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NEW: Attorney General William Barr says President Trump needs to 'stop tweeting' about Justice Department cases — and that the president's commentary on Roger Stone makes it 'impossible' to do his job.

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That maybe true. At least Bill barr did it diplomatically. I don't see him resigning and going on a book tour At the DOJ, Barr traded blind justice for tone-deaf procescutorial manuevers and downright dumb political TV interviews, helping realdonaldtrump turn US into a 3rd-world, shit-hole democracy. RepealTrump

It appears he took the hint...finally. Lifes a beach sometimes,so best thing to do is head for Daytona. I believe AG Barr has done a lot of good things but he has to remember that the Dept is part of the executive branch. It is not a separate branch of government. Why does everyone believe it is outside the oversight of the President?

hey - look over here . . . Well his job isn't to tamper with sentences either but who gives a damn anymore. The inmates are running the asylum 🐂💩 This is one area where he should keep tweeting because then we will all know what's going on! So once in awhile Barr remembers he was honorable in the past? Isn't his job to help Trump get away with things? Seems to be doing fine, then

NPR Choice pageI think most parents are ill-equipped to do this well I think we should put public funds behind this and do it right I think the results would be amazing- and would help with hate crimes and gun violence And for god sake don’t let them think you put tampons up your butt..... Men don't have periods. Only women can get pregnant.

Because Trump is telling us all about coordination between them. Hungry Hungry Hippo is lying once again. He’s only pretending to criticize his boss. This is cooked up as a distraction to gaslight the media into thinking Barr is not corrupted. We’re not falling for it in spite of the media’s failure. Then he needs to say that to his boss’s face...if he has the nerve to. Just sayin...

Awwwww! He’ll get over it!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Inflammatory reporting. NPR bull—! The real problem is Barr thinks his job is to protect the president. He’s the tail wagging the “protect trump at all costs” dog Are you really putting this shameful Ploy by Barr out there? You have been gamed. He’s just salty cuz Trump keeps saying the quiet part out loud and fucking up his plausible deniability.

Stone's case was handled capably by the prosecutors who resigned. Barr didn't need to do anything except stay quiet and keep his hands to himself.

NPR Choice pagePNA_USA 😜 UnlessPA BerksGasTruth - zombie apocalypse ☢️☢️ It's is not fictional, they are called Bernie supporters and Ideologically and Politically possessed commie dems.

Do better NPR! Doesn't it depend on how he defines his job? Or does he just want his collusion with Trump to be on the qt? 😂😂🤥One thing we can always rely on in our current surreality is Trumphumpers rationalizing anything this admin does no matter how cold-busted they are in their outrageous hypocrisy!

But we all know he's full of it and only sees this job as a way to do GOP bidding. I am sure he defines 'his job' a little differently than we do 🤬 its a lie unless thats under Oath and he resigns It's all just kabuki theatre! Do NOT beleive that Don-The-Con & AG Barr aren't in alignment on corrupting the DOJ! It's all staged! Make Authoritarianism Great Again!

They are trumps words. Don’t blame it on the little blue birdie. Nobody understands what the hell is going on in DC any more. Talk about a swamp.

NPR Choice pageNever heard of her & neither have most other people. Maybe because one of her songs got so much airplay that her name brings back memories of trying to change the station really fast. Two consecutive Grammys , ? No. Again, no.

Orchestrated with the White House—note that Trump isn’t tweeting epithets toward & about Barr. He can’t do his criming if Trump keeps telling everybody their plans to make the DOJ nothing more than a criminal organization to exact revenge and protect their criminal friends. That’s what he meant if you can’t read between the lines.

He's not criticizing, he's simply trying to remind the president that it's much easier to do their criming in private. Why didn't the media point out his protests are a bit unbelievable given his performance at the SOTU? What actually makes his Trump-cult job impossible is scrutiny. Crime syndicate! Gaslighting, all in cahoots.

Since Barr cannot do his jo b because it’s”impossible” he must resign 'impossible to do his job without possibly facing consequences of his damaging the rule of law'. that's what he was really saying. ImpeachTrumpPenceBarrPompeoKavanaugh TrumpsBodyCount MoscowMitch BarrResign TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison

Because he wants to do his corruption in secret.

NPR Choice pageIf progressive give up coffee they will be even more lazy. Sad! I listened to this last night and absolutely loved his description of trying coffee after 3 months without. I have no intentions of quitting 😜

Yeah and he's gonna come to Congress on the 31st of NEVER! It's a friggin month and a half away. What can go wrong between now and then? 🤯 Does anyone not believe this is a clumsily orchestrated bit of theater meant to somewhat restore the illusion of an independent AG's office? Why is the part of the interview where Barrsays he was lied to by the prosecutors essentially saying that they were insubordinate not mentioned. Incomplete one sided reporting continues to be a problem.

