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No Need To Throw Away Unwanted Fashion With Returnado’s New App

It's never been easier to shop. But what if that new piece of clothing ends up in the back of your closet? Now a new app is working with retail brands to tackle waste by taking back old items

5/9/2021 10:06:00 PM

It's never been easier to shop. But what if that new piece of clothing ends up in the back of your closet? Now a new app is working with retail brands to tackle waste by taking back old items

It's never been easier to shop. But nearly 75% of discarded textiles worldwide end up in landfill. Now a Swedish startup is working with retail brands to tackle waste by taking back old items.

ASKET, which doesn't do seasonal collections, has been using Returnado’s software for over a year to collate and collect returns. However, explains Jakob Dworsky, co-founder of ASKET, the company felt it was time to do more.“Our philosophy has always been to create clothes that stand the test of time ensuring they are worn and used more, but six years in, we’ve heard some customers are done with their pieces. Returnado is helping us take responsibility for our garments at the end of their useful life.”

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Tackling Fashion WasteAlthough ASKET helped Returnado develop the programme, it’s available to all Returnado clients.“Sustainability in e-commerce and fashion usually revolves around minimising shipping and the amount of returns,” explains Haider Abdo, CEO and Founder of Returnado. “But the most resource-demanding part is the actual production of the product. If the lifecycle of an item and the resources can be extended, the environmental impact will be greatly reduced.”

Returnado CEO Haider AbdoReturnadoLaunched in Stockholm in 2016, Returnado handles all aspects of the returns process for customers in over 70 countries. Retail clients pay a license fee for the cloud-based solutions, which range from business intelligence tools and dashboards to admin panels for customer services and warehouse-handling software. As well as saving retailers time, it also saves money because items are more likely to be sold - Returnado sells over 25% of clients’ returned merchandise. Equally importantly, by co-ordinating collections and deliveries, Returnado helps to cut emissions on delivery. headtopics.com

With 20 or so clients including Helly Hansen, Musto and Henri Lloyd, and home furnishings company Royal Design, Abdo expects the rescue platform to be especially attractive to fashion brands. Not before time, industry critics would say.“The fashion industry as a whole is looking for smart ways to reduce its carbon footprint and help consumers make more conscious decisions,” Abdo says.

He explains that lightly damaged pieces will be repaired or made into new pieces for resale. Older or damaged items will either be recycled into yarn for new clothes or, as a last resort, as rags or material for other industries. Nothing, he emphasises, will go to landfill.

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