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Chopper, Education

News Chopper Hovers Above School Just To Be In Position For Next Shooting

News Chopper Hovers Above School Just To Be In Position For Next Shooting

10/7/2021 6:15:00 PM

News Chopper Hovers Above School Just To Be In Position For Next Shooting

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Love The Onion, and the message But this is my kid’s high school. Not cool. Swap out the photo with a mock up. Area school shooter had a history of school shootings. BLMWHB instead of Protecting Wild Horses is conducting a brutal round up by helicopter NOW in Wyoming that will remove 3500 horses from their family bands and herds... all to place them in pens indeterminatly.

marcorubio approves Oh boyyyy…. (you're supposed to be uncomfortable. that's the point) OMG not funny Sadly it’s reality today. BYE I WENT TO THIS SCHOOL Probably a FoxNews chopper. There will be a shooting, they’ll cover it, tell their viewers that the government is going to come for the guns, morons buy more guns, the cycle perpetuates itself.

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You just crafted the next q conspiracy lol Smart. 'Pumped Up Kicks' starts playing... Ethical conundrum as to whether to use their elevated vantage to warn authorities or just to go ahead and get that coveted 43 share resolved in favor of dollar dollar bills y'all! For anyone triggered, this could easily mean shooting a camera. Maybe they’re filming a football game for a sports reel. It means what you want it to mean.

pattonoswalt Oh my god! That’s my high school. El Segundo High. Beautiful campus. Sadly close to reality. Is this supposed to be funny? Not fuckin funny onion ! Who oks this ? Thoughts and prayers will fix it!

The Source | Reuters News Agency... в каждом ..... GOD BLESS YOU REUTERS Truth, defaulting to be human in a crisis gives grounds for others to grow as need to be seen and heard.

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'yes because killing children and teachers is such great entertainment! lets make sure we get it on camera instead of doing something about americas stupid gun control laws which keeps nobody safe 😁😁😁' Drones. Drones are safer. Guyssss Shhhh we’re not supposed to talk about America’s pathetic gun control laws!

Not funny, it makes killing children and teachers into just another source of mirth “No way to have seen this coming says only nation where this happens regularly.” Be prepared

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😬 Oufff. fucking yikes

Parenting, Baby Names, Celebrities, and Royal News | CafeMom.comgreat content in the website. But could'nt see the video. error.

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