Putting the hammer down. Good Stand tall — defend the institution and it’s parts (the FBI), and make sure every word in every channel is available. No special treatment for anyone. Monitor and expose aberrant behaviors on both sides of the political spectrum. J Edgar didn’t back down. 'Makes it impossible to do his job.' His 'job' as far as he and trump are concerned is running interference for trump in plain sight; they're both so brazen, they don't even try to hide it.

Give me a break You know that was just air cover. Can you please stop both-sidesing it? It’s only our democracy at stake. Why are you pushing out Republican P.R in the headline? Barr is scrambling because it was suggested he be impeached. It makes it impossible for Barr to coverup donny without the world knowing. BarrCoverUp BarrResign .TheJusticeDept he is ruining the World.

NPR Choice pageWe need to quarantine NPR or at least defund it. DefundNPR It's called being human, we pull each other up no matter race, religion, or politics when we are all faced with the same equation. Something is trying to kill us all. There's a possible 28-42 day incubation period. The world in 60 days is going to be something to look at.

MLeoCooper1 BOTTOM LINE IS DOJ IS CORRUPT SO IS FBI! Epstein was MURDERED in their custody and on suicide watch, and Epstein would have made many people go to jail, including Bill Clinton. FBI keeps on 'losing' records and emails....and if Barr acts like Sessions, he isn't doing his job. What he’s saying is: The President needs to obstruct justice privately, without a written trail.

MLeoCooper1 That isn't what he said at all. He said any Tweets that give commentary on what he( Barr ) is doing makes it difficult to do his job. He didn't say Trump once, except when he was asked if he is prepared to deal with Trump if he criticizes wasn't even the same issue. Good for the AG

Omg, come on out of the blue Barr now has balls! Come on DISTRACTION!!! He is trying to make you think he and trump arent on the same page.... the page they have both been on since day one. DONT FALL FOR THE DISTRACTION! he cant do his job cause hes to busy eating Ol' Puff Daddy is scared now that Trump thanked him publicly for his skullduggery. Trump's doing what he always does; intentionally lets the cat out of the bag so he has a fall guy. When Barr says he can't do his job, he means he can't continue to do his dirty work undetected.

Read: Mr President, you’re ruining my clandestine coverup by drawing attention to it via Twitter. Come on. He was a show horse only. Well trump will see that as a weakness and fire Barr. Can't say that I care.

NPR Choice pageThose post rape evidence admittions are ... Rough. Reasonable doubt. Juror instructed ? It matters. I have a daughter. Fuck him. I believe the women.

And the media is running with it like it's real! 🙄 It's real Right Wing of Propaganda Campaign Theater 2020. CorruptBillBarr CorruptTrump Fake news. They are just pretending to disagree. You fell for it. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Only after telling him to stop was talked about on MorningEdition / UpFirst

His job as in, do what he’s told by the president except behind the curtain and w no1 the wiser? Does anyone really believe this shit? Barr is a fat hack, almost as big a liar as trump, and a disgrace to the legal profession. He and trump are playing the media. Don’t fall for it. Can't wait to hear MorningEdition have on Barr's old drinking buddy to tell us about how awesome Barr is

Contrived - not believable

Impossible to do it in the dark he means Excuse me but Stone’s case should be thrown out due the fact that it was predicated on a lie of the Russian collusion which was a big hoax perpetrated by Democrats. Translation of Barr's comments about Trump's tweets: 'You're blowing my cover, dude!' That's about as forceful a statement as Pelosi ripping up a speech already given. Real Translation: Don't tweet about the illegal things I'm doing for you.

Please Mr. President play nice with Barr. Oh bullshit. Barr just means tRump’s tweeting makes it impossible for him to do his job quietly - without all us pesky citizens knowing what he’s doing. Stop confessing via tweets Mr. President. The only thing he is worried about is the fact that Trump is incriminating him with the tweets.

History will not be kind to this fool. BS. Don’t trust any of them

Yes, realDonaldTrump tweets are bringing to the forefront what he and Barr are truly doing. ‘Bout time Berenstain Barr grew a spine. Finally trying to save his own ass? Trump team not so “winning” after all. Hard for Barr to subvert justice quietly on Trump's behalf, if Trump keeps announcing it. LIARS!!!!!! BARR is hand and glove with Trump. ImpeachBarr ResignBarr

Impossible to do my job? Whattttt!!!! So far you haven’t done your job. Only kissed up to your boss and that’s what you were hired for. So stop whining sir. You have no courage and Lindsay Graham is a better actor than you. He already took the Oscar... Sorry, you came second! It's nothing but an act. I believe nothing Barr says.

