New Annenberg Study Reveals 'Diversity Desert' for Music Industry Executive Roles

Black artists make up 44% of the talent on the Billboard Hot 100 chart over the past nine years and yet less than 5% of CEO, chairs or presidents of major music companies are black.

6/19/2021 7:00:00 AM

Black artists make up 44% of the talent on the Billboard Hot 100 chart over the past nine years and yet less than 5% of CEO, chairs or presidents of major music companies are Black.

Black artists make up 44% of the talent on the Billboard Hot 100 chart over the past nine years and yet less than 5% of CEO, chairs or presidents of major music companies are black.

That’s where the ecosystem perspective really helps to situate this conversation," says Smith. "Everybody has to come to the table because the entire structure is set up in such a way that access and opportunity are being shut out to people that are very gifted and extraordinary in many ways. But 

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because of how they look they're not getting the same opportunities that their white male peers are." Universal Music, Annenberg Inclusion Initiative Expand Partnership to Study Racial Inequality in MusicThe composition of senior management teams varied by the type of company examined, according to the data. Music groups (UMG, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group) had the greatest share of underrepresented (26.3%) and Black (23.7%) executives on their senior management teams. Live music and concert promotion companies (Live Nation, AEG Presents) had the fewest underrepresented (12.5%) executives and no Black senior management team members listed on their 

websites, but had the highest percentage of women team members (40.6%). Radio and streaming companies (iHeart Radio, Cumulus, Audacy, Spotify) held a middle ground between the other two categories: 17% of senior management team members were underrepresented, 2.1% were Black, and 23.4% were women.

Streaming companies, music groups and labels emerged as the leaders in hiring and promotion of underrepresented executives with a quarter of executive roles held by underrepresented individuals. Radio executives has the lowest percentage of underrepresented individuals 

with only 12.3%.  'Starting to See Change': USC Annenberg Study Finds Small Shift Toward a More Inclusive Music IndustryFor women throughout the industry, as power increased, the percentage of women in executive roles decreased significantly. This trend was primarily driven by white women’s presence in the executive ranks. More than one-quarter (26.9%) of executives were white women, with only 8.4% underrepresented women. O

nly 3% of executives across the industry were Black women. Across all categories, the ratio of white male executives to Black women executives is 17.7 to 1. "It is a rare day that any of our statistics are above 5% for women of color," says Smith."

It is really important that we illuminate that the patterns for White women are fundamentally different than they are for women of color and Black women specifically."A&R divisions fared better than most in the study. A full 34.2% of A&R executives across the three music groups and independent companies were underrepresented – which is close to proportional representation with the U.S. population – and 26.7% of all A&R executives were women.

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 The study suggests the industry has failed at better representation for a handful of reasons. It suggests that companies need to alterthe way positions are siloed or stereotyped. A serious issue is that the prototype for leadership across companies and industries continues to align with being white and male. This stems from 

how executive roles are defined, the persistence of traditional gender norms, and stereotypes related to race/ethnicity.  She Is The Music Partners With USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, Universal and BillboardThe Annenberg Institute goes on to provide strategies for how the music industry can work on its"diversity desert." Suggestions include companies developing specific metrics that rely on objective and measurable criteria for managers to evaluate employee performance, providing flexible pathways for employees to reach the C-Suite and fast-tracking executives through a system that provides support, mentorship, and opportunities for high-achieving talent.

The study details more about changing office culture to be less hostile to underrepresented employees. Find the full details of the study and it Read more: billboard »

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