place than the Capitol. Will the new security measures detect pillows?

Crybabies. I’d bet the Venn diagram of these people and the ones that refuse to wear masks is basically a circle. One big idiotic circle. They did a failed coup. For some, future security measures are going to include the old squat and cough. Sucks to treason. Trump brought the trash in. How did the GOP become such a whiney crybaby? Since it adopted Trump? Probably.

This from the group that is ok with installing the same security it schools across America just so they could appease their now bankrupt NRA. Absolutely worthless human beings. No one gives a shit what traitors think NPR. Less articles like this please. How about the people and citizens terrorized by these nut cases?

They own every last bit of this carnage! No respect for america! Gee, maybe take a closer look at everyone balking at security? After making school kids deal with it for years and having us all strip down to underwear after a shoe bomb they can deal with extra security after 4 people died died during a security breach. Thoughts & prayers. 🙏

Fine for your kids.. It's like they aren't accustomed to 'normal' life. But believe them when they say they represent you. Just not this stuff. Everything else.. Totally like you. They promise. Are those the same republicans who led tours through the Capitol the day before so insurrectionists would know where to go?

They need to grow up. I was in the Army following 9/11.To get on base, i had to show my ID and have my car inspected. They are being asked to follow the same security protocols school children follow every single day. I think they do protest too much. SeditionHasConsequences 'The threat is outside, not inside. Every resource used inside is one that can't be used outside' This is an interesting point. Not disagreeing but curious: why are they more strict inside now?Was there a viable threat that fellow politicians were going to shoot their opponents?

Any House Republicans throwing fits about it just adds to the copious amounts of evidence that they all need to be removed from Congress. HE tried to stop the votes from being certified & has been very deep into the Trump support. HE IS A PROBLEM. apexnerd Wait till they hear what school kids go through.

🐱💭 While The Republicans are going through something, keep your distance! Interfering with their ability to commit treason! That's why they're upset! They need to leave! I'm looking forward to the post-Trump reboot of , which has spent the last 4 years trying to avoid criticizing Trumpism. If elementary school kids can walk through one so can this cow

We literally have children in power positions. Wtf happened to this country? “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Let's keep track of which ones are throwing fits, shall we? You don't need a gun on the floor of a legislative body, and especially now bringing one is a clear threat. We have every reason to believe some of them would be planning to use them on fellow lawmakers.

Learn to plan your time better If they could just take a couple of actual acting classes, they wouldn't sound like that Florida bagel shop woman. Oh, poor babies...having to be inconvenienced like the rest of us, because of the likelihood of second insurrection against our country. So sad, so sad :( They would. Creeps.

some of these republican traitors want less people around so they can leave open secure doors and guide people again. smh. tell them to worry about themselves and how long they will have jobs instead of everyone else who really doesn't give a fuck about what they have to say. smh Tough shit. Get used to the new normal you all created.

I'm scratching my head at this. 'The threat is outside, not inside.' Ok, last week the threat was INSIDE because some of your buddies let them in. I would welcome extra security because apparently the Capitol was sorely lacking. The law and order crowd have a difficult time dealing with law and order. Who knew? 🥴

This is standard in AU in both parliament and courts Trump legacy will be one of hate and ruining Republican Party. GOP is such a joke now RodneyDavis You are not serving the people. Stop whining or find a new job. It’s not about you. Why would they balk at walking through the metal detector? Are they carrying unlicensed weapons? Are they carrying illegal weapons? Are they carrying multiple weapons? Is it the ammunition clips? What is it? I'm guessing cowardice & sedition.

Does this sound more like “Do as I say and not as I Do!” As a person elected to serve Your job is to Set the Example! You ask for laws and regulations and yet you bitch when asked to keep your work place safe? Simple, Comply or leave the building. One guy tried to blow up his shoes on an airplane and we all have to take our shoes off. Now that I think of it, didn’t some guy try to blow up his underwear? Off with the underwear! I wouldn’t be in the chamber with those nuts.