Then ResignBarr resign now! In other words, how can I commit crimes when my partner in those crimes keeps bragging about what a great job I'm doing committing crimes with him?

We’re not falling for this, are we? Barr is playing the media here. He is fine with trumps tweets and is doing trumps bidding This is distraction! Please! Npr I am counting on you to stay with the real story of the day today! Quid pro Cuomo What is his job, besides kissing trump's butt? There seems to be a disconnect regarding the priorities of the AG job and his reverence to trump.

It’s all theatre and you’re reporting on it as though it’s actual news. You look like suckers . . . because you are. Oh look, you were lied to and now you are gaslighting your listeners. He’s really just asking to stop with the confessions of crimes. It’s an act. He doesn’t care and just wants to look independent and the press gobbled it up

You do realize this Barr interview is a total scam? Barr is all in Trump and will aid and abet Trump 24/7.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Did he know the camera was running? Is he aware that the president may not like what he is saying? Or did the president give him permission to say something like this so he will seem independent? Don’t trust anything Resign Barr. You are a disgrace Impossible to do Trump’s bidding without it becoming public.

Keep Trump Tweeting...this is the only way we know about Bates corruption SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff ... Oh NPR...he’s a liar. He’s trying to get people to feel sorry for him. Nope, I saw him laughing along when Telfon Don gave that vindictive, nasty speech. I’m not fooled. I vote, I vote Well, maybe he should resign.

ImpeachBarr Trump giving away all their “secrets”. ImpeachBarrNow

Those tweets should motivate Barr to do his job and defend the people who pay his salary. As in taxpayers. Which now thanks to the greedy GOP does not include the wealthiest and Trump. The government is run on the backs of those who Trump hates and abuses, including his base. Barr better keep his fvcking mouth shut or he’ll be next one trump kicks out!

And a credulous npr relays the message. That so many “journalist” are accepting Barr’s comments at face value explains the mess we are in. Pull up your big boy pants and grow up! YOU ARE THE CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER OF THE UNITED STATES! You are NOT the president's personal attorney. Barr is lying.

No one is crying for you attorneygeneral. You've had 3 years to take a stand & do your job. Be careful what you ask for you might get it.. Every thing tRump touches turns to shit. Don’t fall for the shenanigans. Barr is performing Trump’s screenplay.

searching for the world’s tiniest violin That’s an alibi for doing 45’s bidding. Nice try...BS! What exactly is your job...protect IMPOTUS. William Barr is right Donald Trump should stay away from tweets about our DOJ who is trying to do his job Ignore tweet, follow law. Sounds pretty fucking easy to me.

Something sounds a little fishy! In all honesty, it makes it super hard for Barr to cover up trumps crimes when trump is tweeting about covering up his crimes all day every day. Translation: Barr’s having a hard time hiding his inappropriate behaviors because trump keeps leaking it through tweets. Oh more lies! Imagine that. If the tweets didn't have anything to do with it why say anything?

😂😂 wow, now he’s bothered. Ok, welcome to the real world Chief Jestor. 🤡 wakeup Twitter jack you may finally get the call ☎️ shutdowntrumpstwitter matter of nationalsecurity 🙌🏼

What will trump do al day if he doesn’t tweet? Another reality show moment Total hogwash. This is the plan to appear to try and separate his lips from Trumps tush, so he can say that the decision to be nice to the latest convicted felon, Roger Stone, had nothing to do with His Majesty's tweets of displeasure with the proffered sentence range.

BREAKING: Broadcasting crimes to the world makes it hard to keep doing and hiding said crimes. Yeah...that's gonna happen...not! Barr is a clown! His lies are worse than Trump! The American public now see what a corrupt bunch we have at the helm! don't be naive, NPR - no one is falling for this crap I'm sure it's very annoying to Bill Barr when Trump alerts the world on how they're destroying any sort of independent justice department.

Boo boo. Unethical, corrupt AG whines about not being able to be unethical and corrupt for unethical, corrupt boss in private. Watergate was a low point for America. This tops it. Knock. Knock. Anybody at home in our Senate? Looks like a case of CYA. Words mean nothing with the actions shown so far.

