Nordstrom İs Sewing More Than 100, 000 Face Masks For Health Care Workers - Cnn

Nordstrom İs Sewing More Than 100, 000 Face Masks For Health Care Workers - Cnn

Nordstrom is sewing more than 100,000 face masks for health care workers

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3/29/2020 8:37:00 PM

Seattle-based department store Nordstrom is sewing more than 100,000 masks that will be sanitized before being distributed to healthcare workers across the country

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Good job NordstromNow THANK YOU Nordstrom for doing this!! ❤️🙏😷 ❤️ You gotta be agile to stay in business Everyone is pitching in! That the America we all know and love♥️♥️ Sewing mask is OK, what should be done is find where/how/when/where this laboratory man made virus developed. Only way to stop/destroy this virus is by finding the origin of this virus.

Maybe if Trump hadn’t given all of ours away to China... which for some unknown reason CNN is NOT covering?!?! WTF? We republicans are doing this at our kitchen tables. Homeschool making mask, it accounts for math, science, English & reading. What’s your 8 year olds doing? 1.25mill ppl in the USA alone died from car accidents last year that’s .2% of our population. I was wondering if you could put a death ticker up for that bs the .00001% of ppl that died from Covid on the USA

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