No the real bullshi& is having too spend taxpayers money on beefing up security at the Capitol because of some stupid lawmakers and constituents destroying our Capitol, no one should be allowed too enter the Capitol area for the inauguration let alone with a damn gun. Hmmm! Rep Davis are you part of the insurrection with further ulterior motives? That’s the only logical conclusion for your reaction to the increased security measures!

Just think! We could replace half of Congress with a kindergarten class...and no one would notice!! had blm done this they would be pushing for military protection of the capitol I wonder why Republicans are upset about increased security at the Capitol right after it was sieged by an insurrection that was planned, aided, and abetted by inside forces. Just can't imagine why🤔

GOP They brought maps, zip ties & weapons. That was a planned event of terrorism. I really don't care how inconvenienced you feel going through a metal detector. In the meantime, Army soldiers are sleeping on the marble floors of the same building. These calls of 'Unity and Healing' from the right after stoking this fire for months are disgusting.

Here's a clip of Trump before and after the Capitol riot. Explain this 'anti-security' reaction. Please 'let the cat out of the bag' and tell us why a gun-totting new Rep from CO refuses to go thru a metal detector. Members of congress are carrying weapons to work? Play insurrection games, win insurrection prizes.

Are you interested in earning extra income in every 7 days aside what you are doing for a living?Invest in Bitcoin mining and earn over 300% profit within 7 days,you don't send money or your BTC to me or anyone as deposit. DM for more info,or PM on Telegram +12053776878 What employer allows you to decide what you'll do at your place of employment? How many school kids have to walk through metal detectors every school day because these freaks think every whack job has the right to carry. Nice role models for our kids.

Children. RodneyDavis Perhaps if the GOP didn’t incite violence and spread lies law abiding US citizens wouldn’t have to pay for your protection. Once again, the Republicans DON'T lead by example and act like spoiled children. It's a metal detector. Get over it. We all had to. Stop thinking you're 'special'.

Feel free to resign to solve your entitled problem They should be removed. These politicians need to learn how to conduct themselves this loud obnoxious disruptive behaviour needs to stop Well that’s not very “law and order” or Blue Lives Matter of them! If blue lives matter shouldn’t these lawmakers be respecting officers as they simply try to carry out their orders? What am i missing? mtgreenee laurenboebert

Starabelle32 For some Republican members to suggest that the threat is on the outside and not from within is simply not the truth. The truth is some Republican members were assisting the insurrection by letting insurrectionists know where certain members were. They wanted to kill Pence. They shouldn’t align themselves with seditionists then!

I guess if I was directing a mob I wouldn't feel that frightened either. I remember when Democrats said that more guns and more police made them feel less safe. Why the change? 🤔 How are we supposed to think they opposed an insurrection when they are complaining about prevention measures for the next one? Like do they think it was no prob that the Capitol was ransacked or what? This is a crazy stand to take. Rs are fully deranged.

they're right. I think they should quit. yep all the Republicans should just quit, and go home and stay there. please It makes it harder for the right wing to orchestrate another attack, sorry Republicans forced these security measures by spreading conspiracy theories that lead to an armed insurrection by their crowd and now cry fowl.

I'm happy to see the fines that non-adherance will earn them. These Republicans behave worse than children. Their arrogance and entitlement is incredible. Shame on their terrible example! F*cking snowflakes. Snowflakes The entitlement and privilege is truly disgusting. I wouldn't feel safe being around Q nuts either.

She's the worst kind of human being Just keeps going back to the script remember when Paul Ryan was the speaker of the house and imposed a dress code? Republicans are all about controlling you but the last thing they want to do is to control themselves.This generation of Republicans leaves us longing for the old days.

She need some more bleach for that hay on her head 范楚漳Prophet of Environment:Election is 1branch attempt unconstitutionally taken over other branch.Environment refused to recognize Biden Administration.Result is total elimination of population w unprecedented suffering except those physically oppose his party rule survive

范楚漳,環境先知,Prophet of Environment: Environmental Mandate, (0th)Zeroth Amendment to USAConstitution:Fundamental principle of🇺🇸government is'Balance of Power'for Americans,No members of 3 Branches of Government can qualify positions of other Branches!Arrest Obama/Biden/Harris