World, Live Updates: Biden At The 2021 Nato Summit

World, Live Updates: Biden At The 2021 Nato Summit

NATO leaders watch futuristic, columnar video after posing for photo

World leaders are gathering in Brussels for the 2021 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit. Follow here for the latest.

6/14/2021 3:22:00 PM

All 30 NATO world leaders practice social distancing as they pose for a photo and begin their summit in Brussels. Follow live updates:

World leaders are gathering in Brussels for the 2021 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit. Follow here for the latest.

Biden meets with NATO chief in first alliance summit as US PresidentFrom CNN's Betsy Klein in BrusselsUS President Joe Biden meets with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels, Belgium, on June 14. Stephanie Lecocq/Pool/AFP/Getty Images

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US President Joe Biden met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels after arriving for hisfirst in-personsummit of the alliance after taking office."I want to make it clear, NATO is critically important for US interests in and of itself. If there weren't one, we would have to invent one. It allows America to conduct its business around the world in a way that never would have occurred were it not for NATO," Biden told reporters, noting the importance of Article Five as a “sacred obligation.”

“I just want all of Europe to know that the United States is there, the United States is there,” Biden said.The US President cited challenges facing the group of 30 nations, including that Russia is “not acting in a way that is consistent with what we had hoped,” and China, citing agreement at last week’s Group of Seven Summit.

Stoltenberg, echoing other world leaders at the G7 summit, said NATO “will open a new chapter in our transatlantic relationship with the meeting today to discuss a wide range of issues, including Russia.”He continued, “I think that allied leaders look forward to consulting with you ahead of the meeting with President Putin. We will address China, and we have seen a convergence of views among allies,” outlining China’s “coercive behavior” as something NATO needs to respond to as a group.

Biden also thanked Stoltenberg for his “incredible leadership.”“Quite frankly, we have competent people coming, but I wish you were not leaving,” he said, praising Stoltenberg’s ability to pull people together.More on today's summit:reassert American leadership on the world stage

and strengthen global partnerships during his first international trip as President. It also comes on the heels of several meetings with US allies and the annual Group of Seven (G7) summit in Cornwall, England.Biden said Sunday he would reiterate the US's commitment to NATO's collective defense clause and communicate to allies that the US believes Article 5 is a"sacred obligation."

During Monday's summit, NATO leaders are expected to discuss how to manage future threats and"ensure effective burden sharing," according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki.CNN's Kevin Liptak contributed reporting to this post.

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whatever That’s not far enough! Brainwashing others with fake social distancing while in other pictures, they're without social distancing, what a world we are in. Weren’t they all vaccinated?

Biden heads to NATO amid friction over Afghanistan withdrawalAs Joe Biden arrives in Brussels this week for his first NATO summit as president, he must confront allies’ lingering resentment over a drawdown in Afghanistan and tackle the thorny issues involved in securing the country’s future get lost from afg Politico has no idea what NATO or EU leaders think. This laughable projection is entirely predictable, though. Joe Biden Confuses Syria With Libya THREE TIMES JOEHASDEMENTIA

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NATO nations ready to jointly respond to attacks in spaceNATO leaders will expand the use of their all for one, one for all, collective defense clause to include attacks in space, the military organization’s top civilian official says. Because they would have exploited the technicality before? Gtfoh.

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Biden seeks to recommit US to NATO after tense Trump yearsUS President Joe Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump had undermined the importance of the alliance in his four-year term, with frequent insults about the relevance of multilateral organisations such as NATO.

In this picture, you see a shining 'world leader'( RTErdogan ) among vampires who value oil more than the blood and tears of children murdered in the Middle East! Erdogan is Abdulhamit Han's grandson, the last conqueror of Hagia Sophia.🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷♥️♥️♥️ Covid theater. When they think the cameras aren't on they are shaking hands and standing in close groups. Pictures and video are already available. But now we know why all this theater is done--CNN and other media outlets are here to gobble it all up.

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Biden at NATO for bridge building after Trump mocked alliance as 'obsolete'Biden is attending his first NATO meeting as president, aiming to build bridges after Trump berated allies as 'deadbeats' and belittled the alliance. REMEMBER when America was a world leader and highly respected. An Economic Powerhouse with a lot of CLOUT. Then Trump and the Republicans wiped America off the Global Map. Practiced Authoritarian Protectionism. Welcome back Great Neighbours eh. AMC to the moon 🚀 we love the stock.

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NATO Summit: Stoltenberg says China not enemy but poses security challengesThere is no new Cold War with China but Western allies will have to adapt to the security challenges the rise of Beijing brings, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says ahead of Brussels summit. So there is a new Cold War? In response, NATO will pose challenges for Beijing and vice versa. This is how a Cold War is fought. You fail to address the situation faced by Nato partner Turkey facing terrorism from usa and Europe funded pkk/ypg/sdf who recently destroyed a hospital in syria killing doctors/nurses/patients..and here you are talking about fighting China..

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Factbox: Rifts that divide NATO allies Turkey and United StatesJoe Biden holds his first meeting as U.S. president with Tayyip Erdogan on Monday, ending a five-month wait for the Turkish leader which underlines the cooler relations between Ankara and Washington since Biden took office in January.

It scares me how sheepish and inconsistent our world leaders are. Completely inept. Powerful, I wish there were more women and brown people! Pls!!!save the world frm the Pariah CHINA GOVERNMENT. But foremost in leaders' minds , diplomats say, is a need to hear Biden recommit the United States to NATO's collective defence after Trump era .

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Are they not vaccinated? The science says masks are more important than social distancing. This picture just makes them look dumb.

People say this is staged like it's controversial. Tweet says 'pose for a photo' = not meant to be candid. The photo shows them practicing social distancing. They don't have to if they're vaccinated. This will probably go with 'standing apart but together for the world' messaging They should get the vaccine and then they wouldn’t need to social distance

One thing we can count on——Biden won’t go on a freak show tirade about NATO dues that he thinks are paid directly to the US—- Why, are they not vaccinated? This is what discredits the whole vaccine narrative. If your vaccinated it either works or it doesn’t. Which is it. CNN's fine and accurate reporting is nothing short of admirable....sigh.

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