Never-before-seen Great Wall fort discovered - CNN Video

The remains of a Great Wall fort dating back to the Ming Dynasty were discovered in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province

6/16/2021 8:01:00 AM

The remains of a Great Wall fort dating back to the Ming Dynasty were discovered in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province

The remains of a Great Wall fort dating back to the Ming Dynasty were discovered in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

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U.S. CDC chief says there will be no federal mandate on COVID-19 vaccine

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said on Friday there will be no nationwide mandate for Americans to get a COVID-19 vaccine, clarifying comments she made earlier during a televised interview.

Soon someone from the west or another continent will come and wants to narrate the story to the villagers abt the Ming Dynasty and the discovery and that’s were information gets distorted The remains of a Great Beautiful Wall dating back to 2016 or the Trump Travesty have been discovered in America. So you do do stories about China? Just not any about a facility in Wuhan and Fauci emails directing funding there?

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The Ming were isolationists & considered merchants & traders as nuisance. This caused a mass exodus of Chinese to South East Asia, taking their skills and knowledge with them. The CCP needs to learn from history. Keep targeting prominent businesses & watch history repeat. That’s amazing! It’s such a shame the ccp has destroyed the Chinese culture and heritage.

600-400 YA? Color still intact? That’s incredible!!! The world will find this masterpiece later but we are real fans here! China is the greatest

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