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Joe Biden snapped back at a voter who accused him of being too old to run for president during a town hall in Iowa. The reason he's running was because he's 'been around a long time' and 'knows more than most people know.'

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when you can't argue on facts and reason, resort to personal attack, that and wanting kids to rub you legs.......Joe you are so much like the current WH occupant Trump jr. DNC Ummmm, sorry JoeBiden , as a retired Health Care Provider I happen to agree that you and SenSanders are BOTH TOO OLD TO RUN FOR POTUS. ⭐️Life expectancy white males is 76.1⭐️. PLEASE STEP DOWN!

I hate him. I hope that ruined him as nominee and we can get back to the others Joe Biden stood up to a Russian Bot. I like how the article from this 'neutral' news organization fails to mention that JoeBiden insulted the gentleman's weight. Almost as if they want it to be forgotten. JoeBidenApologize

This was the same guy that said Biden was just like trump and heard it on MSNBC. Yes, HE WAS LIEING. I was glad to see Biden back hard and move onto the next question! This man exposed the corruption of the Creepy J. Biden + Hunter. The Biden family tree of corruption. Starts at the root, moves up the trunk and down the limbs. The entire family is crooked.

WTG BIDEN!!! Get his sorry ass! “Damn Liar” is the new “Deplorables” Instead of addressing the man’s concern he had a tantrum. Biden will get my vote, as Hillary did, if he’s the nominee. But what a disgraceful candidate.

NPR Choice pageI’m surprised they don’t call it blasphemy and tell their kids it’s really Jesus lighting the tree. Oooh Girl! Shock me like an electric eel! Lol 🐍⚡ No no, Rudolph was the buck with Christmas lights wrapped around his antlers!

Watch Biden speak for yourself, and then tell me who you think the damn liar is...... and then remember these are the corrupt do nothing politicians the main stream media always defends The media only thinks you should investigate Republicans... Media bias is real, it’s wrong, it’s dangerous, and it must be called out and exposed.

Not cool Joe Biden is right. The best line? When one guy says to the other, “stick it up your ass fella” Booo! Joe Biden has a lot of aggression for a 90yr old 😀😀😀😀😀😀 Trump? I don't want anyone with an ego this fragile in the White House ever again! I'm going to get Joe a subscription to the calm app.

If he is that smart he wouldn’t be running...

NPR Choice page

I dont like his temperament. I dont like how he has hardly any chill nature. He seems to bristle to easily and it makes me uncomfortable. I really don't like him as the front runner. He also called him 'fat' and challenged him to a push-up contest. Reagan's answer was way smarter than this So maybe it was a pretty awkward way to say he's an experienced senator and former VP who knows how the wheels turn on Capitol Hill, but...

Let’s put him in a home The opening paints your bias in vivid color. Had a GOP done the same thing it wouldn't be termed 'snapped back'; the GOP would have been termed 'unhinged' When will stop being DNC propaganda? Idk for sure but that looks like malarkey to me This is the truth. JoeBiden is an altakaker who had just chance. Step aside, Joe. It’s time to let the next generation lead.

Is that what Joe told “Corn Pop” when he was playing with his leg hair?

NPR Choice pageHow long before Trump takes credit? No one wants to buy that crap. Good luck. Mostly an automated robotic workforce.

so bee's knees of you Joe Where's NPRs coverage of House Democrats abusing their power to gain phone records of journalists and private citizens for no justified legal proceedings. And this should be POTUS? Biden is the real thing. He is bold. Honest. And doesn’t take shit of if anyone. Especially Trump supporters and the miscreant leader.

No worse than what Trump says at his rallies. Biden did what Trump does all the time, I'm not sure why anyone is 'appalled' I changed the world in science and psychiatry in 2009 and Bipolar Biden said nothing. A Liberal imposter. Seems set up to me. Gave Biden a chance to get tough with a trumper. I don't know... I still don't feel Biden is a good candidate.

Good for Joe and for all seniors. But a more appropriate response might have been, 'Ok, then tell us all here just what IS the appropriate age to run for President?' he will have none of this Malarkey! boomerBiden

NPR Choice pageBrexit really did a number on its branches. Maybe Norway is making a point about Climate Change and Global Warning?

What happened respecting your elders? Biden has a wealth of knowledge to share. Disrespectful Millbrats Jo knows more about what? Biden said, 'Look Fat, here's the deal.' Why didn't you report that ? Old and mean Surprised he didn’t challenge him to a duel. oh the entitlement on that one Ugh, please DNC — stop pushing him on us. There are better candidates.

like who killed jfk or what the burglars at the watergate were looking for or where mh370 is or just stupid shit like how to get a bill tabled in committee or get a free jello at the commissary Really, he knows more than most people! What an EGO!!👎👎

NPR Choice pageTruly amazing Oh yeah The white Hispanic unbelievable, im so sick of these monsters getting away with shit, & then going after the victims they hurt... this is trumps MO to the T, not being grateful they got away with something, nope... really seeing just how far they can push things

New Biden slogan: Fight me if you wish. But remember I'm old for a reason. I am so done with finger-wagging, angry old white guys. Joe forgot his slogan - he meant to say “Malarkey”. That’s not what it was about. The man was calling out Biden for getting his son Hunter lucrative positions because of who he is. Joe also called the guy sedintary and fat and came off as extremely aggravated.

The man was rude. He was repeating GOP talking points that are based on debunked conspiracy theories. He was way out of line and Biden was right to straighten him out. H probably shouldn't have called him fat, though. Wish we could've seen that guy's face. Not sure we should take it too seriously when a Warren supporter calls Biden too old to run. Seems like two guys just shooting the breeze to me

biden, pelosi, all us oldies. just cranky. what you see is what you get. don't suffer fools, that's all. Time to retire Didn’t bother me.

NPR Choice pageUh huh... To be fair, R Kelly said the videos of him peeing on people were fake, so...

Winning a pushup contest would be Joe's finest election moment ever. Biden has every reason to challenge & call this guy out....however, he should have done it with facts instead of insults. A push-up challenge? Really? That’s his solution? No thanks. Bye bye Joe. This is even more aggressive “old man” behavior than him shouting “get off my lawn !” while shaking his fist in the air.

This is the most Boomer answer he could have possibly given Great, let's all keep pretending Biden has appeal outside of the older, centrist democrat crowd so we can lose yet another 4 year cycle. That is our Hardscrabble Joe 'Methuselah' Biden from Scranton, he's been around before youse guys ever heard of malarky from liars like the Trumpengrabbers.

Trumpian Joe needs to find a way to answer these questions about his son better. He can’t respond this way every time he’s asked about it. Snappy JoeBiden snap away old joe... Mr. Vice President Snappy Joe 👍 snap snap snap, lol 😝 He also called the guy “sedentary” and challenged him to a push-up contest


Legendary Whitetails Mens Buck Camp Flannel Shirt Very big discount qMM Lol reduce the details He also challenged a dude to pushups and called him 'fat' GET OFF MY LAWN GODDAMIT NOW LETS DO PUSH-UPS!!! I think he handled it really well. You go JoeBiden

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