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'These were the sort of stories that I was craving as a young person,' janetmock says of her work on PoseOnFX. 'There's no over-explaining of our experiences. ... It's just: 'Welcome to our world.''

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nprfreshair janetmock PoseOnFX No offense Madonna but this take was way better: janetmock PoseOnFX 'No othering.' Janet Mock 🖤 Enjoyed listening to this. She's a vivid, detailed storyteller and uses language beautifully, even when speaking on heavy subjects. ListenToThis 👇

NPR Choice pageannkpowers Talk to her about how her Hillary song was maybe the worst song of the decade. annkpowers This is the content I crave annkpowers You mean the woman KurtCobain and I gave the stage name KathleenHanna...and I was RiotGrrrl...AnarchyA...and created the song SmellsLikeTeenSpirit Cheerleader Nirvana

NPR Choice pageI guess the buck stops there. He’s so concerned. Said no one ever. personal attorney for the grifter should be in a cell under chambers

NPR Choice pageLEGAL OR ILLEGAL MATTERS Hi to the good folks at NPR, have you all seen the Shade45 freestyle w LazDetroit on LordSear show?! Sounds like solicitation

NPR Choice pageOh wow we modern beekeepers had never thought of leaving honey in the hive, what a genius. Somebody needs to let Macedonian beekeepers set the rules of capitalism.

NPR Choice pageSounds like the “progressive liberal” controlled American educational system. I think you mean 'where'. Not being able to edit tweets is annoying. Delete and repost '... small island WHERE objects...'

NPR Choice pageI have a start up idea where I will buy NPR and make them only review 80s toothpaste commercials. It'll be the next Uber.

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