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Not Just Junk: Why We Need To Re-Think Food Processing

Why we need to rethink food processing:

6/14/2021 8:30:00 PM

Why we need to rethink food processing :

Food processing infrastructure can play a central role in strategies to address food insecurity and support the common good.

 that helps customers choose healthier, minimally processed grocery products, also feels strongly about the themes of processing and food access. “We need to debunk this idea that processed equals unhealthy. Depending on the type of processing, what process you're talking about, and what ingredients you’re using or not using, there can be positive or negative consequences. There’s still a ton of products out there people should avoid. Ultra-processed foods designed from the outset to tap into people’s biological cravings for things that are salty or fatty or sweet. But a really high percentage of the products you can find on shelves today, “processed” products, have changed radically for the better. No one is going to contradict the idea that people should be focused mostly on eating whole foods as close to their natural state as possible. But it's an overly simplistic way of looking at things today.” (Disclosure: the author is a partner and advisor to Merryfield)

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This is also where food comes from. Once it leaves the farm, much of it goes to processors.gettyAnd while the private sector has a head start in commercializing such food processing, there’s no reason why a public food sector could not embrace these technologies. Over one Billion dollars in institutional purchasing is going through 

Good Food Purchasing Program rubrics in over a dozen major metro areas. This non-profit framework supports school systems, universities and other public sector buyers through an agroecological lense that emphasizes local economies, labor rights, animal welfare and plant-based foods, healthy eating and environmental sustainability, while creating revenue streams for farmers and producers growing better food. With the onboarding of the massive New York City public school system onto the program, locally and minimally processed foods will create efficiencies and save labor in prep kitchens, while truly scaling good food purchasing systems to become even more diversified and successful. And the potential for more state-level or federal agencies to buy into such a framework could be game changing for so many stakeholders in the food system, particularly as Congress considers universalizing school lunch and the long term supply chain infrastructure, logistics and support that such an initiative would need.

Food banks were overwhelmed during Covid-19. Public food utilities and localized manufacturing and... [+]processing could strengthen food security efforts. Read more: Forbes »

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All the processes by which the products of primary production, in combination or not with other components, and with the help of labor, appropriate equipment, scientific knowledge and energy expenditure, are transformed into new products for direct human consumption !!

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Socialist-Themed Vegan Food Company Lays Off Workers Without Notice Or SeveranceWorkers at No Evil Foods’ North Carolina plant were furious at the news, according to audio of the layoff announcement.

Contaminated dog food meant to be trashed got shipped to Target and Publix, now recalledIt was inadvertently shipped to Publix stores in three southeastern states and Target stores in two western states.