Nevada Family Alliance wants teachers to wear body cameras to keep critical race theory out of schools

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'If police do a better job interacting with the public when they are wearing body cameras, how much more important is it for teachers to do the same?' the Nevada Family Alliance asked.

The Nevada Family Alliance has suggested that teachers in the Washoe County School District should wear body cameras to ensure that they're not teaching critical race theory . CRT is a field of study that analyzes race and racism as a social dynamic throughout history.

"We expect that the teachers' unions will reject this proposal immediately," England continued."But we should ask, what they have to hide? If police do a better job interacting with the public when they are wearing body cameras, how much more important is it for teachers to do the same?" The Nevada Family Alliance, an anti-LGBTQ group, has suggested that teachers in the Washoe County School District wear body cameras to ensure that they're not teaching about Critical Race Theory, a field of study that analyzes race and racism as a social dynamic throughout history. In this photo illustration, a teacher instructs a classroom full of students raising their hands.


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Translation: racists don't want their children to learn how much racism still exists.

Looks like it’s the same crazy folks who fought and failed to stop Nevada from repealing the anti-gay felony sodomy law in the early 90s. Hopefully they’ll fail in this.

These racists need a hobby.

sounds like something a group of pedophiles might suggest 🤔

As a kindergarten teacher in large public school system I am against this idea as it will make it way harder to do coke bumps in the unisex bathroom.


Nevada hate filled, fear mongering, ignorant, group of moronic Family Alliance, there fixed it.

This is sick ignorance is beitaught whenever lies about history is being taught thats teaching ignorance.

Let’s make CRT education widely available for free on the web through a few different websites.

What will the klan complain about next?

Trump insurrectionists attacked Congress, destroyed property, threatened the lives of elected officials, injured several people and killed two people all because of Trump's 'Big Lie.' Months later, fearful Trumplican Senators would still rather stick their heads in the sand. Why?

Trumplicans' and QAnon believers' inability to distinguish between facts and opinions have caused them to spiral downward into an altered state of mindless existence. They have become an army of ZOMBIES driven by conspiracies hidden anywhere and everywhere!

Vote blue! Stop Trump and Putin from tearing America apart!

No one in America should fear for their life or made to feel like a second class citizen simply because of their appearance (race and/or sex) or for any other reasons.

Diversity is America's strength. We should all freely and willingly come together and realize that diversity, a critical factor for preserving our values, is the embodiment of the idea of America-- equal treatment, equal opportunity and equal justice for all.

The Trumplicans' & Putin's aim is to sow the seed of doubt in people's minds so that they slowly begin to distrust almost everything & thru the distrust slowly create a state of chaos & confusion to divert the people's attention away from their intention to tear America apart.

It's time to bring an end to the perpetuation of inequities perpetrated by white Americans against all other Americans. Almost all our societal ills are directly caused by the lily white gov't policies, cultural biases, white privilege & fragility used to marginalize all others.

White Americans can no longer avoid 'the talk,' too. Our U.S. history is littered & documented with acts of violence perpetrated by White Americans against all other Americans. The time for atonement for the sins of our fathers, this generational curse, has come due. No denying.

The Japanese government is lying that the Olympics can be held safely. If the nations of the world are deceived at the Olympics and the virus spreads all over the world, Japan will be made a bad guy from all over the world. Please think carefully about going to Japan

that's obscene

i wish educators across this country would walk out and refuse to come back into the classrooms until this nonsense is removed. it would be fitting.


For Christ’s sakes this is beyond ridiculous- signed a 25 year AP US History teacher.

Wait... Is this because Police have to wear body cameras so we can tell when they’re killing someone out of fear or negligence rather than self defense or preservation of human life? Body cams to make sure teachers don’t tell kids Racists ruled the country for generations? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

please someone, without some snarky ass comment, explain to me what is so wrong with critical race theory? anyone

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