New NHL Season Starts, First Signs of Kneeling & Fist Fights in 'Bubble'

The new NHL bubble season is already off to an interesting start.

8/1/2020 11:27:00 PM

New NHL Season Starts, First Signs of Kneeling & Fist Fights in 'Bubble'

The new NHL bubble season is already off to an interesting start.

Justin WilliamsandRyan Strome-- of the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers respectively -- went at it during their match, coming to blows, until referees eventually broke it up.Neither guy was wearing a mask -- and no, we're not talking hockey masks or helmets. No distancing either ... so yeah, they were puffing particles right at each other, which ain't safe. On the flip side, they're all technically quarantined -- so perhaps no harm no foul?

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At any rate, it was interesting to see ... even in the pandemic, old habits die hard in some sports. Read more: TMZ »

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Kneeling and bobbing? WTF? Stay in your lane. Don't embarrass yourselves. Let white people have their sport. No minorities care. Can’t name 1 player. How come no kneeling for Canadian national anthem? Canada had slavery and hard to believe only racists in USA. The same way hard to believe only whites are racists or all whites are racisits. No one is ever able to prove that wrong since I am not and I was a victim of racism

🚫🤼 Enoch dey watch this game too... These mf fight crazy even in video games on gang 😂 Can’t kneel for one anthem and not kneel for the other. Racism is global not just in U.S. Yup Such a Neanderthal sport. If people want to kneel. Let them kneel. If they wanna stand. Let them stand. Can we all agree to shut up about it? Yes the national anthem is for the people that risk their lives for this country. That’s not what they’re kneeling for. Just Bc they stand. Doesn’t make them racist

I hope they fought the kneeler More action here than in boxing.

Made-For-TV: NHL 'Bubble' Games Go Hollywood for 2020 Season RestartThe NHL is restarting its pandemic-era 2020 season with MichaelBuble singing the national anthem for the opening New York Rangers vs Carolina Hurricanes match-up on Saturday MichaelBuble Nice! Start the season in style! 👍🏽 NHL Hockey GoBolts 🇨🇦🇺🇸 WhatILearnedToday PutThatInYourPipe nba

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NBA Restarts Its Season With New Orleans Pelicans, Utah Jazz Kneeling For National AnthemEvery player, coach and referee on the court for the National Basketball Association’s restart tonight took a knee during the national anthem. The move included locking arms together. Players…

NHL hockey is back, and it's TV-only game is sport's biggest Covid challengeNHL hockey is back for the postseason after the coronavirus pandemic ended its regular season early. Making an effective TV-only fan experience will be a challenge. I’d watch the nhl any day before those communist loving, kneeling, America hating nba and nfl teams That was a smart move moving the games to Canada away from the runaway train of Covid going on in america right now, might have next years whole season here too if they don't try and do something about it right now.... Belize is a beautiful getaway for family vacation click on the link below to watch video

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