Mr. Barr’s statements ring hollow. This interview is nothing but a ploy to distract from the growing negative PR of his misuse of the Justice Dept. Telling Trump not to tweet is like a bank robber telling his accomplice to be quiet during the heist. Continued Barr; “The President needs to stop saying the quiet parts out loud because, by golly, it’s making it harder to be his fixer while I grapple with his tweeting.”

They stepped in IT, gonna be hard to get it off! Perhaps they did not expect the backlash, eh? Hope I hit the lottery before election so I donate a huge amount of ducats to anyone running against the dOlt in office, that is President %^%$!. Its all theatre so the trump admin appears to have integrity, good cop bad cop, he wouldnt say this without trumps approval as a pr strategy

This is 100% fake, simulated, of course they are trying to fool the public knowing the MSM loves this, what a shame and what a charade Don't fall for the hype. AG Barr has already displayed his hand. I believe them; the first time. More like if the president would shut up I would obstruct for him better.

So Barr just wants Trump to just shut up so Barr can obstruct justice quietly for trump Yeah it’s better to keep it to just off camera conversations or have intermediaries relay the message to take it easy on Stone. Just Trump saying the quiet parts out loud...…..because he truly believes everyone is just as corrupt as he is and this is all no big deal.

Let’s not read more into this than it’s worth. All he’s saying is the tweets make it harder to b trumps personal attorney. Finally some push back Barr thinks we are all fools... I don't believe for one second that he is not coordinating with the president. Trump has proved over and over that he is tweeting the secret he already knew ...most likely to say, 'Yes, it's my doing!'.

Barr says Trump’s tweets make it ‘impossible for me to do my job’ Wait, 'Barr says Trump’s tweets make it ‘impossible for me to do my job and cover up for him' There, fixed it LOL. So Barr had time today to do a public interview to get ahead of a story ONCE AGAIN, but didn't have time to come before congress and actually do his job?

Come on. You know this too was fucking coordinated between the DOJ and the WH. Playing the news like a fiddle damage control. make barr look like he's not being pushed into this. yeah, right. That was PLANNED. Can the AG actually uphold our laws too?

It’s called covering up all his corrupt duties for corrupt trump. We already know he’s nothing more than trump’s Roy Cohn again. If Trumps stops tweeting they would divorce! Come to Papa! Yeah. There's nothing worse than having the president say out loud what they are trying to accomplish in secret & out of the public eye... Barr's hollow words are fooling no one except tRump's base.

This is theater and you shouldn't hello then stage it What he means is: “He needs to stop telling everyone what we’re doing. Or they’ll know what we’re doing.” If its to hard for him 'impossible' he could just quit. in secretly abuse his power defending a criminal in TraitorTrump. DisbarBarrNow ImpeachTrumpAgain

It must be hard to pretend realDonaldTrump isn’t doing anything illegal when he keeps bragging about the illegal things he’s done on Twitter. He means impossible to do it without public attention B.S. those 2 con artists are up something

Fake outrage. Barr trying to make the appearance he has an ounce of integrity. He doesn’t. Completely fake, orchestrated sham interview. FAAAAARRRRTTT trump is making it difficult for Barr to get his Roger Stone get out of jail free card... trump and Barr’s tyranny will be the ruins of America’s democracy 🚨🚨🚨🚨

You mean he makes it impossible to quietly alter previously decided sentences. Sure Jan Yeah, it’s tough to get away with all the coverups when the subject of the investigations won’t stop flapping his orange gas trap about the damn things. TrumpNotFitForOffice TrumpSwamp TruthMatters trumpIsACorruptLiar CorruptAndComplicitGOP BillBarr CorruptGOP

Totally agree, he is my president and I plan on voting for him again but tweets are playing right into the Democrats plot and honestly it’s childish It makes it impossible for him to hide what he's doing.... more like it The staged theatrics don’t convince anyone, and unfortunately they’re not even meant to. Barr simply has to count on our media being too weak to say so- and he’s right.

Holy S***. We actually agree on something.

Headline should be ‘Barr accuses Trump of obstruction of justice’ Like trump cares what he says Sure, Twitter is the problem 🙄 I don't believe for a minute that Barr is not influenced by Trump. But I'm glad someone is interviewing him so we can get him on record saying things we can later debunk. Yeah, the cockroach can’t raid the cake dish with lights shining on it. If Trump focuses attention on, say, Roger Stone, how can Barr do his magic and make Roger’s sentence be reduced to community service or time served?

