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Rob Gronkowski Skinny, Gronk Skinny

New Video Shows Rob Gronkowski Once Again Looking Noticeably Thinner

New Video Shows Rob Gronkowski Once Again Looking Noticeably Thinner (via @NESN)


New Video Shows Rob Gronkowski Once Again Looking Noticeably Thinner (via NESN)

Rob Gronkowski clearly is committed to this whole “not being jacked” thing. The retired New England Patriots tight end, who reportedly hasn’t lifted a weight since the Super Bowl,…

The retired New England Patriots tight end, who reportedly

since the Super Bowl, has looked noticeably thinner than usual in every video and photo we’ve seen of him this offseason. Many have claimed the images simply show Gronkowski at a weird angle, but those theories were put to bed over the weekend when a video showing the 30-year-old dancing with a small dog began making the rounds.

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NESN That tends to happen when one stops playing. NESN 😂 NESN No more roids ! NESN 'Gronk Looking Thinner'. Probably because he knows he doesn't have to bulk up anymore. NESN People slim down when off PEDs. NESN NESN Ya no shit he’s not playing football and walking around at his normal weight. Great reporting 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


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