New York judge temporarily blocks release of tell-all by Trump's niece

'Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man' is due out next month.

6/30/2020 11:08:00 PM

New York state judge temporarily blocks release of a book by the niece of President Trump, which paints an unflattering portrait of her uncle and the family's history.

'Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man' is due out next month.

paints as an"authoritative portrait of Donald J. Trump and the toxic family that made him."Representatives for both parties have to meet on July 10 where the judge will evaluate Robert Trump's claims and decide whether to issue an injunction.

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Robert Trump, the president's brother, filed a suit last week in New York in Queens County Surrogate court, where the estate of the president's father, Fred Trump Sr., was settled after his death in 1999. However, the judge quickly tossed it out because it was not the proper venue for the dispute.

Lawyers for Robert Trump quickly filed a claim in Dutchess County Supreme Court in upstate New York, where he lives. Robert Trump argues that his niece, Mary Trump, violated a confidentiality agreement that barred her from writing the kind of tell-all book that she describes. The lawsuit claims that under the conditions of settling Fred Trump Sr.'s estate no member of the family is allowed to publicly discuss their relationship with one another without permission from the family.

Mary Trump also has claimed she released Trump's tax returns to The New York Times and plans to describe the"inner workings" of the Trump family. Read more: NBC News »

This is the book I want to read. She should change the names and publish it as a novel. We’d all know and it would fly off the shelves. She should release it page by page on Twitter and Parler😉 We here in New York State know who Trump is. His minions in middle America need to read the book. D.C. District Judge Timothy Kelly, who was appointed to the federal bench by Donald Trump in 2017, upheld a challenge to the Trump administration's asylum restrictions, specifically a 2019 rule that requires seekers to ask for asylum closer to home.

Wonder how far Hal Greenwald is down 45s pocket? Or how much was judge hal paid off to suppress this book... What Yall Hiding!? Hmmm, wonder if I can get all my family to sign an NDR? Who even thinks like that? Yes, because who among us hasn't had to sign a confidentiality agreement as a condition of receiving an inheritance you were promised by your grandfather? 😳 Geezus...this Trump klan may be the most poisonous thing to infiltrate the American psyche in the last 20 years.

Why ? 👎👎boooo Do you mean there’s actually somebody who’s related to trump that has something bad to say? WOW I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!! Let me guess more hookers more drugs more underage women more cheating more lying realDonaldTrump CNN - His own family hates him, it’s actually funny. He is such a coward. I love that he only filled 23% of his Tulsa event. Even his nascar, racist buddies are bailing on him. This book is only going to show how he was an asshole when he was younger.

WHAT? I want that book! Russia if you're listening......release Mary's book. One more judge bought and paid for by Trump. Follow the money. The Trump family has too much to hide. They are pathetic people. China, if you are listen.... For how long? maddow I would like to know why our 1st amendment rights are never protected with the same vigor as the 2nd amendment is? Republicans do not want ANY ANY sane gun laws or restrictions. And their Freedom KILLS. 1st amendment always gets restricted.words harm/ but NOT kill

What is Trump afraid of with this book? Seems like there are a lot more skeletons in his closet than we thought there were. so much for free speech Poor judge scared to be fired by fascist Trump what happen to American democracy and constitution that gurantie freedom of press and expression. Judge must alow book to be published and sold and after let Trump objection to be filed in civil court. No ground for objection before.

I don’t know why that freaking judge had to do that?🤦‍♀️ it’s not like she was writing classified material in the book!! Just the truth about her freaking uncle Donald!! What’s the secret? Can we know? Abuse of some kind? What is it?🤔🧐 Shame on New York. US is a free country and it's unacceptable for a us citizen not able to publish a book about her family. How could this be justified? Help me

Another unjust judge . Why does he get away with everything. I hate it here. And we can't even leave. Free speech—No basis to withhold—Trump can try to prove slander if he dares but truth is the best defense. I want to read that da*n book 📚 Why? Dont Block it!!..WE KNOW HE SUXS!! illegitpres The judge is violating the Constitution. I hope an appeal gets filed, to throw this ridiculous decision out

Why? Isn’t it freedom of speech? If the trumps want to dispute the things she says, they can do that in court. Shameful Support 'the first niece' !!! Zensur We all know the son of a klansman’s racist history. Gee, wouldn't that be such a shame if the manuscript just suddenly fell out of the sky one day and landed on maddow's desk? Hmm...

A family tradition of racism and white supremacist ideology Trump-always shutting down information. Why? ☹️ Why ? Must be a good book, want to read it...let it be published....and the judge is bought & paid for...the WH idiot will keep taking it before different judges till he gets what he wants..😡😡😡😡

Move aside Bolton... Why? wonder why !!! tell the truth from an insider. Why did China do this? This country is so fncked up and corrupt. He is afraid . FREE SPEECH! It's apparent that this judge hasn't heard of it. free speech?

New York Judge Blocks Publication of Trump Tell-All Until a July HearingA judge temporarily blocked publication of a tell-all by President Trump’s niece, pending a hearing on whether it broke a confidentiality agreement So it is TRUE... that's what I see. Otherwise, he'd be suing for slander or libel. 🗣Leak the book! you mean a new york judge was probably paid or threatened by an outside source who has connection wit trump or russia.. or both. so he blocked it. Anything trump does is corrupt. Have we not learned that yet?

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