I don't believe a word Barr says. Not buying his over rehearsed BS. HES LYING. He must be facing a mass resignation unless he speaks up. When the mob boss and his attorney have a love spat. Classic cover up and CYA

Poor poor toady. Its hard to subvert the constitution when twatwaffle keeps tweeting. Trump dont take no orders from the attorney general. Trump can do whatever he wants. He's above the law and Mr. Barr you had everything to do with that. 'He should only tell ME what he wants, not the world.' In other words..... Barr: mr. trump if you want me to do your bidding you’ve got to stop tweeting about it because then people know I’m doing your bidding

Nothing matters, Mr Barr. Pres can do whatever he fucking wants. You. Made. Sure. Let’s add much fuel the fire with many arraigned about their rifts. They will eat each other. TrumpIsACoward BarrIsCorrupt GOPCowards JimJordanKnew GOPCorruption Is it me or does he have a kind of Elton Johnness about him? Not 70's Elton, but present Elton?

jjj5819 Sees like BS to me. BS insincere

Do the right thing: resign. Wow! After 3+ years, someone actually has a problem with the tweets! A little late to try to curb Impotus’ posts!🙄 This 100% BS! This is not news worthy and is strictly propaganda The appearance of doing his job. TrumpToafy 🙄 ...yeah, cause it’s hard to lie and say that he’s NOT doing what trump is telling him to do when trump speaks it all out in a tweet... 🙄 BarrIsCorrupt

Bill Barr was outed by Trumpsky's tweets. That's why Barr is upset. Translation: how am I supposed to give stone special treatment when he tells everyone that stone should get special treatment? “Seriously Donald, I’ve been keeping you out of prison ever since I’ve been confirmed - give me a little leaway OK?”

You mean ripping the constitution to shreds? That's your job, Barr? Makes it harder to lie?!

Awww poor little baby Propaganda move to filter/dampen the criticism growing against both DJT and Barr. Pretend to be frustrated as AG to gain back some cred. Nothing really changes. bannerite He can't get away with his crimes if Trump keeps broadcasting them is what he means to say. Fake outrage approved by Trump

either barr is tired of being in DC or totally lying I can’t believe you’re falling for that line. They do it to wear out your critical thinking. Ignore it. bannerite I’m sure CoverUpGeneral Barr hates when his corruption is Exposed CoverupGeneral BarrIsCorrupt ImpeachBarrNow This is just talk Barr is ultimately responsible for failures at DOJ his authority is failing his name is ruined his credibility is zilch gop

Yeah, no shame in quitting. Fake

Dear Don the Con, Stop ratting out our crimes before we commit them! You are the worst co-conspirator in the history of grifting! Love, Your Partner in Crime Billy “The Hangdog” Barr Buh Bye Barr Oh wow his credibility is totally reestablished let’s all act surprised by his next act of partisan hackery

Trump and Barrs activities make it impossible for me to sleep, much less do my job. Ya right after doing his bidding. Quit! Does Barr actually do anything except 'please the president'? We won't miss him if he follows the footsteps of the prosecutors on Stone's case. We have no doubt that he communicated with Trump over Stone's sentence. His comments do not make him look less guilty.

No. Barr being totally corrupt makes it impossible for him to do his job. He doesn’t even do his job! That your program treated Barr's words uncritically and in good faith does more damage than the Fox news propagandists on Tucker's white power hour ever could.

Don't worry about what the Presidents doing or not around it. His tweets make it more difficult for Barr to cover it up. Meanwhile: Keep barking your little barks, lapdog Spot on 👏. Trump would have a lot more than 49% public support in the polls if he would quit these bs and inane tweets that lead to predictable consequences like this. AGBarr

Isn’t this par for the course for Trump? This is clearly a CYA move. Of course Barr and Trump are in cahoots and this is to sway public opinion but we aren’t stupid purrmonsta All he had to do to do his job on the Stone case was to stay the fuck out of it. So no Bill nobody’s buying except maybe Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski

HaHaHa Another diversion from the Evil twins. What are we not suppose to look at now?

Resign Bill He is grappling with the word obstruct. ABC THIS is your chance, ask the hard questions. Not the sensational ones. ASK HIM about the difference between tweeting about it and doing it in secret. Go! Yep. His is job is doing all the bad stuff on the sly. So trump giving everybody a heads up makes it impossible for him to do it surreptitiously, illlegally and unethically.

This guy is doing damage control as the president cant keep his yap or tweet shut! And now Barr has to answer to house judiciary. LMFAO! I hope he gets his ass handed to him! it would be SweetJustice In an interview set to air tonight, ABC News asks AG Barr if he's prepared for the potential consequences of openly criticizing the president. 'Of course,' Barr says, according to ABC, vowing that he 'won't be bullied or influenced by anybody.'

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